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Summary: Since there wasn't much space for me to type out there, I must restart my summary. So, here we go. Obviously, Sakura has a huge crush on Sasuke, and Naruto likes Sakura. Seeing Sakura running after Sasuke all the time, Naruto gets enraged, so he lied and told Sakura Sasuke kissed Ino; Sakura's heart immediately breaks and runs away, when Sasuke noticed she wasn't there the first day he shook it off. But a whole week later, still no sign of Sakura. He knew something was wrong. On the other hand, Naruto felt bad about his 'crime' and came to Hinata, Naruto discovered he liked Hinata. Meanwhile, Sakura cries and runs off…but she bumps into this strange guy…

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Chapter 1-Betrayal


"Oh please Sasuke-Kun!" Sakura begged running up to Sasuke.

"No! You're annoying, go away!" Sasuke ran off, leaving Sakura and Naruto in the muddy sidewalk. The day was rather foggy, the rain had poured non-stop that day. Sakura crossed her arms, she has always wanted Sasuke to appreciate her, but he had always said that she was annoying.

" Maybe…maybe you should give up on him Sakura…I mean, Sasuke ignores you every time you try to talk to him," Naruto pointed out, Sakura turned to him. She gave him a puzzled look,

" I'm going home." She didn't say another word, she walked away, not looking back. Naruto scratched his head, ever since they were little, Naruto had a crush on Sakura, but it was the opposite, Sakura favored Sasuke. Naruto shrugged, but truthfully, he was a bit angry inside, Sakura always chased after Sasuke when they were little, and from her outside it seemed she hated Naruto, this made Naruto to think he might do something about it.


'Why does he ignore me all the time?' Sakura thought, kicking a piece of pebble beneath her feet. 'I mean, what's so bad about me?' Her footsteps began to canter more rapidly, until Sakura reached her house, she slammed the door.


'I don't get it! Why does Sakura chase after Sasuke all the time? It's like I'm not even there! What's so good about that guy? He has no feelings…unlike myself!' Naruto grunted, annoyance racing up towards him like a bowl of flaming fire, he wanted to think of something to get rid of Sakura always chasing Sasuke, he kept on walking until he reached the ramen shop. Naruto walked in, looking for a seat, at last he sat down and a waiter came up.

"What would you like to order sir?"

" Shrimp ramen please…" Naruto said, glaring everywhere for an idea. The waiter nodded and went into the kitchen. Naruto's met with the entrance, a couple had just came in and sat down to the table next to Naruto, the same waiter walked up and had to wait a whole two minutes because the couple were kissing. Naruto's mind immediately lit up, 'I'm a genius!' He snickered as the waiter placed his bowl of ramen onto the small table,

" Arigatou." Naruto quickly slurped up the remaining ramen and sat some coins on the wooden table, he ran out, still smirking.


"Geez wait a second!" Sakura yelled from upstairs as she raced down to the door, " people these days…"  Sakura opened the door, outside her house stood Naruto, smiling at Sakura with a cheesy smile.

" Konichiwa Sakura-Chan!"

" Hi Naruto…" Sakura murmured irritated, she leaned against the door with an unimpressed expression. Naruto's expression unexpectedly changed into a 'so-called' fake worrying face.

"Sakura-Chan! Guess what!"

" What?!"

" Oh it's so horrible!"

" Oh just say it already Naruto!" Sakura barked, tapping her right foot impatiently,

" I was walking pass the ramen shop until…until…oh it's too terrible to say!" Sakura seemed to burn.


" Okay, okay, but you promise not to cry!"

" Oh why would I?"

" Alright, if you really must know!"

" ARGH! You want me to pound you?!" Naruto sighed and then began,

" I was walking pass  the ramen shop until I saw Ino and Sasuke, they were feeding each other ramen, so I slowed down to watch what happened, the next second they kissed, Sakura…do you give up on Sasuke now? Oh…it's so terrifying to hear you see! Do you think that explains why he was being so cold towards you?" Sakura's eyes watered, her whole body trembled, her childhood crush…should she really believe Naruto?

" It can't be true…" Sakura's voice softened, " it just can't…"

" Sakura-Chan…why must you love the wrong guy? I mean…I'm a good example!" Sakura looked at Naruto in disgust,

" Go away…"

" Sakura…"

" I SAID GO AWAY!" Naruto shrugged and skipped away, he was grinning secretly, now that Sakura heard his 'fake lie,' she might just like him!


Sakura slammed the door, sadness and anger were rising up, she sat against the door, crying. She sniffed, she didn't know if she would still like Sasuke or not…but some of what Naruto said did kind of made sense however…and Ino DID like Sasuke. 'Why?' Sakura questioned herself.


Note: I always pick on Naruto don't I? Hehe…this chapter was a bit of Naruto/Sakura, or in another words, NaruSaku. But it will be SasuSaku, NaruHina…MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Now I sound gay…@_@. Anyhow, if you're confused, what Naruto said to Sakura wasn't true, he has a crush on Sakura, so he tries to make Sakura his….OKAY?!