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Beka Valentine rushed down the corridor. Word had just come, while on a mission, Harper had been injured. Now the most horrible she had to do, was wait.


Finally, the Maru docked with Andromeda and the doors quickly pushed open revealing Tyr, Rommie and Trance. Harper was in Tyr's arms, moaning. "Harper?" She said, running over to him. She saw his hand clutching his upper leg, and wincing at the small movement of his head. "We gotta get him to medical!" Trance said, snapping everyone out his or her thoughts. Beka nodded, and motioned to the droids bringing a stretcher. Tyr laid Harper on the table, Harper cried out suddenly at the pain in his leg. Beka grabbed Harper's hand as they sped down the halls. "What happened?" Beka asked, as she tried to keep up with the fast pas of the floating bio-bed. Trance answered tearfully, "He got shot in the leg, he saw the man before I did and he jumped in front of me."

Trance had tears rolling down her purple cheeks. Beka nodded, not knowing what to say.

Finally, they got to medical. Placing Harper on the bed, the screamed in anguish as his leg was jarred from one position to another. "It's alright Harp, it's gonna be ok." Beka soothed.

Harper slowly opened his eyes. Beka stood right next to him. "Harper? It's gonna be ok." She soothed. Harper nodded, but winced as the sudden movement caused him to get dizzy. Beka saw Trance take out several tools; many of them did not look partially pleasant. "Harper,' Trance said, coming near his head. "I have to stitch it up ok?"

Harper nodded, swallowing. Trance nodded, and began to cut away at the blood soaked pants around the inflamed wound. "Beka, give him this." Trance instructed, handing Beka a needled hypo spray. Beka nodded, rolling up Harper's sleeve till it revealed his upper arm. Pulling off the cap with her teeth, she stuck it into his skin.

Rolling back down the sleeve, she saw Trance pick up a rag, steaming with hot water. Trance pressed the wet rag against Harper's skin.

"Hold on Harp." Trance finished cleaning it up and then took out a needle and thread. Harper's pain glazed eyes, peered at the needle. After twenty stitches, Trance wrapped up the leg tightly with a bandage. Harper looked in pain, but not near as much as he did a few minuets ago. Beka looked down at Harper to reveal that he was already asleep.


After a few hours, Harper finally came through. Opening his eyes in the bright, sterile light of the room, he winced at the throbbing in his leg. "Hey there kid." He heard Beka's voice say soothingly.

"Hi." He croaked out. "How you feeling?" "Not so hot." Harper answered, giving Beka a weak smile. Beka smiled as well, but then gently pushing a cup near his chin he drank the water. Licking his dry lips, he finally had enough to satisfy his thirst.

"Hey Bek?" Harper asked finally after a few moments of silence. "Yeah kid." Beka answered, looking up from her flexi disk. "You wouldn't have any Sparky would ya?" Beka laughed, it was good to have him back.

The End