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For Kurt Wagner, it had been a long night. It had started out well enough, with a game of Dodge-Muffin (a derivative of Dodge-ball, but instead of throwing a large, soft, rubbery ball at each other, the students made a concentrated effort to avoid being pinged by one of "Kitty's Splendiferous Muffins!!!") Dodge Muffin was one of Kurt's favorite games, providing off course that he was not the one who was beamed by one of the massive objects. But in this case, he was safe, seeing as how recently, the muffin seemed to be almost magnetically attracted to Ray, and it never failed to miss its target.

But then, he was forced to try to sleep in the room with the Cajun, his sworn enemy, the Lex Luther to his Clark Kent, the Green Goblin to his Spiderman, the Rottingham to his Robin, the Lance to his Scott--ok, maybe he was taking it a bit far, but certainly it wasn't shocking for Kurt to not want to share a room with the cretin who had abducted his sister? And on top of that, you try sleeping in a room that now reeked of the potent French cologne that Remy wouldn't lay off.

But he had finally managed to fall asleep, only to be awakened around 2:00 to the sounds of footsteps running down he hall and Logan barking orders. He had teleported into the hallway, poised for an attack and had almost been impaled by a falling chandelier. A quick *BAMP and he was standing in the middle of the chaos, lights exploding, paintings flying across the air and the most frightening aspect, a bed levitating several feet into the air.

Jean and the Professor both had hands against their heads, concentrating as hard as they could. Objects were flying at them from all directions, but bouncing off the force field that they had surrounded themselves with. Logan was battling a demonic coat rack, Scott was blasting holes in the walls and trying to force his eyes closed. What Kurt noticed next made his blood run cold.

On the bed were Wanda and Rogue, both thrashing in pain, their hands moving in unison, throwing hex bolts across the room. Then, suddenly , both girls fells till, the bed suddenly hurtling towards the floor, then just as quickly, stopping in mid air a mere two inches from the floor. The bubble surrounding Xavier and Jean popped, and Jean fell to her knees, gasping.

He was preparing to transport his sister to the Med Bay, but the Professor refused to allow him to help. At first, he was furious, his sister was hurt and he wasn't allowed to help? But then the Professor explained that it was for both Rogue and Kurt's own good--his sister was in a fragile state, and she could very well attack without meaning harm. Kurt was pondering this when Rogue's hands suddenly flew up, and a red stream hit an anxious Rhaine, who had been waiting in the hallway, awakened from bed by the screams of terror from her neighbors room.

An unearthly howl was admitted from the Scottish girls throat as her body began the transformation from a wee lass to a canine, unfortunately for her, the hex succeeded in only transforming her half way, leaving the poor girl with a wolf's head and standing on two human legs.

After waiting in the infirmary's hallway for almost 2 hours, Kurt was asleep during Rogue's awakening, but upon awakening was unable to visit her due to the arrival of Magneto.

Kurt didn't trust the man. The simple fact that he went around wearing a helmet designed to prevent anyone from knowing his thoughts was a bit disconcerting. He understood that no one really liked to have their every thoughts possibly pondered over by some one else, but the sheer fact that old Buckethead was so insecure on the subject of his own thoughts left Kurt pondering what kind of evil, devious plan the man was going to attempt next.

It was as much of a surprise to Kurt as anyone else that the man came baring Piotr's little sister. Did this make him more of a trusting person, seeing as how he had completed a promise made to his acolyte that spanned the entire term of the tinman's tutorage with the headmaster of evil? Not in Kurt's opinion. As far as he was concerned, none of the Acolytes could possibly be trusted, after all, it didn't really matter what Magneto had on them to begin with, they still consorted to the association with that terrorist. And to be completely honest, Kurt wasn't fooled by Piotr's "strong, silent type" routine. Who knows what thoughts brew in the minds of those types of men. John was certifiably crazy. The few months he had been without the presence of his beloved lighters, the Australian teenager had became even more loopy…when he wasn't arranging some sort of elaborate prank on one of the other students, he was drawing pictures of his beloved flames. As for Remy…Kurt's fur bristled every time he thought of the Cajun. So what if all the girls thought he was soooo smooth…he was nothing but a gigolo to Kurt. And he didn't deserve to be under the same roof as his sister, a girl who Kurt was sure he could see past her stony exterior, and was certain there lay a sweet, unassuming girl underneath.

So now here he was, sitting vigil in his sister's hospital room, keeping his eyes on Mr. "I'm so Suave, all the ladies think I'm wonderful."  His stomach had been growling for hours, but he didn't think leaving Rogue alone with that maniac would be a good idea…but then again, maybe if he *BAMPed into the kitchen and back out, he could grab something and be back before anyone would notice.  He quickly made up his mind…it would only take a second, really.


