Okay, here's the Inuyasha poem I wrote. Probably not one of my best, but I felt like writing a poem, and I might post more here if I get the urge to write another one. Thanks for taking the time to check it out!


They say great demons never cry

But only half of one am I

Tears may be hidden under tough skin

I trust no one, I let no one in

The girl I once loved has died

I can't go on even if I tried

My world is bleak, my world is gray

Please make their cruel laughter go away

How tragic the story is to one who hears

Our ancient lore told through the years

Color is gone and rivers are dry

As I sleep while time floats by

What of second chances to change the past

A vision of her is what I saw last

But now this girl has come to me

And she has made me see

I don't have to be something I am not

She helped me find what I forgot

Could she complete the void I hold

Or see in my heart the stories untold

One naive little girl made my barrier fall

Made me feel as though I had no regrets at all

But this feeling stays locked inside

Even though I have no reason to hide

Send me your love through silly fights

Stay by my side through sleepless nights

If only I could tell you, if only you knew

Secretly I will be watching over you