Sango and Miroku's Camping Adventure

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Chapter Two: Loading, Revenge and Leaving

The next morning began in its usual way, the sun rose in the East, the birds chirped their heads off, and Sango was yelling at Miroku.

"Hurry up houshi Sama!" exclaimed the demon exterminator. "Ugh! I can't believe you didn't load the cart last night! Come to think of it, I can't believe I'm actually calling you houshi Sama! You don't even act like a monk! Hentai Sama, Ecchi Sama, now those are appropriate terms!" Then Sango grabbed hold of the monk's ears and pulled. With a scary face she asked, "Just what were you doing last night houshi?"

"Itai! Oy Sango Sama! That really hurts!" She let go and Miroku commenced to rubbing his injured ears. "If you must know Sango Sama, I was reading the instructions for the tent Kagome Sama left."

Sango snorted, "If pestering the local women by asking them to bear your child constitutes reading instructions, I believe you. However, the sun has been up for a while and I'm sure Shippou is eager to get going."

Miroku sighed and eased himself from his futon. He wasn't about to admit it to anyone, but camping wasn't exactly his idea of fun. After his father died and he ran away from home and had to sleep outside, the entire idea had lost its luster. But still for Shippo and Keade baba, he'd try to help. Besides, it wasn't every day that he got to try out Kagome's modern camping gear by himself.

After washing off his face and arms Miroku joined Sango and Shippo outside in the sunshine where Sango was standing next to a small horse cart. surrounding the cart and his companions was a pile of equipment Shippo hopped up on the pile when he saw Miroku come out.

"It's about time!" The young fox demon called out as Miroku approached. Seeing all that stuff piled up by the cart they had rented, Miroku became dizzy and fainted.

Sango growled irritated at the monk's actions. "Excuse me sir." She said to one of the villagers carrying a bucket of water, "May I borrow that bucket of water please?" The villager wordlessly handed the demon exterminator the bucket of water then stood by with the other on lookers as Sango dumped the contents of the bucket on Miroku's head.

The monk got up wet and sputtering. "What! Hey I can't swim!" He cried as the villagers began laughing hysterically at the sopping monk.

"Give it a rest Hentai Sama and load up the wagon." Sango said disdainfully "You're becoming an embarrassment to the community."

"Hai, Obaa san."

Sango's eyes did that weird anime thing O.o "Nani! Obaa san!" Sango smacked Miroku with her hiraikotsu. Miroku fell over again with a large lump on his head "Call me obaa san one more time and I'll really leave a mark!"

Miroku twitched for a few seconds then got up and began to load the wagon.


Sango and Shippo had grown tired of waiting for Miroku to finish loading the wagon with their modern camping essentials and gone to sleep under a tree. After Miroku had loaded the last container of propane into the wagon he wandered over to the tree and saw the two of them sleeping. As he watched, a devious idea came to his perverted little head this Miroku was going to get Sango back for soaking him.

Grabbing a wooden bucket Miroku walked calmly over to the village well as if he had just forgotten to collect water for their journey. Lowering the well bucket down Miroku chuckled malevolently as he heard it splash into the icy depths. After he was confident that the bucket was filled, the monk cranked the handle to bring the bucket back up and emptied its liquid contents into his pilfered wooden bucket. Walking just as calmly back to the tree where the sleeping duo was still stretched out lazily without a care in the world, Miroku let out a low cackle and tossed the icy water over Sango's sleeping form.

Sango leaped up from the ground uttering curses that would make a sailor blush with shame. "You **bleeping** piece of **bleep**!" The sopping exterminator exclaimed. (Without the bleeps, but this is a G rated story) She was burning with indignation that Miroku would try to soak her while she slept. Never mind the fact that Sango had done the same thing that morning, she was angry and soaking wet.

"Sango, why don't you go change?" Shippo finally advised, you'll catch cold in wet clothes.


After Sango had changed into a new kimono and such they were ready to go. Miroku climbed into the driver's seat and grabbed the reins. Shippo leaped on top of the baggage and perched atop the Coleman camp stove. Sango gingerly seated herself on the bench next to Miroku confident that he wouldn't be able to grope her while concentrating on the rode. For once she was right, the monk did have other things on his mind, like the road and not going off it..

Miroku flicked the reins over the horse's back and they were off on their camping adventure.

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