Moving Sucks

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Chapter Two: Take it Easy Because it's all in Your Head

            Leilani came to laying on a cot in the infirmary. She stared at the pristine whiteness of the room's ceiling trying to collect her bearings and figure out where she was. It was too plain and antiseptic smelling to be her bedroom back at her aunt's house. Not to mention too bright. Finally, it hit her like a spoonful of wasabi; she had passed out before lunch and was in the nurse's office.

            "Why doesn't the floor just swallow me up right now so I never have to deal with this again?" Lei moaned aloud trying to sit up. Finding she could do so, Lei began to swing herself around so her legs with their knee high socks would hang over the side and she could push herself downward. However, before the longhaired girl could accomplish such a task, a lady in a nurse uniform and glasses rushed over to the side of the bed.

            "Oh no you don't!" The woman scolded in an authoritive manner. "You are not allowed to remove yourself from this room until someone gets back with the orange juice I asked for."

            Leilani blushed carnation pink. "But I left my lunchbox in my bag, which is back in my classroom and I'm feeling hungry."

            "Ah, so the patient's up?" Asked a new voice. Lei and the nurse both looked up at the newcomer, a boy with dark hair and impressive height. The young man was carrying his bag in one hand and a bottle of orange juice in the other.

            "Yes, I'm up, and I really want to get out of here."

            "Good because as soon as Ryu Kun gets here with your book bag I'll get you out and show you around."

            "Kiley, I don't know if that's such a good idea." The nurse admonished.

            "I feel much better now." Lei reasoned flashing her patented give-me-what-I-want smile. 'It always works on aunt Kimi, why shouldn't it work on her?' the redhead reasoned as she smiled. "I've never had anything like this happen before. I think it must've been first day jitters or something."

            "Those were some jitters then," remarked a new voice. "I don't think I've ever seen anyone go down that fast."

            Everyone turned and looked at the newcomer. Leilani wished for the second time that day she could sink into the floor and wind back up in her aunt's apartment. Or even better, Middlesex, Pennsylvania nobody would find her there.

            The boy had just walked in was just about drop dead gorgeous, and Lei usually didn't let that get to her. However, in this case she was willing to make an exception. The new boy had been called Ryu by the one holding the orange juice it was fitting. Ryu had red hair a few shades darker than hers and piercing green eyes. Not standard for a person of direct Japanese descent Lei noted, maybe he was a foreigner like herself.

            "Misao, I think we can take Hikawa san outside now." The dark haired boy was saying to the nurse. "I promise we won't let anything bad happen to her."

            Misao rolled her eyes skyward. "Whatever Kiley, I have work to do."

            Kiley smiled and tried to give Misao a hug, he received a smack in the head with the nurse's clipboard for his efforts.

            "Careful, Misao. If you keep that up you may have Kiley in the infirmary for the remainder of the semester." Ryu warned playfully.

            "Out! Before I whack you too." Came Misao's grumbled reply

            When they were finally outside, Lei found her voice. "Thank you for getting my lunch bag."

            "You're welcome?" Ryu said, his reply sounding like a question. "Would you like to eat with us?"

            "Eh, I guess so." Lei replied shrugging. "As long as I'm not imposing or anything." Lei followed the boys over to a table where a girl with blonde hair and dark skin was sitting, looking around nervously. Leilani noticed the other girl staring at Sae Kashiwagi suspiciously and began to wonder if the blonde girl was planning on playing a prank on the dark haired girl. If that was the case, Lei wanted in on it.

            "Konichiwa Momoko!" Kiley called out as the trio sat down.

            "Hi, Kiley, Ryu" the girl called Momo replied absently. Then she noticed Leilani. "Ara, gomen ne, I didn't see you-Hikawa san, right?"

            "How could you miss me?" Lei asked coolly. "I'm new and I'm carrying a lunch box with Jem and the Holograms on it." 'Ooh yes, this is going to be a great lunch' Lei thought bitterly, 'some blonde girl who probably thinks the world revolves around her and some strange guys I just met.'

            "I truly am sorry. Ano, atachi wa Adachi Momo." The girl said holding out her hand.

            Leilani shrugged, the girl was probably just absent minded to begin with. And Adachi sounded familiar, like the name of the girl who sat behind her in class. "Okay, apology accepted, atachi wa Hikawa Leilani."

            "Ne, the exchange student? You sit in front of me."

            "The girl who gave Sae the chewed pen?" Ryu asked taking a bite of his ham and swiss sandwich.

            "And the girl whose bookbag you still have." Leilani added opening her lunch box and taking out a container of crab salad. She felt kind of odd having a purple plastic lunch box while everyone else seemed to have plastic containers wrapped in a cute bag. Sometimes being different wasn't all that fun. Of course, neither was having a father who shipped you off to live with some person you'd never met, in a strange country with strange customs and a strange language. Not to mention the fact that they didn't write in roman letters but instead had all sorts of characters to memorize. Without even realizing it, Lei growled.

            "Nani kore?" Kiley asked alarmed. The bewildered boy looked around at everyone else. "What did I say?"

            "Maybe you called her sweet flower?" Momo retorted sardonically. "You do that to me all the time."

            "No, I didn't growl at Kiley," Lei hastened to explain. "I was thinking about why I'm in Japan, and how hard it is to learn a new language so I can actually talk with people instead of just formal speech like in language classes. It's so aggravating I just growled."

            Kiley looked relieved at the explanation, but Momo thought there could be more to the whole story. Ryu said nothing, but inclined his head towards the small group of girls sitting with Sae. "Should we worry that she has a new pack of wolves?" He wondered aloud to the group. "And where exactly is Toji today?"

            "My, aren't you the straight forward one?" Momo remarked coolly taking a bite of her sandwich. "I guess he's absent today."

            "That guy better watch out, if he gets one more failing grade on any of his subjects he'll be off the baseball team."

            Momo blushed deep red under her already deep brown skin. "I guess Toji and I are in the same boat then since my swim team coach said if I failed the next math test I'd be off the team or at least on the bench warmer's team until that grade improved."

            At the words swim team, Lei's eyes lit up. "They have a swim team here? What do you have to do to join? When are try outs?" She shot questions one after the other like a hyperactive machine gun.

            Momo was a bit taken aback. 'Was this girl actually excited that she might be kicked off the swim team?' She wondered. 'Was it possible for a girl to be even worse than Sae?'

            Lei caught Momo's nervous glances. "Oh Gods, you must think I'm some uber bitch bent on your destruction. I swear, I just thought that maybe they still had openings."

            "A swim team with five members always has openings." Ryu replied caustically. "Momo, you're worrying for nothing. All you have to do is bring up your math grade by two points and you'll pass this quarter, and not everyone is Sae."

            Lei was about to ask about Sae since the teachers seemed to expect her to accept Sae's guidance and ask the dark-haired girl for help with whatever she needed. The teachers seemed to think Sae was some sort of saint, which was creepy. But Lei never got to ask about Sae's personality because the bell rang ending lunch.

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