Manly I Am (Hiko)
I am a man
Manly I am
I have big muscles
And a broad chest
I strut my stuff
Wherever I go
To show the world
How manly I am.
I strut happily
Just to prove
That I am
Far superior
To my baka-deshi.
I know I am
Manly I am.
I'm a chic magnet
Drawing beautiful women
From far and wide
Unlike certain
Old ninja men
I'm so awesome
Thank you.
Manly I am,
And that is why
I'm writing this
To show you all
That I'm better than you
And not just cause of my good looks
It's my manliness that does it.
Hehe, I had to write this. It was just solely for fun. I think Hiko is
definitely one of the FUNNEST characters to write, because he's
just.sitting there, WAITING to be made fun of. ^___^ I just love Hiko's
character, totally appealing, especially when he tries to show everyone how
manly he is. *snorts* Give feedback, please. ^-^x