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Summary: This is a story about a member of the Akatsuki terrorist group and their relationship with the members.

Rated PG-13 for: Violence, adult language, adult situations, suggestive content. Rating is expected to go up in later installments.

* * * * * *

We all know what happened four years ago when Uchiha Itachi, age thirteen at the time, slaughtered all but one of the Uchiha clan. From there, he disappeared until age seventeen, where the Naruto manga began.
But what happened in those four years...? Nothing was known or spoken of until my vivid imagination dreamed this up.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you "Zaigou".

* * * * * *

Small, dark clouds rolled through the night sky, blotting the stars from view. A chill breeze blew from the North, a sure sign of the approaching winter season. It was an unnaturally still night, the crickets and katydids forsaking their autumn serenades as if in respect for the vile act being committed in their mist. Only one sound broke the stifling stillness of the evening, piercing the air like shattering glass.

"Please, sir, have mercy!" cried the short, bald old man as he knelt on hands and knees at his attacker's feet. "I beseech thee, take what you want and leave me in peace!" The tiny man's voice came short and ragged from the pain already coursing through his veins. His small, beady, tear- filled eyes gazed up at his assailant pleadingly in hopes of reconciliation and pity, but brought him just the opposite. The strange marks surrounding the pupil of the attacker's eyes spun around rapidly, and the pitiful man was flung into a room of torture within himself. With a quick shudder, the victim fell face-forward into the dirt before him, his eyes rolling back in his head and a low gurgle rattling from his throat as his life was snuffed out like a candle.

"Pitiful," scoffed the dark character who stood before the still corpse, his voice low and icy. As if on cue, the cloud that had been drifting before the harvest moon disappeared, allowing ochre light to grace the earth's surface.

A tall teenager, his body encased by a flowing black cloak decorated sparingly with crimson clouds, towered over the silent body of the expired man. Silky, flowing onyx hair, pulled back in a low ponytail and secured by a gold ring, lashed lazily against the boy's back with the breeze. The dark bangs that framed his pallid face could not obscure the glint of his metal forehead protector, the symbol carved upon it being that of the Hidden Leaf Village, a slash through its center as proof of his deflection from the ninja base. Heavily-lashed Sharingan eyes glared out coldly and emotionlessly from beneath thin black brows, furrowed towards his forehead center in disgust and contempt. Twin scars graced his cheeks, following a path down the inside of his cheekbones and surrounding his small, pointed nose. A thin, almost lip-less mouth completed his features, its position currently in a prim, hateful frown.

This was the missing sage ninja, Uchiha Itachi. Wanted for the murder of the Hidden Leaf Village's most elite clan, the Uchiha, among a multitude of other things. The teenager, who looked to be about sixteen years along in his life, stood as a statue would for several moments, his expression of disgusted indifference never wavering.

"Kisame," he suddenly spoke, his frowning mouth opening slightly as the sound escaped his lips. For several silent seconds, the world seemed still. It was as if the boy had spoken to the passing wind, but the crunching of dried leaves announced his companion's arrival.

"Itachi-sama," said the man as he appeared. Pale blue skin and white hair immediately set off his shark-like appearance. Twin sets of gills graced his cheeks, along either side of his wide, straight nose. Red eyes, though unlike the other boy's, glowed from beneath his own forehead protector. The symbol of the Hidden Mist Village, so carefully engraved upon the metal, had been slashed through heartlessly as an act of contempt. A long black cloaked, adorned with crimson clouds as Itachi's, flowed in the breeze. A large sheathed sword donned the man's back.

"What do you want, Kisame?" Itachi hissed acidly to his assigned partner. 'I prefer to shed blood alone, you of all people should know that." The malice in the teenager's voice was unmistakable, and Kisame the shark-man inched back slightly.

"Orochimaru-sama is assembling all members for a very important meeting," Kisame replied, his voice grating and gruff in his throat, like the sound of barnacles being rubbed together. "He would appreciate it greatly if you came for once." Kisame could only widen his beady eyes in fear as, in an ebony blur, Itachi closed the teen-foot gap between them, drawing a kunai to Kisame's neck in the process.

"I did not ask for your cheek, shark man," hissed Itachi threateningly. Though the two partners were at the same skill level, it seemed as if planes of power separated them, Itachi's skills surpassing Kisame's own. The superiority in strength had given the teenager an attitude that could be only matched by a lord or daimyoh.

"Understood, Itachi-sama," Kisame gulped nervously. Itachi silently sheathed his kunai and withdrew from his comrade's jugular. "If Orochimaru wants us all to meet, it must be for a decent reason," Itachi mused aloud. "I suppose we should be making our way to the meeting place."

And with two silent streaks of black, two of the terrorist group known as the Ataktsuki- that supposedly consisted of only eight members- slipped away into the fabric of the night.

* * * * * *

In chapter two: Who is the mysterious new member of the Atatsuki?