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It was a nice sunny day, birds were in the trees, flying in the sky, frost cover the ground, and it smelt like a beautiful spring day. Flowers were blooming, and it was a nice day to go out and play.

It did not last for long.

A young girl was slamming her hand into her pillow, screaming out all her anger, into it. 'I will not cry, I WILL NOT CRY!' She punched a hole into her wall in rememberance of what happened about a month ago, and why she was in her new house.


A girl, about 16 or 17 walked in an alley behind her house. It was dark out, so dark, she couldn't see that well at all. She forgot something at school, and needed it for her homework, and didn't feel like failing, so she took the shortcut.

"Damn it!" She muttered under her breath. "Why the hell do I have to put up with Naraku and his gang? I never did anything to them. He wants me, but I as sure as hell don't want him!" She walked faster, thinking she would get there faster.

Then, that was until she bumped into a broad chest. She was scared out of her mind when she smelt it. Naraku's cologne..

All alarms went off in her head. 'Oh no, oh shit, hes going to hurt me. I'm alone, no one can help me.' She carefully lifted her head to look at the figures face, and came to face her worst nightmare came true. It WAS Naraku.

"Well, well, well. Whats a pretty miko, like yourself, doing out here alone?" He smiled down at her with a angry look in his eyes. "Do you remember when I told you, how much I loved you? How much I wanted to be with you?" He looked down at her and lifted up her chin.

"I think you should take that offer." He was about to close the space between them, when Kagome got up the courage and kicked him where no guy on the earth likes to be kicked.

Naraku held his groin and got down on his knees. She was just about to walk away, when Naraku said something that scared the shit out of her.

"Guys, come out. Kill the girl."

She ran. She ran while the guys where chasing her with bloody thirsty knives. But, one guy pulled out a gun, and shot. Kagome turned around to see the bullet coming straight for her, she knew, this would be the end of her, for it was headed straight for her heart. She closed her eyes, and stood there. All became quiet. She waited, waited, and waited. Nothing happened.

'What the hell?' She got up all the will she had left in her, opened her eyes, looked down, and let out a heart shattering scream.

Her father, her loving father, lie there. He was clutching his heart and looking up at Kagome with tears in his eyes.

"Ka..gome. I'm sorry, but I had to do this for you. I love you, and your mother along with your brother. Tell them, I'm sorry also. But you had a life ahead of you, you have so much to accomplish.." He coughed up blood, and Kagome kneeled down next to him and sobbed her heart out.

"NO! DAD! YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME!" Her tears were known to her father, and he spoke his last words to his only daughter.

"Kagome, don't cry. I hate to see you cry. But remember. Someone out there, someone who is lonely, someone with barrier built over their heart is out there for you. You will be the only one to shatter it. And when you do, he will love you for eternity."

His body went limp, just when the ambulance arrived, just when flashing lights were seen.

"Guys! Lets get a move on!" Naraku had recovered and ran with his men down to their secret hideout. Kagome held her father's hand and whispered words into his ear.

"Father, I trust you. I will find that person. And I will never cry, again." With that she let go of his hand.

*End Flashback*

She continued punching into her wall, making an even bigger crater.

**Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!**

That was her alarm clock.

"Good morning Toyko! Today will be a little bit cold, highs in the upper 60's, and tonight, lows in the upper 50's. We have a couple of special reports today..."

She drowned out the sound until she heard HER name on the radio.

"....It seems about a month ago, there was a shooting, against a man, at the age of 47, and he was put to his death. His name, unknown, but his daughter, turned in the man who shot him. The man who has been the death of many murders it seems. Naraku. Last name unknown once again. Kagome Higurashi, the one who turned him in, is now free to live her life as nothing has happened. We wish her luck in living her life peacefully. This has been 101.9 Light FM. Our next song is..."

She turned her radio off which was her alarm clock.

"Kagome! Time to go to your new school!"

She hopped out of bed, waiting, to see what her life was going to be like here, and having a little hope, just a little hope, that maybe.. she would find that someone her dad was talking about. She would be okay, she would "live her life as nothing has happened" as the radio said.

With that in mind, she got dressed in black gothic pants with strings hanging down the sides, and a black T-Shirt that said "Wicked".

She grabbed a pop-tart, got on her skateboard, and went to start her new life at Shikon High School.

~End Chapter~

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