Sakura O'Hara

Personality: Sweet and kind with a strong desire to please. She just wants to be loved, and taken care of.

Age: 15

Eyes: brown

Hair: brown hair


Author's note: At the beginning of the story she doesn't have a name as her parents never named her since they didn't want her. Okay that clear? Ok, good. ~*~ A Flower Without a Name Chapter 1

"Can My Life Get Any Worse?"

My life has always been terrible; my parents don't treat me well.  Who am I, you might ask.  I don't really know myself for my parents have never named me.  My parents have always been saying that they wished that I didn't exist, and I only wished to one-day find a place where I can truly belong.  Exactly where that place is I'm not sure yet.  I'm not sure whether my parents would keep me if they were offered something of value for me.  I better go downstairs or my mom, if that's what I'm supposed to call her, starts yelling at me.  I walked out of my room, which is more like a closet in my opinion, and went downstairs.  As I was coming downstairs the doorbell rang. 

I ran into my mom and she said angrily, "Well, don't be all day about it!  Answer the door, NOW!" 

I hurried to do what my mom had told me to, and I opened the door.  There was a man I didn't know standing there.

He asked me, "Is your parents at home?"

I replied, "Yes, they are."

My mom came to the door behind me, "Please come in."

"Thank you, ma'am."  He said as he entered.

Once he was inside, I closed the door.

My mom glared at me, "Go get some lemonade, NOW!"

I ran out of the room to do as I was told, and a few minutes later I returned with the lemonade.

As I returned with the lemonade my mother asked the man, "May I ask who you are?"

The man replied, "I'm Maxie, I heard that you had a daughter that you weren't fond of, so I had an offer to make to you about her."

My mother's face brightened, and I carried the tray of lemonade over to the table and set it down.

"What about her?"  My mother asked.

I started to leave, but my mom whirled around and said, "STAY!"

I turned around and stood near the wall.

Now Maxie asked, "So she's good at taking orders isn't she?"

"That she is."  My mother replied.

"I could take her off your hands if you'd like.  Of course I'd give you something in exchange for her."  Maxie said.

"What sort of something."  My mother asked excitedly.

"I was thinking of paying you $500,000 if you would give her to me."  Maxie replied.

I was shocked; I looked at my mom hoping that she wouldn't do what I thought she was going to do.

"Done, she's yours."  My mom replied.

"Thank you."  Maxie said.

Maxie reached into his pocket and pulled out his checkbook and handed my mom a check in the said amount.

My mom turned to me and said, "Come here."

I walked over to my mom.

Now Maxie asked, "Does she have a name?"

My mom replied, "No, she doesn't.  We never thought that it was important to give her one."

"Okay, I'll take her anyway."  Maxie said.

Maxie stood up and took my hand.

"I'll take good care of her, don't you worry."  Maxie said.

My mother said, "I don't doubt that.  If you tell her to do something she will obey.  She has a strong desire to please, and you can use that to your advantage if you want."

"I'll do that.  Now we must get going."  Maxie said.

Maxie led me over to the door, and opened it and took me outside.  My mother bade Maxie goodbye, and Maxie led me off towards the Team Magma hideout.