Moving Sucks

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Chapter One: Oh the People you Will Meet. Oh The Things you Will do

            "Class!" Nishi sensei called into the din of her nineteen students. "Class!" She tried again, now on the verge of considering breaking out the Excedrin Migraine before first break. Thinking better of it, she decided to pull out the first big guns of the day. "Ladies and gentlemen. If you don't quiet down right now, I'll give you all double homework." That got everyone's attention and all nineteen boys and girls grew silent and sat up straight. "That's better. Hikawa san, you can come in now."

            Nineteen pairs of eyes followed the movement of the classroom door as it opened and a girl with long dark red hair and tan skin walked in. The girl's gray eyes looked around the room warily and she twisted the silver pentagram around her neck.

            "Class, this is Hikawa Leilani san. She's new here I hope you can try to make her feel welcome. Hikawa san, is there anything you would like to say?"

            Leilani took a deep breath then began in nearly audible Japanese, "Good morning, I'm Leilani Hikawa. I'm from America and well...I flew here and boy are my arms tired!"

            The students cracked up and Nishi sensei frowned at Lei. "Hikawa san, I'll let that slide since this is your first day. But you should know up front I do not tolerate any sort of comic routine."

            "Gomen nesai Nishi Sensei." Lei replied bowing respectfully. "Where do I sit ma'am?"

            "Over near Kashiwagi Sae san. Kashiwagi san, please raise your hand."

            The shorthaired girl raised her hand as instructed. Leilani caught sight of a well-manicured set of nails and followed them down the row to Sae Kashiwagi. Settling herself behind the desk she was given, Leilani set her Burberry plaid bag on the floor and dug through it for a pen and a notebook.

            "I'm Kashiwagi Sae," Sae whispered to her new classmate.

            "I know," Lei grunted in reply. Her body hadn't quite woken up yet and she didn't exactly have a soft spot for chatty girls to begin with." Nishi sensei told me before I sat down."

            Sae looked miffed for a second, but she shrugged it off. "May I borrow a pen from you? This one ran out of ink and I don't have another one with me."

            Lei ignored her and began to take down notes studiously.

            "Uh...Leilani san? Didn't you hear me?"

            "Hmm? Oh yeah, I guess I did hear you."

            "Then, may I borrow a pen?"

            "Why can't you use a pencil?"

            "I don't have one."

            "Moocher." Lei snorted. This Sae girl was beginning to sound like a former classmate of her's back in New York.

            "Come again?"

            Lei snorted again and took down the essay question Nishi sensei was beginning to put on the dry erase board. The red head was hoping that her new classmate would take the hint and go pester another student; unfortunately-Sae wasn't all that sharp.

            "So, can I borrow a pen or not?"

            Lei sighed loudly and dug into her bookbag for her pencil case. Pulling that out she fished out a Bic pen that her aunt's puppy had chewed up the night before. "Here ya go, use it in good health."  Leilani smiled inwardly as she saw the look of disgust on the shorthaired girl's face. She had never seen anyone hold a pen so gingerly before.

            Sae attempted a small smile. "So, why do you have that necklace?"

            'Will that girl ever give up?' Lei thought to herself, then she raised her hand and waved it around. " Nishi Sensei!" the red head called out. "Kashiwagi san is talking so much I can't concentrate on my work!"

            Nishi sensei turned around quickly, her needle thin eyebrows knitting into a frown. "Kashiwagi san, is that true?"

            "I-I was just asking her for a pen since mine ran out of ink." Sae whimpered. She had never gotten into trouble with a teacher before; it was usually the other way around. She got other people into trouble and kept herself far away from it. That was how Sae Kashiwagi worked.

            "Why couldn't you just use a pencil?" Questioned the teacher.

            Sae looked like she was about to fall over. "I-I didn't have one with me."

            "So, was Hikawa san nice enough to give you something to write your notes with?"

            "Yes." Sae replied her voice barely audible.

            "Then quit pestering the new girl and get back to tending your own garden." Nishi sensei ordered before going back to the board.

            The rest of class went on uneventfully. Leilani did her own work concentrating hard on the kanji her aunt Kimi had shown her over the spring break when she had first moved to Kyoto. She wasn't about to ask Sae for any help on any assignment no matter how hard. Lei was a stubborn girl, it was part of the reason her father had sent her to live with his sister instead of letting her stay in America with him and her stepmother. Lei groaned softly then began the next paragraph of the essay question.

            Sae on the other hand was struggling with her borrowed pen, which had obviously doubled as a dog's chew toy. She couldn't believe that someone had actually gotten the best of her and then gotten her scolded by the teacher. This had never happened before. Well, except for that one incident before summer break involving a certain Adachi Momo and some other girls, but Sae wasn't about to let that same mistake happen again. She was determined to find out some weaknesses with Leilani and expose them. Or at the very least use them for black mail.

            The bell rang signaling the end of first period so Leilani, being new to the whole Japanese school system stood up, not realizing that all the other students remained seated waiting for the next teacher to come in. A girl with blond hair who had been sitting behind Leilani during last period leaned forward in her seat and placed her hand gently on the new girl's shoulder.

            "Sit back down." The girl whispered, " We don't change classes, the teacher does."

            Lei sat back down in her seat and turned around. "I guess that makes it one hell of a lot less crowded in the hallways then." She whispered back.

            "I guess so. Didn't they do this where you came from?"

            "No, we had to dodge fellow students during five minute intervals in block scheduling."

            "Really?" The blonde looked intrigued at the new girl's old school.

            "You girl, face front!" Came a male voice. "And Adachi san, please don't distract your neighbor."

            Sae giggled evilly. Finally, Lei was getting in trouble.

            "Gomen nesai sensei. I'm new here." Lei said confidently, "The young lady behind me was just explaining that I didn't need to get up."

            The man's face brightened a little bit, "Okay then, you must be," he paused a second and consulted his attendance sheet, "Hikawa Leilani?"


            "Okay then, I'm Takashi sensei, the Math teacher. And we're about to begin today's lesson so face front."

            Sae snickered.

            "You too Kashiwagi san." The teacher scolded, then walked up to the dry-erase board.

            The math class went on just like history did. Except that the numbers and x's in algebra were the same in any language or style of writing so Lei didn't have much of a problem. Well, at least any more of a problem than usual, Lei hated math with a passion that most people reserve for their lovers. It wasn't that she was bad in math the cause was probably her mother who had always pushed her into the accelerated classes back in New York. 'But now where was the former Mrs. Hikawa?' Leilani asked herself as she concentrated on a problem. 'Lying at the bottom of the Genesee River more than likely' She answered herself morbidly. Class was finished long after Leilani and her math assignment.

            The rest of the morning passed by both uneventfully and unobserved to the slate eyed Leilani Rose Hikawa. Lunch however was about to be another story. She couldn't wait to get out of the stuffy building, no matter how many of the windows were open Lei was beginning to feel as though she was being suffocated. Finally, her lungs just couldn't take it anymore and Lei passed out.

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