I smile, widely, to tell others that I am happy
Content, pleased, blissful
In high spirits.
I'm happy! I try to tell them
Really I am.
But do I truly believe it myself?
I thought I was happy once.
But that was before
I realized that I wasn't
I craved more, needed more
Joy, hope, and peace
In my life
There was no love
In a man
Who killed for a living
I thought that by becoming a wanderer
I could clear my head, my thoughts.
And my actions
I thought that I would be able to understand
Why I had done what I did
And be able to do better.do what was right
But there isn't much happiness
In the life of someone who wanders
Down a dusty unused road
There's no zest.no love
No hope no joy.
All there is.is peace
Peace is a good thing,
When put together with love and joy.
And zest and hope.
Being alone, isn't what I want
I want to be with someone
Be loved for who I am
I want to know
I need to see for myself
What happiness really is.
Is it.the love of a spouse?
Or the love of a child?
Is it both?
Is it the joy of being with someone?
Family, money, hope?
Or is it more.something I have yet to find?
I feel.
I feel.
I feel empty inside
Am I devoid of hope.?
Love, faith, guidance, wonder?
My life and my existence.are they real?
As I'm sitting, on this rock
I see two children, walk by
And they're laughing, happily.
Is that happiness? To laugh.?
I smile and laugh a lot.
Does that mean I'm happy?
Is a simple thing
When you think about it.
A lifting, of the corners of the mouth
A softness of the eyes
To show an emotion.
Love, benevolence, happiness,
Gentleness, kindness, compassion,
Kindheartedness, contentment, cheerfulness,
Joy, Exuberance, High-spiritedness,
Excitement, Bliss, elation,
Affection, empathy, gratification.
But how can someone, who has never felt any of these.
From the heart?
So I wonder, if I'm really happy
Even though I continually wear a smile
On my face
Because, though I look happy on the outside
I feel vacant, blank, unfilled.
And though my smile is in place
It never quite reaches my eyes
It's just like me..
I feel.
My smile is.
A little weird. XD I know it is. I personally, don't like most of it.
Hmmmm. I guess it's okay, but I might have been able to do better. Lol,
I've completely given up on rhyming poetry._ It's just too silly for me
to do right.
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