Orange Juice
A poem about Kamatari. XD
I know
What they say
Orange juice.
How it does things.
Unworldly things
It supposedly
Make you act different
But I don't care
What the others' think.
I drink it every day
And orange juice
Does NOT
Make you gay.
Okay, this is HUMOR, so no flames for this one, please. About orange juice,
this is NOT to offend anyone who drinks it (I do) but on Comedy Central, On
the Daily Show with John Stewart, they were saying that 'orange juice makes' and then they asked a gay person if they drank orange juice. She
said 'yes' and he goes 'I thought so'. __ It was funny, not meant to hurt
or offend anyone. ^___^;;
Kamatari's just..funny if you ask me. =P And I understand that it's
impossible for Kamatari to have gotten a hold of Orange Juice. Lol.
Feedback is appreciated.