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Chapter Eleven

What comes next

He panted hard. He knew he shouldn't be here. He knew.

But if he couldn't face the consequences of what he has done.

Then he'll be running away forever.

There was a light at the tunnel. He increased his pace.

They don't know what they're up against.

The Mettalics were no ordinary team. He knew that for a fact.

He knew for a team that's never gone against them in a battle with them.

They would not win.

He had to be there!

He had to!

=Here we are at Kyoko Stadium, awaiting one of the greatest battles of the century!=

+How right you are Brad. First up we have the Mettalics against the Gangstaz. And they don't look very happy to see each other+

=Where did you get that idea A.J?=

+The way the Gangstaz are glaring daggers at the Mettalics+

Alia glared enough for all the Gangstaz altogether.

"Hello," Calyph said casually, smirking at them.

Alia wanted no better than to rip his throat out.

Heck, she wanted to wipe that smirk and cremate his body.

Needless to say, the Gangstaz sensed Alia's hidden thoughts. Kaleb grabbed her shoulders and tried to restrain her. Allison stepped forward.

"Hope you're ready to wipe the remains of your blade off the dish." Allison growled.

Calyph smiled condescendingly, making Alia more violent, "Now do you really think that would happen?"

Allison remained firm. But inwardly, she wasn't too sure.

She remembered what their last match was like.

The fire engulfed them. She could feel her skin burn.


The darkness was swallowing her. Her breathing became ragged and it was harder to stand up. She saw a dark shadowy figure emerge fro the flames.


She couldn't feel her limbs anymore.

"How could you?"

"How could you?" She said quietly watching them leave, her eyes fixated on one person and one person only.

=Here we are with the first round of the season!=

+Not much is known about the Mettalics except they play to win!+

=But the Gangstaz pack a punch and you need more than skill to beat them!=

"Do you think they'll be alright?" Max asked quietly.

"I really don't know. The look they gave was anything but hopeful."  Ray said.

"It's been long since we've had any hope," Tyson said softly. They stared at him, upset and disappointed.

"There's always hope." Kenny said angrily. Tyson shot him a look and smiled gently.

"Of course," He said.

=First up is Quinn Dar of the Mettalics versus Jason of the Gangstaz!=

+Quinn is one of the slimiest creatures on this planet and he won't hesitate to use that to his advantage+

"Yeah, and I love you too," He muttered sarcastically.

=Ah, but Jason might just wipe that blade off the dish. With Hammero, he's not afraid to=

"Bladers approach the dish." (We all know who said that.)

Quinn combed hid unruly violet eyes off his face, "I hope you're ready to lose."

Jason smirked, his tawny eyes flashing, "Good luck to you too."


"Xanthor, let's show these losers how to blade!"

"Hammero, wash him away!"

The two whirled around each other, flashing angry sparks. Both bladers remained neutral, their eyes focused solely o their blades.

Meanwhile, the Gangstaz were shooting worried looks at Jason.

"What are the chances Jason would win?" Chris muttered, his carefree behavior vanishing for once.

"I think the question we should be asking is, what are the chances he'll make it out alive," Kaleb said cryptically. Alia rolled her eyes.

"Boy, you're positive," She commented.

"Enough!" Allison yelled, "He'll do what he can." The Gangstaz were silent.

Jason was worried. So far they've exchanged a couple of hits, but none of them have summoned their bit-beasts. Quinn was saving his bit-beast for something.

Mentally, he ran a memory check through his mind.

What had been Quinn's special ability?

"Alright, enough playing around! Hammero, Tsunami!"

Blue light spread from the silver blue blade as a sleek hammer-head shark bared its teeth at Quinn's brown green blade. Water began to fill up the dish.

"Xanthor! Absorption!"

Suddenly, the blade glowed as the water began to drain away.

"How is he doing that?!" Alia yelled.

"Remind me again what kind of bit-beast does Quinn have?" Allison said quietly. She was worried.

After the water had been drained, Quinn gave Jason a low smirk.

"Xanthor! Tongue Whip!"

A large hideous bull frog rose from the depths of Quinn's blade. Jason's eyes widened.

"Hammero dodge!"

It was too late. Xanthor caught the blade and flung it out of the dish…and straight towards Jason.


