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Kagome looked up to Inuyasha, and kissed him, smiling happily, that this was the true end to their journey. But, just the beginning to their life together. Inuyasha picked Kagome up bridal style, still kissing her. He broke apart, and she cuddled up to his chest as they looked out to the horizon. Yes, this was just the beginning to a life they would lead together.

It would be perfect, and peaceful.

Kono chi ni chikara o,
No ni hana o...

Sango smiled, and answered his question simply, and lovingly. This was the honest truth, and the most honest answer she could, or would ever give ...

"This ... this is what you get ... when you have Half-Demon Prep's, And Punk Rock Miko's."

Kokoro ni ai o...


Half-Demon Prep's And Punk Rock Miko's


A Trip Down Memory Lane


"Haha! Lets do it again! Again, again!"

"Again?! But I thought we were taking a break!"

"We did! Now, its time to get back to business!"

Kagome jumped off of the pier into the Great Lakes of Michigan. She dove down as far as she could do, and loved the feeling of the water swelling, and swirling around her. She opened her eyes, and took in the view. Fish were under her toes, and the sunlight made rings above the surface of the water. She shook her head under the water, freeing her hair from a pony-tail, and swam to the surface.

"Inuyasha! Come on, jump in! Its great down here!" Her voice echoed up to him, and he just sat on the pier, dangling his feet off the edge.

"I'm taking a break! We just swam a couple of minutes ago! Don't you want a snack or something?" He began envisioning the tasty ramen he loves, and the steam rising from the surface.. he then began to drool.

"Fine, fine. How about after this swim, we stop for the day? I just want to have this one refreshing moment before we have to go back to campus!" She whined, and Inuyasha's ear's drooped out of the feeling of being guilty.

"Okay, okay. You win!" He dove in next to her, and pulled her underwater with him. He placed her on his back, and she hugged her arms to his neck. He jumped out of the water at such speed, and jumped into the air so high..

"INUYASHA! Don't you dare!" He laughed, and jumped out of the water, claming victory.

"I want ramen, I'm hungry. Besides, Sango and Miroku are probably worried about us! We were supposed to be back an hour or so ago!" He said, running back to campus.

"Yeah, I guess I'm getting hungry too.." As if on cue, her stomach growled, and Inuyasha grinned. "..but, Sango and Miroku probably don't even know that we're gone! Their too busy doing stuff themselves!" She had a point after all.

Ever since college began, they all had still been best friends, like it was meant to be. Inuyasha and Kagome shared a room, like-wise with Miroku and Sango. And of all the irony, they were right next to each other! So, they did a lot of things together, but, since graduation was coming closer and closer, they had been drifting apart just a little. Inuyasha and Kagome were thinking about staying here, in the United States, and Sango and Miroku were thinking about moving back to Japan.

Technically, graduation was tomorrow. It was going to be one of the biggest moments of their life.. Sango and Miroku had gone into a medical field. Sango wanted to be a veterinarian, and Miroku a surgeon. It was good money too, so, they would be happy and wealthy at the same time.

Inuyasha had decided to be a teacher. Yes, believe it or not, a teacher. He used to hate kids, but, now that he thought about it, maybe he could make them happy in ways he could never be when he was younger. Of course, this idea wasn't his in the first place, Kagome was helping him out here.

And Kagome, she decided to go into law. She wanted to be a lawyer, and see all the other people with their problems. She got to meet criminals, and, she got paid good too. She could support herself, and her family.. if she had one.

Now, family.. that's where everything started to become complicated. Inuyasha wanted a family, and so did Kagome. But, they currently didn't have a home to live in, or a job. They decided to wait, but, it was getting harder and harder for them everyday. It was about the same situation for Miroku and Sango, except, they already had a house up in Japan. It was Sango's grandmother's house, and she recently died. She had left it to Sango, hopefully using it for good choices.

Fourth year in college.. so many years had gone by since that one incident that led them all together. That day where Kagome, the punk, stepped foot in "Inuyasha's" school, being the rebel she is.

Inuyasha got on campus, and arrived to their dorm. He pulled out the key's with a little jingle bell on the bottom, and slammed the door open. Now, this was something he was not expecting..

"HAPPY GRADUATION, INUYASHA!" Miroku and Sango stood, along with their families, Kagome's, and his. Even Sesshomaru was there, which freaked him out greatly. Kagome smiled.

"Surprise." She whispered in his ear, and giggled.

"You.. that's why you were taking so long at the pier! You were helping them get ready!" He said, finally realizing what was going on. He then turned to everyone. "Wow." Was all he could say.

Streamers were everywhere. Glitter and confetti surrounded everything, banners in certain places. Then, Inuyasha's brother went into his bedroom, disappearing. Kagome's mother brought out a cake, and lit the candles. "This is for all of you, I wish you all the utmost luck!"

Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, and Sango all gathered around, and counted to three. "One.." They all took a deep breath. "Two.." They get ready to blow. "Three!" They blew out the candles, and cheers went up in the room. That's when Sesshomaru stepped out, with a brand new silver and blue motorcycle. "Congrads, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha was about to faint. His brother.. did THIS for him? He then realized something was going on.. was this real? Was he really in college, with Kagome, married, and alive? Was this all a dream he was having, and was in a coma somewhere? What was going on..? He finally spoke, "Okay.. what is going on?"

Everyone's face turned to confusion, and Miroku stepped up, "What do you mean?"

"This.. is this all real? Why is everyone doing this..?" He spoke, uncertainly.

