Sango and Miroku's Camping Adventure

Authoress' Note: This was originally going to be part of advice from big brother, but hey, I think I need a good Sango Miroku story under my belt.

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Chapter One: Get the Ball Rolling

One day in feudal Japan, Kagome Higurashi decided to go back to her own time. She had to go take a math test, an English test, and finish her project on the rings of Saturn before next Tuesday. Kagome had explained this very carefully to InuYasha. InuYasha just stood there looking confused as all get out especially when she mentioned Saturn.

"Fine, just go to your own time Kagome, see if I care!" InuYasha bellowed after Kagome had finished talking.

"I'm glad you see it my way!" Kagome shot back. "Maybe I'll stay past Tuesday and go out with Hojo!" 'And bore myself to death doing it'

"Good! And I'll go on a picnic with Kikyo and agree to go to Hell with her!" 'And almost get killed in the process.'

The conversation ended with InuYasha being sat and Kagome jumping into the Bone Eater's Well.

Sango and Miroku over heard the whole conversation and shook their heads.

"You know, maybe we should go away somewhere for the weekend or until Kagome gets back. Which ever comes last." Sango suggested.

"Ah, an excellent idea my dear Sango." Miroku purred in agreement. Then he attempted to grope the demon exterminator's behind.

Sango smacked him for his efforts. "Maybe I'll ask Shippou to come along with us. He's never been camping for fun before."

Miroku sighed loudly and Sango smacked him again. "Okay, okay."

"I'm glad you feel that way, Miroku, because Keade Baba's going on vacation with her friends and we need someone to baby-sit Shippou." Sango smiled flirtatiously at Miroku. Kagome had assured her that doing such would guarantee Miroku doing whatever she asked of him.

The smile worked its magic to the letter; Miroku began babbling more than usual and followed her to the village.

When Sango and Miroku arrived at Kaede's village, they saw the aged priestess speaking with her friends. As the couple drew closer they could make out words of the conversation.

"I'm sorry I won't be able to make Bingo Weekend at the Kyoto Hilton my friends." Kaede said sadly. "I have to watch young Shippou."

"Oh, Miroku, that's so sad. You have to tell Kaede before she ends up missing out with her friends." Sango sobbed.

"Kaede sama!" Miroku broke in.

"Yes, monk?" Kaede turned and looked at Miroku suspiciously.

"I believe you will be able to attend your Bingo Weekend at the Kyoto Hilton."

"How so?"

"Sango and I will take care of Shippou for you since InuYasha will undoubtedly be sulking in a tree somewhere and Kagome Sama is away at school."

"Yes, and what will you and the young kitsune be doing?"

"Camping. A bit of male bonding if you will."

"But...thee camps all the time. How will this be different?"

"Because, Kagome left her modern camping gear for us in her hut!" Sango broke in excitedly.

"What?!" Gasped the monk and the priestess simultaneously.

Sango blushed a bright tomato red. "Well, I kinda sorta had this planned for a while. Kagome said it would be fun, she even showed me how to use her modern things. Plus she left marshmallows, graham crackers, and some of that stuff she calls chocolate."

At the word chocolate, the young kitsune jumped out of Kaede baba's hut and began jumping up and down.

"Seriously Sango?" Shippou asked hopefully. "You have chocolate? Kagome left you chocolate?"

The demon exterminator looked down in adoration at the young fox demon that was scampering around her feet. "Yes, Miroku and I are going to take you camping this weekend."

Shippou began to look confused. "Why camping?" asked the kitsune, "We always go camping when we search for jewel shards. I thought that maybe I was gonna get to go to one of those amusement parks Kagome always talks about."

"But, Shippou, this is different camping. We're going to use all of Kagome's modern equipment, roast marshmallows, and not hunt for the shards of the shikon no tama."

"Sounds safe enough...InuYasha's not coming along with us is he?"

Sango and Miroku looked at each other over the youngster's head.

"No, InuYasha's not coming." Miroku answered after bit of a long pause. "I think he has some laundry to do."

Sango nodded her agreement then added, "Yeah, and then he has to balance his check book and do the grocery shopping."

Shippo didn't believe the grown-ups, but then again what kid ever does believe the grown-ups? Even the kids who are in their hundreds and still look young never believe grown-ups. C'mon people! Since when does InuYasha do laundry? But, since Shippo really wanted chocolate and to try modern things, he let the whole deal about InuYasha's laundry and checkbook fly right out the proverbial window.

"Okay, you can count me in." Shippo announced smiling. "When do we leave?"

"Tomorrow after breakfast." Sango replied. "This afternoon we pack."

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