Jason twisted his face, but not before his blade ran through his cheek. He collapsed on the ground, holding his scarred face.

"Jason!" Allison ran up to him. Alia snarled at Quinn who walked away without a look.

 "Someone call a medic!"

=And Quinn won that battle hands down=

+Hope Jason boy has enough money for a plastic surgery+

"They'll pay!" Alia hissed her amethyst eyes wide with fury.

But more frightening than that was Allison's look of cold determination. She clenched her blade so hard, it bled.

"They'll pay," She whispered.

=For the next round we have Nathan for the Mettalics versus Allison of the Gangstaz!=

+Nathan is someone who's specializes in hiding and attacking when no one can see+

=Ah, but Allison is the kind of girl who likes to shake things up to get it out of hiding=

+It's sibling rivalry to the next level!+

=They're related?=

+Brad, you have to be really thick not to notice+

"Bladers approach the dish!"(Yeah, yeah, you know the drill)

They approached the dish. Identical eyes, but different emotions.

Allison's eyes were dark with anger; Nathan's were deep with something she couldn't recognize.

"So it comes down to this," He said softly.

Allison growled, "Just because you're my brother does not mean I'm letting you easy. I'll make you guys pay for what you did to Jason. That was low. But that's your level isn't it Nathaniel?" He flinched at the use of his full name, "I'll grind you down to the dirt you've become!"


"Weyri, it's time!"

"Come on Benni, don't let them get to us!"

 The blades wasted no time in attacking each other. However every time they attacked, a blinding stroke of light would flash.

Tyson covered his eyes, "Is that supposed to happen?"

Max blinked, "I'm not sure. Kenny?"

Kenny wiped his spectacles, "Let me ask Dizzi."

He opened the laptop and winced.

"Geez Kenny, how come you leave me out all the time?"

"Dizzi, I'm not leaving you out!"

"You got a new laptop, didn't you? Didn't you?"

Ray cleared his throat, "Dear Dizzara, if we ever find another laptop like you that would be nothing short of a miracle."

Max snickered.

Kenny ignored them, "Can you see why there are flashes of light coming out their blades?"

Dizzi was silent for a moment. Then she said, "It's because they're related. There's a bond there that is reacting to their blades."

"How can they overcome that bond?" Tyson asked, his lips pursed in annoyance.

"That's up to them."

Allison gritted her teeth. She had been attacking him, but she was unsure that he was taking any damage at all. He remained defensive, his cloudy blue eyes unwavering.

"Come on Alls!" Alia hollered.

Kaleb was silent. Chris waved banners saying, 'Down with the scrap metal! Go Gangstaz!'

Nathan looked calm. However, on the inside, he was anything but. He looked up to greet a pair of eyes that matched his.

Their thoughts met.

How could it come to this?

"Let's stop playing Benni! Mega-Quake!"

The dish creaked as the Earth rose in the command of Allison's bit-beast. A large kangaroo with button brown eyes emerged, its reddish-gold fur bristling. Large cracks appeared on the dish, widening as Benni continued his attack.

Nathan glared at the bit-beast with hate. Pure unfiltered hate.

"Weyri!" He cried.

A large scaled armadillo with glistening scales appeared. Except this armadillo had tiny pointed red-tipped spikes on its scales.

"Weyri! Defense now!"

The armadillo complied, curling itself and avoided the jagged cracks from Allison's attack. Allison shot him a death-glare.

"Come and attack me Nathaniel! Are you afraid?" She yelled.

"You wish," He snarled.

=This is getting more and more intense!=

+Brad, if you could let go of me now…+

"Stop playing around Eril!" Calyph shouted angrily.

Nathan turned to his team captain.

"I'm doing the best I can," He gritted out.

"Well, do better."

Nathan turned to the battle.

Allison's blade kept on slamming into him. And there was a limit how much damage Weyri could fend off. He never remembered her being so vicious before…

"Weyri! Let's get this over with! Duplicate!"

The blade glowed gold. And split.

Into two blades.

Allison's eyes went wide, "How is that possible?"

Meanwhile, the Bladebreakers were thinking the same thing.

"Woah…" Tyson said.

"He…" Kenny was still unable to form a coherent sentence.