"Yes, it's all real, Inuyasha. No more Naraku, no more anything. This is life, and how we're supposed to live it.. so, buddy, cheer up!" He patted his friend on the back, "And besides, tomorrow is graduation.. so, we can finally all say good-bye to this hell-hole!"

He did right then have a good point, after all.


Inuyasha stood on the risers outside of the school building, "Everyone, today is the day! We're finally becoming true adults!" People from ages sixteen to twenty-one cheered, "We're now independent. We're on our own, but, we have to thank the people who are closest, and most dear to us, our teachers also helped along this journey, filling us with knowledge we will need later in life. Give them credit, even if they can be air-heads!" The teacher's chuckled at that comment.

"And, here we hold our degree's in our hands proudly.. bachelor's, master's, and so on! We must be grateful for all this. Look how far we're gotten, and lived! This is how life is supposed to be, right?" He smiled a genuine smile, and looked over at Kagome, "Since I'm up here.. I would like to mention one of the people that I hold most dear to me, and helped me out. Step up, Kagome."

Kagome was surprised he actually mentioned her, and became nervous. She looked around, and stood up, shaking. Sango ten stood up, and started clapping for her. Miroku came after, and soon enough, everyone did, giving her the confidence to step up to Inuyasha. She walked up the aisle carefully, and stood next to Inuyasha on the risers. He then began talking again.

"This girl here, has given me the strength to live. To hope. To have faith. And everything else that is needed in life. Hold the one that is closet to you, tightly, and make sure they know you love them. This is what helps us out in life, love is the most important key! It unlocks wonders!" Everyone began to cheer, as Inuyasha made his last comment.

"But, now, what is unlocked, is our futures.. CONGRATULATIONS, EVERYONE!" He clapped once loudly, and an airplane came over the spot where they were, and dropped tons of confetti and streamers. Everyone cheered, and danced around, throwing their hats up in the air, and Inuyasha smiled, hugging Kagome close to him.

"Is this really happening? Is this really real?" He whispered to her, and she smiled.

"Its real. As real as ever." She put her head on his chest, and he picked her up bridal style.

"Kagome.. my wife, my love, my everything.." He ran off to the parking lot, and got on his motorcycle, Kagome wrapping her arms around him from the back. She snuggled into his back, and breathed in deeply.

He started up the motorcycle, and rode off into the bright sunlight.


"Not again!"

"Again, again!"

"I didn't come to do this! I came to get ramen from the boardwalk!"

"Too bad, my puppy! We're going swimming!" Kagome had on her bikini, but Inuyasha didn't, so, the only way to get him in was...


...pulling him in herself. Splash!

Kagome had grabbed onto his hand, and tried to pull him in by his hand. She couldn't do it, so, she just pulled on his ears, and they went tumbling into the water. Inuyasha came up first, and spit the water out of his mouth, and letting a fish out of his cargo pants. Kagome came up right next to him, and grinned like a maniac. "Don't you feel better now, darling?"

"I'll darling you, Kagome!" He dunked her underwater, but, when he didn't feel any pressure under his hand, and pulled up his hands in surprise. "Huh?"

She had just swam down, and put her head between his legs. She lifted him up in her shoulders, "Hello up there!" She then went down underwater, and Inuyasha didn't have time to catch his breath. Before he knew it, he was underwater and seeing the view that Kagome was talking about the other day. She was right, it was beautiful.

It looked like he was swimming in crystals, and the way that she moved underwater with him, was like a mermaid. She held her arms out in front of him, and smiled. He took her hands, and threw her up out of the water, and he jumped up to catch her. He once again, ran to the boardwalk.

"No! Inuyasha, not again! I wasn't done!" She moaned, and pouted.

"Well, that ramen has been waiting awhile, and I want some!" He got to one of the stands, and ordered two instant ramens, both Chicken flavor. Inuyasha shook off like a dog would, and sat down in one of the chairs. Kagome, right across from him. Kagome gobbled down her's, and looked up to Inuyasha with puppy eyes.

"Oh no, this ramen is MINE. I've waited for it forever!" He stuffed the whole thing in his mouth, and grinned.

So did Kagome. She leaned over and whispered, "How about a trip down memory lane?"

He cocked his head to the side, and Kagome kissed him smack on the lips, taking all the ramen into her mouth, and eating it.

Inuyasha just sat there, stunned. "NO! My ramen! You stole it, just like that one time before!" He looked at the now empty paper cup, and then grinned. "Except its different now.. I didn't faint, so, I can respond back.. just like I wanted to." He learned over, and kissed her, lapping up all the juices in her mouth, from the ramen, and the stray noodles.

"And just like old times, we come in, mess the moment up, and make it a kodak moment!" Click.

Sango and Miroku snapped the button, and out came a picture of the two kissing. Miroku then pulled back Inuyasha's chair, as did Sango with Kagome's, and they both ran away, laughing like crazy. Inuyasha and Kagome high fived each other, as a deal to go chase Miroku and Sango.

Old times, old times.

The picture that Sango had, floated out of her hands, and landed on the shore line of the beach. The wind picked up, and the picture was blown into the waves of the ocean, washing away. The picture sunk down into the watery depths, but even though the picture was gone, Inuyasha and Kagome's love would never be. The whole gang's friendship would never be. Their memories would never be..

I wrote your name in the sand, but the waves washed it away. I wrote it in the sky, but the wind blew it away. So I wrote it in my heart, and that's where it will stay.

That's what described them, perfectly.