This is my first attempt at writing X-Men Fiction, so please be kind. In fact, I have never read any of the comics, just enjoyed the movies, and began watching Evo. This story will have plenty of romance, ROMY, LANCITTY, KURTY, AMYRO, JUBBIE, among others. Let me know what you think.

***Disclaimer—I own none of the X-Men, and I will make no profit off of this story. The end.***



Rogue Darkholme sat underneath her favorite tree on the Xavier property. It faced the cliffs, and was the perfect place to watch the sky turn into blazing ribbons of red and gold as the sun sank into nothingness.

Rogue rested her head on her hands, taking a deep breath and trying not to scream out loud. It had been four long days since the battle with Apocalypse, and she had not quite recovered from absorbing Dorian Leech's powers. But there were stranger parts to that story, parts she wouldn't quite let herself think about, much less admit to others…

Rogue leaned back against the tree and pushed her hair back, tucking it behind her ears. She closed her eyes and concentrated on clearing her mind, with the hope that her meditation would allow her psyches to calm.

Ok, a deep breath. Fill your lungs until they hurt. Exhale slowly. Concentrate on your heart beating. Slowly follow the blood, concentrating on your veins. Feel it pulsing in your neck, behind your eyes, in your head. Go back down your neck, into your arms. Feel it in your wrists. Deep breaths. Slow.

She opened her eyes. The sky was completely dark; the only traces of light in front of her were the tiny patches of stars that gleamed overhead. "Well, at least tha' work'd some."

"Talking to yourself?"

Rogue jerked her head to the side at the intrusion. Sitting under the next tree was one of the fellow residents of the mansion, Bobby Drake.

"Didn't ya' ma eva teach ya that it's not nice to sneak up on people?" the Goth growled.

"I was sitting here, under my tree, minding my own business when you started talking to yourself. I haven't moved. How is that sneaking up on you?"

"Ya obviously did. I only had my eyes closed for a moment and then when I open them, ya' next to me."

Bobby looked at her quizzically. "For a moment? You've been out of it for a few hours. We tried to wake you earlier, but Professor X told us to leave you alone."

Rogue softened. "Oh. So why are you out here?"

Bobby glanced back towards the house. "Trying to get some peace and quiet. Our new housemates are running wild in there. Well, except for my new roommate. I think he's reading or something."

Rogue followed Bobby's glance. "Ya must be with Piotr. He's probably the only one who knows how to read. I skipped out before tha new roommate selections. Who else is with who?"

Bobby rolled his eyes. "I still can't believe the Professor made us all switch up our roommates like that. Me and Ray were just fine together. Sure, we got in just a little bit of trouble every now and then." Bobby snickered. "Now he's with John. Can't wait to see how that goes. Don't they say an electrical fire is the hardest to put out?"

"Ah thought the Professor took away John's lighters?"

"He did. But that doesn't mean John won't start a fire. You should see him following Amara around like a lovesick puppy, begging her to flame up for him." He paused. "I bet Roberto would flame up for John in a heart beat. Just don't tell Rhane."

Rogue snickered. "Ah, bet he would too."

"So, you're with Piotr, Ray's with John, who else?"

"Well, Kurt's with Remy…he really loves that one. He kept mumbling about being with the guy who kidnapped her sister…. then he goes into a lot of German. No ones really sure what he says, but I think he's cursing or something."

"Ah told him to drop it. Remy didn't really kidnap me…. he more of…abducted me. But he didn't hurt me, so ah wish he'd just drop it. Who else?"

Bobby paused, trying to remember. "Sam's with Lance. Roberto's with Pietro." Once again, he paused to snicker. "That's going to turn out interesting. What do you say, two weeks until the beds end up pushed together? Anyways, Todd and Fred are still together, they refused to split up and no one argued. And Scott's with Jamie. I guess the Professor didn't expect the rest of us to be a good enough influence."

"And tha' girls?"

"You do know you're with Wanda, right?" Rogue nodded. "Kitty is with Jubes. Rhane and Amara are back together. Jean is still by herself. Tabby decided not to come back."

Rogue leaned against the tree one last time. "Ah guess ah should be getting back." She stood slowly, then reached to grab her bag, and started walking back to the house. Bobby glanced over to the tree where she had been sitting a moment before and noticed something lying on the ground. He walked over to pick it up, with every intention of giving it back to her when he reached the mansion until he recognized the object. The Queen of Hearts.

"I guess I wasn't the only one watching her tonight."