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'I'm going to die…' Sakura thought helplessly, how she wished it was all an illusion or a dream. 'I will die…there's no way I can escape…' The first boy was just about to stab Sakura in the back when a dark figure appeared, Sakura's vision was blurry because she was in a lot of pain, this boy looked awfully familiar to Sakura. (Guess who!) He wore a head protector, follow by messy raven hair and a blue t-shirt with matching shorts. 'Is…is that Sasuke?'


In the ramen shop, Ino came in with a stomp. She looked around the room, searching for Sasuke. No sight of him. Ino looked once again and saw Naruto, he was slurping noodles…as usual. Ino raised an eyebrow and walked towards the fox demon. " WHERE IS HE?" She yelled, causing the whole room to stop and stare at her like she was crazy,

" Eh…who?" Ino sweat dropped,

" YOU ARE the MOST stupid guy I've ever seen!"

" Wha-WHAT? I'm smart you know! I even know how to make ramen! I have proof!"


" I don't know, he was just training somewhere when I last saw him." Ino smirked,

" Take me to him!" Naruto looked at her oddly and stood up,

" OTAY!"


Meanwhile, Hinata was spying on Ino and Naruto, "Hmm…I wonder where they're going!" She thought out loud, she followed the two.


"Here…he was here when I last saw him." Naruto said, pointing towards the empty field, but Sasuke was nowhere to be seen.

"ARGH!!! WHERE IS HE?!!!!!"

" I think Sakura-,"

" ARGH! I KNEW IT! THAT BIG-FORHEAD HAS COME AND TOOK HIM BEFORE I DID! HOW DARE SHE!" Ino began kicking the dirt, from Naruto's point of view, Ino was on fire, like she could kill anybody four feet away from her.

" I'm leaving! You're no good!" Ino left, leaving Naruto behind to gaze in shock.


Ino continued to walk, she was so mad at Sakura she was sure she would kill someone. Ino crossed her arms and sat on a nearby bench, not noticing there was a person next to her. The guy beside her looked at her,

" Feeling down eh?" Ino looked at the person next to her.

" None of your business…"

" Fighting over that Wasu guy again eh?"

" Sasuke…not Wasu you moron, get it right!"

" You're just like my mother…"


" Eh…the lil' lady is talking…" (I'm not sure if Shikamaru really act like this but I'm trying)

" ARGH!!! YOU ARE DEAD!" Shikamaru shrugged and looked over at the other side, Ino stood up,

" You're a real nuisance…" Shikamaru looked at the blonde girl strangely and shrugged once again. Ino held up her fist, but instead, she tripped and fell on top of Shikamaru, they both blushed. (I know, Shikamaru doesn't like women…)


Naruto was still standing when he heard some noise in the bushes, " Hmm?" He went over to take a peek,

" You got to come out some day, you know." He reached over and pulled the object out. There stood Hinata blushing as red as tomatoes. " I…I…I…I…I…I…I"

" You what?"

" Uh…" Hinata fainted, probably because of the embarrassment.

" HINATA!!! Oh lords…help me…" Naruto didn't know what to do, so he thought maybe he could take her to Kakashi. Naruto carried Hinata on his back,(Aw!) and dragged her towards his sensei's destination.


Sasuke looked at the four boys coldly, " Let her go…"

" Yeah right…she doesn't need prince charming to rescue her.."  Sasuke continue to have that blank expression. The third boy smirked and charged at Sasuke, but Sasuke dodged at the right time. The third boy was shocked,

" You-you blocked my attack!" Sasuke grinned back and used one of his jutsu on short boy.


Naruto set Hinata on his sensei's couch, " How about you check about her later on, Naruto." Naruto shrugged and nodded. " Okay, ja ne!" Naruto smiled and headed out into the sunshine.

'Hmm…what should I do now? I'm already too full for more ramen!' Unexpectedly he heard someone yell, 'I wonder what is that!!!" Without hesitating, Naruto ran towards the shout.


Sasuke was still fighting against the third boy when Naruto appeared, Naruto was shocked when he saw Sakura lying on the ground, unconscious. " WHAT HAPPEN TO SAKURA-CHAN!" He looked at Sasuke and frowned,

" Why didn't you protect her? You're heartless!"

" I wasn't there when she got hurt you moron!" But Sasuke somewhat felt guilt inside his heart, even Naruto though he was heartless, what was wrong with him? Before he could do anything, he felt a hard hit on his back, Sasuke fell to his knees, and he felt really weak. 'Get up! This isn't how you're going to act when you're fighting your brother!'

" Oh…Sasuke! Get up!" Naruto shouted, the four teenage boys laughed,

" It's impossible to defeat us now...hehe!" Naruto raised an eyebrow,

" Oh yeah?"

" Naruto, get out, you're not strong enough…" Sasuke mumbled,

" No! I'm wiser than you think!!" Naruto smirked, " You people are going to regret this!" Before anybody could say anything, Naruto used his attack, and Sasuke could've almost swore the sky turned purple,

" Sexy no jutsu!" The four boys standing in front went pale.

" Naruto! You bastard!" Sasuke shouted from his spot. The four boys stared blankly at Naruto, and at long last the four of them ran away, screaming like police dogs. Naruto turned into his normal self, when Sasuke came up,

" Naruto you idiot, what were you thinking turning into…into…a nude human!" Naruto gave Sasuke one of his cheesy smile and replied,

" Well, I wanted to test it out…hehe…." While the two boys were arguing, unknowingly, Sakura woke up. She was still in a lot of pain, there was red marks and scars across her face, hands and legs. Her leg was bleeding but of course, Naruto not Sasuke noticed because the two were too busy arguing about why Naruto had to use his jutsu. 'Why are they here? They're not suppose to be here, and where are those four boys?' Sakura got up, 'I'm going to get revenge for what they did to me! No more weak Sakura!' And without being noticed, Sakura walked away.


"I am not arguing with you anymore! You just shut your eyes every time I use that jutsu! HMPH!" Naruto crossed his arms,

"Argh, idio- Where's Sakura?"


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