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Mark knocked on the door with gusto, more than a little impatient to get himself and his family out of the cold. Jen and Tom were with them for the Mid-term break and to visit their honorary family while they still could.

When the door opened, he saw the last person he would ever have expected to be stood there.

"Auntie Sam!" Before he could move, Jen had pushed her way through and engulfed her long-gone aunt in a terrific hug, which was returned with gusto.

Before anyone else could monopolise her, she pulled them all in from the cold, waving at the door so that it shut, much to their surprise. Daniel and Teal'c had told them all about Sam and what had happened to her, but it was another thing entirely to see her using this 'Force'.

Having shared a group hug with them all - through which Sam had fidgeting excitedly - Sam stepped back to let another person into the hall with her.

Jacob stood rather sheepishly for a moment, wondering if Mark would reject him or not before he was distracted by shrieks of 'Grandpa!' as the kids flew at him. Once he saw the tears in his fathers eyes as he embraced his grandchildren and held on to them as if for dear life, Mark found that he couldn't hold his anger toward him. He didn't doubt that it would reappear at some point, but for now, all was forgiven.

Once the reunion with the family was done, Sam grinned again. "Okay, there's a few more people, but two in particular…" she told them mysteriously, obviously enjoying the excitement and suspense.

She looked towards the door and grinned. "Mark, meet your brother-in-law Jack O'Neill and your niece, Jessa." Although she addressed Mark, the introductions were directed at the entire family as Jack walked in, his daughter cradled protectively in his arms.

Before they had more than a few seconds to absorb that information, Sam beckoned her niece and nephew. "I hear you two wanted to meet a really cool alien?"

At that introduction, Dentralla walked in, ducking her head through the low doorway. Both kids were immediately awed and, despite being in their late teens couldn't help their excitement.

Finally Corran, Mirax, and Valin were introduced, the young boy finding himself enjoying the things that the rest of the planet took for granted immensely.

Once everyone had greeted everyone else; Jen and Tom happily greeting Daniel, Teal'c, Janet, Cassie, and 'the bump' for the first time in a while and those that were unfamiliar with her met Selmak they began to settle down, adjust to and compare the differences and sharing stories about ridiculous things that this person or that person had done.

For the first time in who knew how long, Sam felt truly content. There was no impending disaster, no war to go off and fight; she had a wonderful family, and honorary family, she got to do things that she loved and she had a home. Yavin was her home now, but she also knew that she would always be welcome here, and that she could always come back whenever she wanted.

She had freedom.

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