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Chapter 20

"A Time to Heal"

Several days passed, and in that timeframe, Sakura received both food and medicine from the doctor. Sakura appeared to be getting better, but she was still very weak. It seemed like Sakura was slowly beginning to conquer her illness and get better. At the moment, Sakura was alone in the infirmary, though the doctor had just recently left her and was due to return at any moment.

A moment or so later, the door to the infirmary opened and Archie entered and walked over to his little girl. Archie looked at his little girl and sighed, she just looked adorable while she was sleeping.

A few more minutes passed before Sakura stirred and woke up. Sakura opened her eyes and yawned and upon seeing her dad she asked, "Daddy?"

Archie smiled, "What is it, baby? Do you need anything?"

"Maybe some love if that isn't too much trouble…." Sakura replied looking at her dad.

Archie smiled at that before he said, "That's no trouble at all, I'm your dad so giving you that is what I'm here for along with making sure you're taken care of." Archie gently gathered his little girl into his arms and hugged her.

"Mmmm, daddy…. Thanks…." Sakura replied when she felt her dad hugging her.

Archie smiled, "It's no trouble, baby…. By the way, you look like you feel a little bit better, is that true?"

"A little bit." Sakura replied trying to sit up while looking at her dad.

"That's good." Archie said looking at his little girl. "You also look like you've recovered most of your strength, that to me is really good news. So how do you feel now?"

"I feel better like I said, I just wish that I could get better faster so I could do more of the things I enjoy rather than sleeping all the time…." Sakura told her dad with a sad sort of look in her eyes.

"Oh baby…." Archie moaned. "Don't worry, baby, you'll be better in no time, the doctor has done a great job and you look like you've recovered almost all of your strength. I'd think that you're nearly well…."

Just then the doctor entered, "That's right, she's nearly well. She's not well yet, but she is getting there. The fact that you got her to me so quickly when you found out that she had gotten sick is the main reason why she's gotten better so quickly. Due to this fact, I was able to immobilize her illness so that it couldn't spread anymore. I'd say that she might be able to go back to doing the things she enjoys within a week, maybe more, but I'm hoping she'll be better within a week.

"That's always a good thing…." Archie replied turning to look at the doctor.

"I'm just glad it wasn't more serious." The doctor began looking at Archie. "I mean if it had been then she would probably be here in this infirmary a lot longer that she would with her current illness.

"I'm glad I noticed it too." Archie began looking at his daughter. "I mean, I just found her and I would hate to lose her so soon after I just found her. That wouldn't be much fun to lose her before I could even begin to get to know her fully…."

Sakura smiled at her dad before she threw her arms around him and gave him a weak kind of hug. Her dad smiled and hugged her back.

The week passed rather quickly, and as it turned out, the doctor had been right when he had estimated her remaining stay in the infirmary for about a week. It was at this time that Sakura was released from the care of the doctor so she could go about her normal life without the ever-constant presence of needles and medicine everywhere she looked. Sakura knew they were important, but she personally didn't like them for some reason.

Shortly after Sakura had been released from the infirmary, Archie called his daughter to him and said, "Baby, I'm sending Thomas and his group out on a field mission and I want you to go along with Thomas. There is only so much you can learn within the walls of the base, the rest of which you'll have to learn out in the open with Thomas. He will teach you all of the things you need to know to become a successful agent in this team. I want you to listen to him, and do what he says. This is critical, Thomas will be keeping a close eye on you since you're still a beginner trainer. There is the possibility that you will see Team Magma members, but Thomas will make sure that nothing will happen to you. This is the best way for you to get hands on experience, and I'm sure you'll prefer that to the monotonous training day in day out in the training hall. Do you understand?"

"I understand, dad, I'll do what Thomas asks of me when you send me out with him even though I'm a little nervous and afraid of the possibility of seeing Team Magma members again…." Sakura replied looking at her dad with a slightly frightened expression on her face.

"You'll be fine, Thomas won't let anything happen to you, and even if it does he won't leave you to fend for yourself. He'll find someway to help you even if it endangers himself to do so. Now, I want you to go collect your things and then go find Thomas to leave with him. Go on…. And one more thing, remember that I love you, and that no matter what happens, I will always love you even if you fail."

Sakura nodded and reluctantly turned away to leave her dad, it was apparent that she didn't want to leave her new dad. However, she knew that she had to and that her dad thought that this would further her career as a pokemon trainer and would make her a better Team Aqua agent when it was all said and done. With this in mind, Sakura went to collect her things before she went to find Thomas to leave with him. Sakura found Thomas and went over to him. Thomas smiled and gently took her hand and led her out of the base along with the rest of the other members of his group. Sakura merely hoped that everything would go as it was supposed to and that nothing out of the ordinary would happen when she went out with Thomas. With these thoughts in mind, Sakura walked with Thomas and the rest of his group as they left the safety of the Team Aqua base to go out on the field mission that Archie had assigned them.