Ok, into the fridge, avoid anything that might possibly look like Kitty or Jean's cooking, past the Ororo's health food, around Logan's beer (he knew better than to even touch that, the slightest brush of his fur would send Logan into a frenzy, wanting to know why he had dared to come into contact with the precious lagers).  Then Kurt found the jackpot—pizza.  Not just any pizza—anchovy, peppers, and onions.  His favorite.  A happy dance was promptly executed on the spot for the awesome discovery.  One quick over to the microwave, and the agonizing ticking of seconds until the pizza was once again bubbly.  Normally, he would put it in the oven to reheat it, the only way to truly eat left over pizza, but he was understandably in a hurry.  Finally the beep sounded, and with a quick grab, Kurt held his prize, and shoved the first bite into his mouth.


The pizza was quickly forgotten as Kurt ported into the med bay.  On his sister's bed was Remy.  On top of his sister.  His unconscious sister. 

„?Get Ihre schmutzigen Hände weg von meiner Schwester!?"[1]

It took less than one second for Kurt to launch himself on the offending Acolyte.  One quick wrench and Remy was off of the bed and both boys were rolling on the floor.  Yellow nails were scratching at Remy's face as Kurt aimed for the eyes of his sisters attacker.  In the background, Kurt could faintly hear Rogue screaming at him to stop, but that didn't phase him at all.  She obviously had no clue about the defilement that the Cajun had obviously been planning for who knows how long.

A strong pair of arms dislodged Kurt from Remy.  Mr. McCoy was dragging Kurt away rather effectively, while Scott had Remy by the arms pulling him into the hallway.  Remy wrenched himself out of Scott's grasp and turned back towards Rogue who had advanced to the doorway.  As he took his first step towards the girl, Kurt again saw red.


He landed on Remy's back, fingers lodged in the other boys hair, pulling as hard as he can.  Remy bent over suddenly, successfully flipping the younger boy off and as the other students filled the hallway the two teenagers faced off.

"Back off" Remy growled under his breath.

"Not a chance.  I saw what you were trying to do in there.  Do you think you're going to get away with it.?"

"You don't know what you saw.  Now back off, I don't want to hurt you."

"Gehen Sie zur Hölle." [2]


Kurt's tail was wrapped around Remy's neck and he was hanging down Remy's back.  Remy flailed his arms, trying to throw the boy off, but Kurt just squeezed his tail tighter and clamped his mouth down on the boys arm.

"vous m'avez mordu, vous petit baiseur!" [3]

Remy slammed backwards towards the closest wall, knocking Kurt off, and once again the two boys circled each other.  By now a crowd of students had filled the hallway, but by now, everyone was basically watching the events unfold as the two boys sparred. 

Remy smiled.  He opened his hand to reveal a single card, then threw it as hard as he could towards Kurt. 


Kurt was behind Remy again, wrapping his tail around Remy's legs, pulling the boy off his feet.  Kurt had just launched himself on top of Remy as a forcible explosion rocked the room.  Remy's card had landed a little too close to some of Dr. McCoy's chemicals, and a small fire ignited.

For the first time since the fight had began, all eyes were diverted from Remy and Kurt.  Indeed, even Remy and Kurt lost focus of each other for a few minutes as all eyes in the room slowly turned towards the fire, and then, by proxy, to John.

The boy stood there for a minute, stunned.

"Somebody put it out," Kitty screamed, as Bobby aimed his ice as fast as he could towards the flame.

"NOOOOOO!" John screamed, and like a Secret Service agent, took a dive in front of the offending watery substance to save his beloved.  As the ice hit John directly in the chest he reached his hand towards the beautiful waves or red, gold, yellow, blue, and his favorite…the hottest heat of the clear flame.  Then it was in his hands.  And giggling like a school girl John escaped from the room.  Well, not so much as escaped, but skipped through the path that had quickly opened up for him in the crowd.

This distraction was the only thing needed as Hank made one last grab for the brawling boys, this time removing Remy from the fight.  Kurt launched himself one more time towards the struggling boy, but was abruptly stopped mid-air.

The room quieted at the figure suspended, as the students looked slowly towards one another.  A small blonde figure walked through the crowd, a much larger one behind her.

"Весь американец - это очень как животные?" [4]



[1]  "Get your filthy hands off of my sister!"

[2]  "Go to Hell!"

[3]  "You bit me, you little Fucker!"

[4]  "Are all Americans this much like Animals?"