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Operation: Locate


Two damn years. Two years since he left, since those bullet holes were riveted in the ceiling of Bebop, never to be repaired. Two years since I last felt whole, two years since everything made some sense, and two years since my heart has been iced over.

I shiver as I walk down the half frozen sidewalk of downtown Callisto. I somehow got in my mind that the Bebop should park here, at least for the night…for old times sake. Now that I think about it, old times are things that should not be reminisced. I never really knew Gren, I feel like I did, but my God I only was with him for a night. God, if he only knew that he affected me in such ways that I thought left was right and down was up, but it felt wonderful at the same time scary. I felt things for him that were in a sense beyond respect or even liking, but not love. It was something else I felt, something else for him that cold night. I felt like I was wanted and he needed me, but I am after all, a bad judge of character.

Take care Gren…

I look in the window of a bar and look at my broken reflection; only half of it is shining back at me through smudged glass. My once illustrious emerald eyes, sparkling with spirit, are like hollow shells overcast with hidden sorrow. I owe it all to one man too, the one man screwed up everything, Spike. Who so deftly turned everything topsy-turvy and crushed me like a fallen cherry blossom on a cold spring night without even a sorry.

Spike loved Julia, his angel goddess; he may not have loved me. Hell I don't even know if I love me, but I know that a part of me died when he left me.

I half walk, half saunter, into the bar and have a seat on the last barstool. This bar, the Blue Crow, is one bar that no one will ask you anything about yourself, no matter how beat up or depressed you look. This city is filled with empty people, struggling to find the pieces of themselves they lost, or perhaps trying to find better pieces to find a better life. I wonder if anyone could ever find the pieces of themselves that are missing or hidden…

Spike how could you...

It could have never worked out between Spike and I, I guess, Spike did have his Julia, we could have never been happy, he loved her and I ever so secretly loathed them both for it. I could picture them together so happy and so in love, it makes me so envious it makes me want to…cry. Am I this selfish and pathetic; what has happened to me?

I snap out of my daydream and look about the bar surprisingly, not many men are in here. The last time I was here, there were at least four tables filled with people listening to Mr. Saxophone. Oh well, times have changed, I turn my attention to the bartender who is looking me over, it's not like I'm wearing anything bad, it's just my old heavy brown coat over my dark red halter top with tight jeans. Ok the shirt is a little low cut, but still, it's not like Jet or Ed really care.

I am still with Jet and Ed for that matter, they are all I have left really. The only things, beside my bounty, that prove that I am alive and that someone knows me. They are my footsteps in time and I value each one. Jet was never the same after Spike, we got closer and all, but something was tugging at him making him want to do something…find someone actually. He wanted to find Vicious.

Vicious the bounty that is worth about 20 million woolongs. It's hard to pass up no matter who it is. I try to grin at the sound of all the money I can blow, but money has lost some of its lustrous affect on me. I mean this guy I am chasing is not only for the money, but something he took from me and Jet.

"Hey there miss, what will you be having?" the bartender asks me in a gentle tone

"Scotch on the rocks." I know it's too early for hard liquor, it's only like seven but—

Oh God…he is here.

I cant believe I missed him come through the door! But he silently glides through the bar and sits down beside me, his face silhouetted by his cloak of silvery hair. He does not look like he did four years ago. He seems less of a threat and more like a ghost. He does not look like a cold blooded killer, he just looks emotionless and empty, but looks can be deceiving. I wonder what he is doing on Callisto.

"How do I know you?" His indifferent voice seemed to pierce through all the other empty noises and voices in the bar. His hollow steel blue eyes hold no reflection as I see them turn to me, like two different beings, his eyes and him. He looks at me with a gaze that is like Spike's in a way, but much more cold and foreboding, one I do not like at all, one that chills me to the bone.

"You don't remember the opera, and poor Mao?" I managed to sound angry and annoyed in spite of the fear in my mind. His steel eyes widen ever so slightly as he thinks before answering.

"…Valentine, Faye. Faye, oh now it all makes sense." His emotionless words shakily made its way from his mouth to my ears. The way he said my name made something inside of me sink, I don't know what or for what reason. I looked at him again, he had changed in the past time I had seen him, and if you think I could forget a man like Vicious' appearance you are dead wrong. The bags are gone from under his eyes, but they are replaced by a blanket of even more ice surrounding himself, creating a chilling, falsified aura. In spite of all the stoic masks he has created, I cannot look at him and say he does not look tragic.