Allison grinned.

"What's so funny?" He snapped as the two whirling blade headed towards Benni.

"I'm glad to see you don't need me anymore to help you," Nathan froze. She shot him a small crooked smile, "But that won't save you. Benni! Sandstorm!"

 A whirlwind of dust erupted from the dish.


+It's Attack of the Dust Particles!+

Nathan scanned the dish frantically. He couldn't see anything. Then, out of the twisted air of sand, flew two blades of burnished gold. They landed at his feet.

The storm died down with Allison grinning triumphantly.

Nathan smiled and got up holding his blades, "See you around?"

"If you called the forbidden attack, you would have won."

"No. I would have defeated you, but I wouldn't have won."

Allison walked back to her teammates. Nathan walked towards his teammates.

=Back to the last round! We have Alia of the Gangstaz versus Calyph of the Mettalics=

+Calyph is the kind of person who could give Santa Claus frostbite! With his bit-beast Huon he can ram the opponents right out!+

=However, Alia is no pushover either(though she could use some lessons in discipline)…

"And what exactly does that mean?!" She said, shaking her hand at the commentators. However the Gangstaz murmured their agreement on that part.

=…but her bit-beast Seline is the kind of bit-beast that will blow you away=

+From what I can see from here, Calyph and Alia are digging their graves with their eyes+

"Bladers, approach the dish."(Guess who?)

"Hope you like losing," Calyph said calmly.

"Funny. You should be asking yourself that," Alia smirked.


"Huon go!"

"Atta girl Seline!"

The two blades didn't attack each other at first. They circled the dish, wary of each other. Beads of sweat ran down Alia's face.

She couldn't afford to lose this match.

She's not going to lose this match!

"Are you so sure Henderson?" Calyph said licking his lips, "Prepare to meet your downfall!"

The silver blade suddenly changed direction and rammed Alia's blade. She collapsed on the ground.

"Alia!" Kaleb yelled. Allison was currently clenching and unclenching her fists. Chris yelled death threats in several different languages (A/N: And No! I'm not translating for you)

Alia pushed herself onto her knees, "It's going to take more than that to take me down," She snarled. Calyph shrugged noncommittally, "If more you want. Huon, emerge!"

A pale white rhino with a golden horn emerged from the silver blade.

Alia raised her hands, "Seline!"

An elegant silver swan with chrome blue headgear and armor appeared, screeching at the rhino.

"Huon, Ram attack!"

"Seline, Frostbite!"

The two contestants lunged at each other. Seline aimed tons of tiny ice spears at Huon, who raged in annoyance, but continued his attack. It rammed into the silver-blue beyblade, causing Alia to yell in pain.

"Give up Henderson?" Calyph taunted, "A few more hits and you might as well head to the hospital to meet your friend,"

"You son of a bitch," Alia growled, coughing out some blood.

"Compliments will get you nowhere. Let's try something else. Huon! Iron Pierce!"

The rhino leapt up into the air and pierced its horn into Seline's tender chest.

"Seline!" Alia cried out, ignoring her increasing pain.

"We have to help her!" Tyson yelled, distressed by Seline's pain-filled screams.

Ray shook his head, "We can't interfere."

Max cringed, "This is like watching yours and Brian's battle,"

Ray said nothing, his cider gold eyes impassive. But there was a glint hidden in them.

The magnificent swan fell to earth. Alia choked, her eyes streaming.


It landed in the dish and didn't move, fading away bit by bit. The silver-blue blade stopped rotating.

=And the winner is Calyph of the Mettalics!=

+Is there a hospital for Bit-beasts?+

Kaleb ran up to her and helped her get up.

"Come on Alia," He whispered in her ear, "The match is over."

Alia didn't budge, staring at her blade.


Allison stared at Calyph who walked away impassively.

Chris shouted at his retreating back, "This isn't over, you hear me! You're going to fall off that throne Mr. High-And-Mighty and we'll be the ones cheering!"

Calyph glanced back, his maroon hair stirring in the wind, "Right."

And he walked off.

Tyson turned to his team mates, "We're next."

Ray glared at Calyph, "Calyph is going to pay for what he did to Alia!" He swore.

Even Max's face was hard, "Get ready for defeat Mettalics!"

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