Albus woke up, and stared at the room, then along his fiancé…that word came out so beautiful, fiancé. He smiled, and ran his hand along her soft skin. "Min, Min, wake up. It's Christmas."

He watched as she batted her eyes open and stared quietly at him. "Well good morning to you too," she quirked an eyebrow.

"Sorry, g-o-o-d m-o-r-n-i-n-g M-i-n. It is C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s."

"Really, I hadn't known. Did St. Nick come?"

"You, Minerva," he pointed his finger teasingly at her nose, "are a wicked witch."

"Wicked I may be, but it's so much fun to be that way."

"As I've noticed," he dragged a finger along her jaw line, then slowly down the tip of her chest. "So did you REALLY say that you'd marry me last night?"

"Yes," she propped herself up by the elbows, "and I meant it too," and she gave him that all famous, 'cutesy smile.'

"You know, when you look like that Min, you come off as being all normal and sweet, when all you really are is this wicked, short witch."

"Must we inquire about my shortness, mind you, it's only in comparison to you that I am short."

"Yes, we must. But I'll give you an option if it's that important to you."

"I'm listening," she prompted.

"I'll stop calling you short, if and when you let me announce to the school that we are engaged."

"Albus," she glared, "do you have any idea what sort of things the students are going to think. It's bad enough that one already knows what's going on; I don't think it would be wise for the entire school to know. Besides, what about the trial? What if James decides it's alright to tell everyone, since we told them ourselves? What if the whole school finds out about the fight?"

"Shhhhh…I think it's better if they knew. That way, there wouldn't be a whole bunch of speculation and things going around, once they see us walking down corridors holding hands, or me coming to visit you during lunch, or your breaks. They'll figure it out whether or not we tell them, and I for one, think it is best to tell now."

"Albus, I'm not saying that you don't make sense…but honestly!"

"Do you love me?"

She swallowed, "Yes."

"Then let me do this one thing and I swear I'll never do something like this again."

"Albus," she turned her head ever so slightly, "must we tell?"

"I don't suppose we can get away with it for long Min. They'd find out; everyone would find out. It's better to do this on our own accord, rather than letting them make judgments, don't you think?"

"Fine," she whispered, "but must you do it today?"

"I think it may be best."

She nodded her head. "If you ruin my life by telling, I swear I'll ruin yours."

He leaned in closer. "I wouldn't have it any other way."


The two of them walked hand in hand down the Great Hall. Albus, naturally glowed with happiness, while Minerva…well, Minerva looked worried to say the least. They did get several odd stares from the students. After all, it wasn't everyday your Transfiguration Professor, and Headmaster walked hand in hand to breakfast together.

Albus pulled out Minerva's chair, and she sat in it gracefully. Once the students had quit staring, they both turned for some civil conversation, both to each other and the teachers seated on the other side of each of them. Neither one of them spoke about the engagement, merely that the two of them had spent Christmas Eve with one another, and that they were looking forward to the parties that were bound to take place during the New Year.

The breakfast time was nearly over, before Albus glanced at Minerva. She looked scared. He leaned in closer to her, and whispered softly in her ear, "It'll be alright. The students will accept our relationship, and it'll all work out just fine. Don't fret."

She nodded her head slowly, and she tapped her glass with her knife. All heads turned towards the staff table, and Albus stood up. "Well, I suppose everyone had a nice Christmas Eve?" Nods erupted from the crowd, he decided to press on. "And of course, today is Christmas Day! Happy Christmas to all of you. I suppose the parties were just as outrageous as ever?" he chuckled. "Well, I have some rather important news to share with you students. I have been engaged," he looked down at Minerva, and grabbed her hand.

The students. Some looked shocked, some looked horrified, some looked happy, others, not so happy. A quiet applaud surrounded the room.

He raised his hands quickly to silence what little bit of noise was in the room, "To your transfiguration teacher, Minerva McGonagall."

The room went completely silent. COMPLETELY. Until finally, a rather bold sixth year stood up from his chair, and clapped his hands loudly. The entire room filled with applause, as loud as the thunder. Some students began to whistle, and shout out, "I KNEW IT!"

Albus looked next to him at Minerva. She was glowing, absolutely glowing. "Was it as bad as you thought?"

"No," she grinned, "it was completely worse."

"Worse?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Look at Sirius and James," she pointed towards the end of the Gryffindor house table.


Albus looked away from them, and back to Minerva. "Me thinks they all knew before we did."

"Maybe. So are you going to kiss me or what?"

"I don't know. After all, there are SOOO many people watching," he draped a hand over his head, attempting his own 'damsel in distress' act.

"Just shut up and do it."

He faced her, and wrapped his arms around her waist. "I don't need telling twice."


Later that day, Minerva and Albus walked slowly down the hall. James was waiting outside Albus's office. Minerva looked at Albus, then to James. "Is there something you need Mr. Potter?"

He looked at Minerva and Albus. "I wanted to say congratulations. And…I well, I didn't EXACTLY tell, but Sirius kind of…figured it out."

Minerva and Albus looked at each other, then back at James. Albus was the one to speak. "You've done the right thing, I believe in telling us, but I suppose it'd be all over the 'Daily Prophet' once news of the trial comes. I'm sure you know this anyhow, but your Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher is gone to St. Mungo's. Once he's recovered, there will be a trial, and it won't be any big secret, I'm sure as to what has happened. I admire your honestly James…and Professor McGonagall and I have decided, that you'll be at the top of the invite list for the wedding, that is, if you, perhaps Sirius, wish to come. You kept the secret as long as you needed to. Thank you."

"You want ME to come to YOUR wedding?"

"Are you not aware of how important you keeping that secret was, James?" Minerva inquired. "That could have very well been the end for Professor Talaris and I."

"Professor? I'm not trying to pry in or anything, but I never really knew what was happening. How did the two of you get together?"

Again, the two exchanged glances. "It's rather complicated. But to put it simply, your DADA teacher had been rather insistent on he and I being an item; where as I hadn't, and I confided into Professor Dumbledore. When he saw what was going on, he immediately understood. After that, he and your teacher got into a fight…and that would explain why he's in the hospital. Once I had heard, I went to Professor Dumbledore, and we made our own little reconciliation. The result was a permanent relationship."

"What about Professor Talaris?"

"He's not going to be around any longer. We'll get a new replacement by the start of the term."

James nodded, and turned. "Happy Christmas."

"Happy Christmas," the two of them replied in unison.

The two of them watched James walk away. "Well I suppose, Albus, there was no reason to wait until the start of term, he seemed to be interested enough himself to come and ask."

"Somehow, I knew he was a smart person." He winked.

"Oh get over yourself, and let's go upstairs. I think we need to settle something."

"Which would be what?"

"Your hair. We need to dye it green, it's only right. We dyed your hair purple a few weeks ago, now it's green in order to celebrate the holidays," she smiled, and pulled his hand as she muttered the password. "Chocolate Covered Cherry."

They both stepped upon the moving staircase, and looked at one another. "Only if we're coloring your hair red!"

"It was a rhetorical statement dear. Now shut up and kiss me."


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