"What else has to make sense? You killed him! you killed Spike and he is not coming back this time!" I almost cry to him, I tell him so heatedly, all the malice I have towards him, I hate him so much; he has taken the only thing in life I ever wanted, and he doesn't even care!

"He tried to kill me. He went after me. Do you think I was going to let him just kill me?" His dark voice masked flawlessly with indifference, his eyes secretly burned. He looks at me as if I am the crazy one, he killed Spike…he killed Julia…he killed Gren too!

"You deserve to die." I spit simply at him, hatred boils up inside of me like a whistling tea pot. He deserves death, after all he did, He killed Spike, he killed that Mao guy who Spike liked, and he even killed Julia. Jet and I found that out when her body was in the morgue along side Spike's, her death a Syndicate shooting. She looked so at peace, like she enjoyed death.

Vicious looked at me, his eyes looking at my eyes, usually I am used to people staring at certain 'curves' but not at my eyes. He didn't respond which scared me, he just turned again looked ahead of him as if he is trying to figure something out, as if he is searching for something he lost. He looks almost catastrophic, like a statue that has crumbled and no longer resembling what it once was. His silver hair draped around him like a field of dimmed stars, his eyes hollow, his skin pale from either lack of sunlight or lack of a heart.

Right when I was about pull out my gun and claim my bounty, I saw Vicious stand up and walk out of the bar, his long even strides kept hidden under his wings of black cloak. I wasn't going to let him get away, so I naturally follow him. It is freezing, the ice on the sidewalk makes it impossible to run. I barely can keep up with Vicious. He walked out into the navy blue night, only his hair, and his long katana sheath makes him distinguishable between other men walking around him. Callisto is such a depressing place, the dingy buildings tower over you, giving you a damn inferiority complex. You can see the stars though, they look like silver teardrops on face of sky. Everything here is broken, shop windows, sidewalks and streets, even the cars and people–

Something across the street catches my eye, a speeding, pristine, black sedan with tinted windows. That could only mean one thing, a Syndicate. Then I see Vicious almost jump and run and into an alleyway, followed closely by group of shady looking guys. This was weird, is Vicious running from these people? Vicious does not seem like the person to run from anything. Then I spot the emblem, Red Dragons.

I quicken my pace as I feel my trusty glock under my tight jeans. I see the Syndicate people get in their formation and cross in front of me to where Vicious had turned left into the dark alleyway. I am not going to let my bounty get away from me, Vicious is worth too much emotionally, and financially. Then I see what I believed to be some sort of dream, I duck low behind a trashcan and listen closely to the men hash it out with the all too cunning Vicious.

"So Vicious, have you made up your mind?" The leader of the idiot brigade asked in a confident voice.

"I will not go back." Vicious' voice cut through the gloomy night, his breath escaping his lips in small visible puffs. What can this be all about?

"Vicious, your brother will not like your decision." Vicious has a brother!! My god another Vicious? Is that possible for there to be two?

"Give my step brother this message 'Piss off'." Vicious' emotionless words were slurred with a slow hatred as I heard two guys fire gunshots toward his direction, they are going to kill my bounty.

Then I probably did the stupidest thing ever, I jumped from my hiding place and shot at the Syndicate members hitting two of them from behind, the other turned to look at me in amazement and irritation. They probably think I am with him or something absurd like that. Nope, I'm a bounty hunter and I am not backing down without a fight

"You, get out of here now!" Vicious' eyes burned as he jumped and kicked the Syndicate members who were firing at him. Why isn't Vicious killing them, it's much easier that way, with his smooth katana.

"No! I am not through with you yet!" He is going to be my bounty, I am going to turn him in, not for myself, but for Jet. I owe Jet and if I pull this off then I will feel much better about my self. I feel like I am useful. Besides I have a few questions I want to ask him.

Then, behind me a member, who I have let out of my sight, grabbed me by my velvet, violet hair and flung my head against the brick wall of the blue crow. I feel dizzy and nauseated; I am going to loose consciousness soon. I hear the voice of my attacker slur at Vicious, his silver hair shining, his steel eyes burning.

"Look what happens to your whore when you don't agree with the Syndicate." I feel so helpless as he takes his gun, presses the cold barrel at my stomach and fires. A wave of immense pain floods over me as I look at Vicious come at me before everything turns black.

-Here you are alone again-



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