Summary: Follow up to "9 Months: Draco's Diary." It was difficult to put this one into a catagory, so I will just say it is Romance/Drama/Humor. There should be ten chapters, set over a month's time. We will see the return of Lucius Malfoy, and not for the better. Any suggestions and comments are welcome and appreciated, and long time readers know suggestions usually find their way into my writing (hint, hint.) In that vein, thanks to Scribe 1270 for the suggestion of a "mischief maker" Ivy...

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Warning: This story involves slash, and earns a R rating for future chapters for sexual situations. Please don't read if you are easily offended.

As always, thanks to the Js.....Jen, Jess and Julie

Chapter I. Four Years Later

"Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!"

Ivy Rose Malfoy-Potter jumped into the waiting arms of her father, one Harry Potter. Tomorrow was her fourth birthday, and Harry had just returned from Hogsmeade, bags of goodies dropped beside him.

"Watcha get me?" She grinned, her silver-blue eyes shining.

Harry lifted her up in his arms, planting kisses on her cheek.

"Now, sweetie," he said. "You know you can't find out until tomorrow. It's a surprise."

Harry looked around the chambers he shared with Draco Malfoy. "Where's your Mummy?" Harry asked.

"Right here," Draco yelled. "On the floor, trying to decide if I want to continue the fruitless effort of putting together "Witch Wanda's Dream House", or chucking it out the window. Who in Merlin's name decided to make children's toys too hard for adults to figure out? I'm pretty sure the broom shed is supposed to go on the side, but I can only get it to fit on the top. And not only that...."

"Wanda goes here!" Ivy beamed as she thrust the doll into the dining room, with a little more force than the makers of "Witch Wanda's Dream House" originally planned for. In two seconds the entire house collapsed, pink pieces of plastic everywhere.

"Again!" Ivy cried gleefully.

Draco looked like he wanted to cry.

"Yep," he deadpanned. "Again. Fifth time today. I am going to kill Hermione for getting this for her."

Harry couldn't help but laugh. "I think Ivy is having more fun this way."

Draco pulled himself up from the floor, shaking his head. "Unlike her Mum," he groaned. "Ivy, sweetie, go wash up," Draco stated. "It's almost time for dinner."

Ivy bounced toward the bathroom, long raven hair flowing behind her. She was absolutely beautiful, having inherited the best of both Harry and Draco's features. She had also inherited a mischievous streak, as all at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had learned over the years. Harry had begun teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts when Ivy was a little over four months old, when he and Draco had moved back from Romania and into the school. There was no shortage of babysitters; even Snape had taken a turn or two.

Draco and Harry carried the bags of presents into their bedroom. "Best hide these now," Draco whispered. "You know how she is when she wants to find something."

Harry took out his wand and muttered a simple spell. Instantly the bags shrank to thimble-size, which he placed in a box beside the bed. Locking it tightly, he turned to the smiling blond. "Very nice," Draco nodded.

Harry closed the gap between them, his hands sliding around to Draco's back. "So's this," he whispered as he covered Draco's mouth with his own, moaning lightly as the kiss intensified, one hand now entangled in Draco's hair. "Mmmm...."

"Daddy, Daddy, Mummy, Mummy! I'm ready for dinner! Can I sit with Dobby?"

Harry and Draco pulled apart as the cold, wet hand towel of reality slapped them in the face. "Uh, yes, just a moment, honey, wait in the sitting room, ok?" Draco croaked.

"Ok! Can I take Wanda? She's hungry too. Can I? Can I, Mummy?"

"Yes, sweetie, that's fine. We'll be right there."

Harry brushed his lips across Draco's ear, earning a small gasp from the latter. Even after five years, the heat between them was instant. "We'll continue this tonight," he breathed.

Ivy bounded into the bedroom, Witch Wanda in hand. "We're ready!" she exclaimed. Wanda was wearing (and we use the term loosely) gold dress robes that didn't quite make it over the arm on one side. "Wanda is really hungry."

"I can see that," Harry grinned. "Well, we don't want to keep Wanda waiting, do we?"

Draco leaned down to pick up his daughter. "Mummy and Daddy are pretty hungry too," he stated. "C'mon sweetie, let's see if we can find Dobby."

End of Chapter I.