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All around the castle, there were the usual decorations...holly, tinsel, ornaments, enchanted frost. The spirit of Christmas was certainly everywhere, not just in the decorations, but in the students, as well as the teachers. It seemed as if no one was going around the castle with any look short of happiness. If you turned a corner and bumped into someone, no angry words were spoken, just a thank you for helping them pick up their fallen books.

Classes were just getting out, the students were being let off from their schoolwork to enjoy some well deserved fun. They were leaving for their families. They were taking the chance to buy last minute presents for their friends on their trip to Hogsmeade. They were making snowball fights everywhere among the grounds.

Minerva McGonagall stared out the window at the trio that were currently crushing eachother with handmade snowballs. She couldn't help but smile, they seemed to always have fun those three, they always could find something to keep them occupied, whether or not it included the headmaster and purple hair dye. She let out a small chuckle as she envisioned the happening of two weeks ago. The headmaster Dumbledore just came into the great hall, with purple hair, acting as if nothing had happened. It took him nearly the whole walk to the staff table before he finally found out what everyone had been laughing at. And what was it that she had said to him? "Has Easter come early?"

She took her gaze from the three students, and looked to the left of them. She saw Peter there, head in his hands. Sometimes, she felt so sympathetic towards that child. True enough he fit well with the trio, but she couldn't help but think how it was really only meant to be a trio. Somehow, there hadn't seemed room for another. She let out a sigh, and took her gaze away from the window all together.

She walked towards her messy bed, and made it manually. There had never seemed to a reason to use magic around this time of year. Everything just seemed to fall into place. There was always something about seeing the snow on the ground, the hot chocolate in hand, the warm engaging fires. There was scent of romance even...like one of those cheesy muggle novels where two lost people seem to find comfort in eachothers arms through a cold winter. 'Of course,' she reminded herself, 'they never stay together by the end of the book.' Her smile gently faded, as she started heading down towards the staff room, for a staff meeting, before everyone had left on their holidays.

She entered the room, and as usual, she was the first to arrive. She gave a slight glance at the mistletoe that hung over the table, then sat patiently for the rest of the staff to arrive. One by one they came, until there was only one to wait for, and who else but the headmaster himself?

"Greg," Minerva asked Professor Talaris, "do you know where he is?"

"No, I don't. Probably getting some joke ready or other."

"Oh come now, what sort of joke would he be pla--" she didn't finish, at that moment, he walked in through the door with a cheerful smile on his face.

"Morning everyone," he announced softly, "I have an activity to inform you of, before we begin. I want everyone in this room to draw out of a hat for a 'secret santa' as the students call it. You are to get a present for this person, and give it to them on Christmas." The staff members all looked at eachother. Some were smiling, others having a look of absolute dread.

He took out a witches hat, and passed it around the table. One by one, they drew, and by then, nearly all of them had been smiling. The hat came around to Minerva, and she drew silently. Immediately she looked at the name, and let out a low groan. ALBUS DUMBLEDORE.

"Oh, by the way everyone, you're not to ask the person you're buying for, for a Christmas suggestion. This is surprise only." Everyone looked at eachother again, and there seemed to be a universal groan.

"Albus, isn't this a bit short notice? Christmas is only a week away," Minerva asked quietly.

"A little short notice, yes. But I have confidence in all of you," he stopped, and looked, "Now, let's get this meeting done."


Minerva left the meeting feeling both relieved, well as angry. 'Albus Dumbledore?! What could you get a man that has everything that any person could want?' she thought quietly. 'Well, I suppose a box of chocolate frogs and a nice book would be fine. But I think that I want something more...meaningful. But what?' She turned the corner that led to her office.

'I wonder if anyone else is already losing their head like I am.'


"So tell me Albus, did you jinx the bag or what? From what I can tell, just about all of your pairs are couples...or you just think they should be," Gregory peeped up at Albus at the end of the meeting.

"I may have jinxed the bag...not that you need to tell the whole world that."

"I suppose that means you've gotten Minerva?"

"How ever did you guess?"

"What are you going to fix her with?"

"I don't know yet. I've been thinking about it for a long time, I don't know what I should get her. Not to say that I don't have a few ideas."

"Do tell, I love a good intrigue."

"I was thinking about maybe jinxing some mistletoe, and putting it in a box. Then I'd get a good laugh, hopefully a good kiss along with it."

"You really ought to do something like that! For God's sake, you've been infatuated with her for years! It's about time that you made a move on her, and if you won't...then I will."


"Don't act like an idiot. You're not the only one who's had their eye on her. If you haven't done anything by the new year, I will."

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