Disclaimer:*Ring* Hello you again?! why do you keep reading my storys get away! and I don't own nothing the dancing goat does and don't read may get a little to romantic or a little to funny (Heh yeah right *BAM) this story is a time traveling one *Makes x-files song come on* and its also based on dashboard confessional's song hands down.ENJOY!.oh and the song does'nt start 'till later.

The Magical Time Goat:Johnny.....Todd.....Devi.....Tenna.....THE GOAT! and some others(A/N:I have no idea why I did that : )) Johnny and some guy are having a walk (A GOAT! walk!) "Hmm uh-huh so thats all I need i'll call you or send a letter telling you if you were approved."Said the buisness man (THE GOAT!) he walks away Johnny stares at the sky and smiles (Its THE GOAT! is'nt it?) "Well Happy noodle boy we are going to the big time thingys!"Said Johnny in excitement (A/N:pretty soon Johnny's gonna talk like ZIM!) just as Johnny was going to cross the street he see's somebody familiar...Devi!

(One road cross later)Johnny goes after Devi (Not in "That" way but trying to "Run" into her) "Hey Devi is that you?''yelled Johnny from like 20 yards away but hey still yelling Devi looks around slowly hoping it was figment of her imagination but nope HE was walking toward her 'God no not now! he's like...like nemesis from RE3!'Thought Devi she starts running but by the time she thinks of doing it he has her by the shoulders "Okay devi I am sorry for what I did that night like when I called you but I swore never to kill again."Said Johnny awfully fast but before she could reply her steel toe boots happen to run into Johnny's Private O's she runs not thinking about what he said and he lays sprwled out in the parking lot grasping his oreos.

(A pack of Ice later)Johnny sits on his couch still feeling the steel kick of a person who was as powerful as him *BAAAHHH*Todd flashed into Johnnys mind when he remembered what happened an hour ago *Does scooby doo thing Doodleydoodleydoo* Todd walks home from the "Fun" house which is a long ways away he walks and walks and walks some more then upon arriving Johnny is found limping his way home "Uh Mr.Nny are you okay?"Asked young little Todd Johnny peers up and see's him and stands up straight like a flash of lightning "Squee how nice to see yo.....Ughhh"Johnny bends back down still in pain Todd looks at him then looks at his house "Um Mr.Nny Sir I gotta get home sorry for not being of more help."Said Todd before returning home then *BAAGGHH* A goat appears in a flash of light (Oh No its....THE GOAT!) Johnny looks at it "Hello!"Johnny the smiles *Returning to present memories* Johnny's eating some like meat wait OH YOUR GOD ITS THE GOAT! he's eating it that means he has the time traveling affect.

(SNAP CRACKLE AND BOOM!)Johnny looks around his house evrything seems like waves I thin he's stoned no wait its just a time warp point then Johnny just out of no where thinks of devi and his first date and then ZOOM he appears right behind himeself when he was getting ready for his date 'Wait a second if I am here then who's that? wait thats me nevermind'Thought Johnny Johnny2 swirls around then Johnny1 looks at him "Why are you getting dressed up?"Asked Johnny1 Johnny2 just looks at him normally "Because I have a date with Devi!"Said Johnny2 excitedly 'Wait that means I got sent back! hey how come no Johnny appeared behind me that day?'Thought Johnny1 then without much thought Johnny1 knocks out Johnny2 "Sorry I'll take it from here!"Said Johnny1 grinning then gets an idea "How about a trip to egypt?"Asked Johnny1 to the unconshious Johnny2.

(Here we go!) Johnny looks at the flight woman "Hello one ticket to egypt."Said Johnny the flight woman looks at him "I'm sorry but security wants me to check ID's now."Said the flight woman Johnny was already at the entrance to the plane "What sorry I did'nt hear you."Said Johnny the woman looks at papers "ID."Thats all she says Johnny looks at her "Nice to meet you I C."Said Johnny then he throws a bag to a guy entering the plane "Bye Bye Johnny!"Johnny whispered to himself.

(The end of Chapter 1)That was fun was'nt it What is Johnny going to do? will this change how he dies?Will Devi like him?Lets see i'll write more soon review or face THE GOAT!