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Chapter XI. The End Is Only The Beginning


Harry knelt down beside Draco, cupping his face in his hand. The warmth was slowly beginning to return to his porcelain skin.

"Wha..Harry...what happened?" Draco finally managed to whisper."Where's Ivy?"

"I'm here, Mummy!" Ivy smiled. "Yur not sleeping anymore!"

Draco sat up as Ivy threw herself into his arms, hugging him tightly.

"My baby..." Draco cried. "You're ok."

Harry felt his heart jump into his throat. 'My baby.....'

Draco kissed Ivy on the forehead before turning back to Harry.

"But, what happened? How did I survive...."

Even as the words left his mouth, he saw his mother lying on the ground beside him.

"Mum..." Draco whispered as he touched her arm. "Mum?"

Harry wrapped his arms around the shaking blond. "She saved you, Draco. But....I....I don't know how, but she's gone."

Draco looked at his mother, tears beginning to flow freely now. "How?"

"I believe I can answer that for you, Draco." Dumbledore finally spoke.

"Narcissa was an Enchantress. She was the only one in her family for hundreds of years. Very few knew. Narcissa never wanted anyone to know."

"Why?" Harry asked.

"She grew up in a family that frowned on 'different'. She was expected to be a certain way, look a certain way. So she learned to conceal it completely, so that no one, save for a few, would know. I doubt even Lucius was aware of it.

"Besides the obvious power of enchantment, Narcissa had the ability to harness her emotions. She could hide them, as she often did. The stronger the emotion, the more powerful the magic. Narcissa was a force to be reckoned with when angry," Dumbledore smiled.

Draco brushed the hair away from his Mum's face. She looked peaceful, even happy. "How did she....?"

Dumbledore went on. "Narcissa focused all of her love, her life, her emotions, into one breath. She then gave that breath to you."

Harry held to Draco. "She told me to tell you that she loved you more than life itself, and that you would understand."

Draco looked at Ivy, into her bright silver-blue eyes. "Yes, I do, " he smiled.


Days later, Draco came out of Ivy's room after putting her down for bed. He walked over to curl up beside Harry on the living room couch.

"She really did not want to go to sleep tonight," he smiled. "I had to read three stories, get two glasses of water and give her, let's see, about 20 goodnight kisses before she finally drifted off."

Harry snuggled closer to the blond. "I know. I thought I was never going to get her to lay down for a nap today. I think she wants to make sure we are always here."

"And we will be," Draco smiled.

Harry wrapped his arms around Draco. "Did I tell you Albus has offered to teach Ivy how to control her powers?"

"No, but that's great. I can just imagine the owls we would get from the teachers if she doesn't. 'Dear parents, Ivy blew up the classroom again. Please plan on attending a parent-teacher conference as soon as we can rebuild.' "

"Yes, believe me, I can imagine," Harry laughed.

"Oh, is Ginny coming over for dinner tomorrow?" Draco asked.

"Yes, I talked to her yesterday. Percy is doing a little better. The doctors at St. Mungo's said he basically snapped after Ron died. He just never dealt with it, never allowed himself to grieve. The only way he could justify it was to hate me. But Ginny says he's talking about it now with the doctors. Hopefully they can help him."

"I hope so, too," Draco nodded. "I'm glad Ginny isn't mad at me. I was pretty harsh on her."

"She understood," Harry stated."You were angry, and upset. She knows how you are."

"And what," Draco smiled, " is that supposed to mean? Hmm?"

"Oh, you know, an insufferable git." Harry laughed.

"Hey!" Draco exclaimed.

Harry pulled the blond into a steamy kiss, tangling his hands into Draco's silken hair.

"But," he breathed. "A lovable git."

"Likewise, Mr. Potter," Draco whispered as he slid his hands into Harry's trousers. Likewise."

The End