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Chapter 4: Life as a Master

May groaned as she pulled herself up off the ground. She had slept on the wood floor in her sleeping bag all night and was feeling the effects of such a decision on her back as she tried to get out of the bag. She arched her back, feeling it pop four or five times before it felt better and even then, not much better. "I think I like the grass better." May muttered to herself as she finally managed to get up and walk around. "I guess I should go see how Ash and Max are doing." She said to herself as she walked to another corner where she'd placed her new backpack. She was also surprised that neither Ash nor Max had even noticed it throughout the entire trip.

She opened the door to her room and abruptly dropped her new backpack. There was a huge table in the middle of the room, made out of fine quality Cianwood material. There were also lamps on both corners and she could see black wires attached to the roof. Following the cables she spotted a large black box with a small red line, saying whatever it was, was full, there was also a switch labeled ON/OFF.

She took another look around the room and spotted Ash, asleep on a chair with his chin resting on his chest. She would have thought he was just sitting there but the light snoring said otherwise. She then noticed pikachu asleep on Ash's lap, curled up in a tight yellow ball.

One of Pikachu's ears twitched in her direction. Then it sprang into a surprised May's arms. "Pi! Pi pikachu!" it squeaked.

"Good morning to you too." She said to Pikachu, patting its head.

Ash was now wide awake, after having Pikachu jump off his lap. Pikachu was rather happy to see May. It surprised him how much though.

"Man. I slept in way too long." Ash groaned as he got up. "Pikachu, go heat up the stove and start making the pancake mix." Ash told Pikachu before walking into his room to get changed.

May sat at the table and watched with amazement as Pikachu turned on the computer and beamed in all the materials for pancake mix. Then it scampered over to the table where it grabbed a small tray, ran back to the materials, loaded everything onto the tray before running back to the table while balancing the tray on it's head.

Pikachu hopped onto the table, still balancing the tray. She unloaded the materials before jumping off the table and scampered over to the area in front of the stove, holding herself up on her tail to gain extra height (remember the Lt. Surge episode), she used thunder shock on a small black box beside the stove. She then plugged the black box, which May now assumed was a battery, into the side of the stove. The stove came to life and started heating the frying pan Pikachu placed on it. She then jumped back onto the table and started pouring some of the ingredients into a bowl before picking up a large spoon and stirring the concoction.

Ash then came out and noticed two things at once. One was that pikachu was sitting on the table, with a spoon that was almost as big as she was, stirring something in a large bowl. The other was May looking at Pikachu as if its fur had turned pink again (the pink tree stuff from the Orange Islands), it had grown a second tail and had sprouted an extra three eyes. To say she was gawking put it lightly.

"Ash!? When did Pikachu learn how to cook?!" May whispered to him after he sat down across from her on the table.

"Actually, around two years ago. It watched Brock enough that when she was hungry, she just made her own poke food out of the same materials Brock used. From there, she's made tons of stuff, but mainly stuff that lets her use her electrical powers since it givers her a sense of self self- sufficiency. Cooking must be a girl thing that counts for pokemon too." Ash told her as he walked up to Pikachu and looked at the contents of the bowl. "She's gotten better too. Thank god she didn't learn from my cooking skills or there'd be a lot of dead people around."

"That bad?" May whispered to the electric rodent.

"Pika. Chu pi pika!" Pikachu replied, looking scared at the thought of Ash's cooking.

May might not have been able to understand Pikachu like Ash could, but it didn't take much to notice that was a YES!

Pikachu heaved the giant bowl over to the stove and used the spoon to scoop the batter into the frying pan.

May and Ash just sat there watching. What else was there to do?


After cleaning up all the dishes, Ash went back into his room. It was then that Max finally woke up and came into the main room.

"*YYYAAAAWWWWNNNNNN* what time is it?" Max muttered just as Ash came out of his room. He was now wearing long baggy black pants that were tucked into black boots that went up to about mid-shin on his leg, tied with black straps attached with silver buckles. He also wore a black short-sleeved shirt that showed his well defined arm and chest muscles. Following behind him was a black cloak that was snapped together over his left shoulder (If any of you have seen G Gundam, think about Domon's cloak, only black, not red). Once he stopped in front of them the cloak stopped tailing after him and rested completely around his body, completely hiding his body.

"WWWAAAAAAA!!!! ASH?!" Max and May both yelled at the same time.

"Do I really look that bad?" Ash asked them. "This is the first time anyone has ever seen me in my master's uniform besides my pokemon."

"No, it's just, well, what's with the black?" Max asked him.

"Well, each master goes to Sabrina who assigns them an element that suits their nature. For some odd reason, I got the dark type. So my master uniform is completely black." Ash explained.

"Who's Sabrina?" May asked him.

"She's a gym leader in Kanto region. She's a psychic." Ash told them.

"So what are you doing today?" May asked him.

"I was thinking of going out into the woods and doing a bit of meditation so you two can either come along or do something around here."

"Oh. I guess I'll come along." May said.

"Count me in!" Max said at the same time as May.

"Good. Let's go." Ash told them as he opened the door to the cabin, inviting them outside. "We've got another trip ahead of us, just not walking this time. To Littleroot town."

"How are we going? Do you mean flying? We can't all ride on your Pidgeot. I think you're losing it Ash." Max told him.

"Nope. We're teleporting." Ash then pulled a pokeball off his belt. "GO! ESPEON!"

The cat-like psychic pokemon appeared in a flash of white light. "Espeon, teleport us to Littleroot Town."

The three trainers and two pokemon were instantly transported to the forest edge of Littleroot Town.

Ash recalled Espeon back into its pokeball. "Come on. We have the rest of the day of meditation and rest, then on to the more serious training. This is just to 'gather our minds' as Lance calls it."

The three of them walked until they reached he ocean. Then it was more walking along the edge of the sea until they came to a small cave with a waterfall covering around half the entrance.

Ash was about to walk in when a small piece of paper blew into his face. Quickly peeling it off, he was about to throw it away until he noticed it had something to do with pokemon. It was a sign for a competition. Apparently a group had made a challenge of a prize of 3 million points to whoever could catch and return a legendary pokemon. "What the?!" Ash then noticed the red 'R' on the bottom corner of the page. So Team Rocket was involved. Apparently Team Rocket, Magma and Aqua had thought of a decent plan. This would make just around every trainer in the world go out searching for the legendaries. Then they'd all be turned into the three teams and then all hell would break loose.

"I think I'm going to need that meditation more than anything right now." Ash muttered as he walked into the cave, his cloak trailing after him.

He would spend three days there, only leaving to eat and sleep. Then he would begin his training.


One Week Later


Ash sighed as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. So far he'd been training himself to get as much exercise as he could. May and Max were training their pokemon while Ash's pokemon, excluding pikachu, had left the camp to train on their own as long as they were back by eight each night. So far, he'd meditated the first three days; Max and May barely lasted one and left that night to sleep in the pokemon center.

He noticed that pikachu seemed a bit distracted. It seemed so cautious and careful, as if trying not to give the impression that it was worried.

Something was wrong. Very, very wrong. That much Ash knew; and he had a feeling that it had something to do with the three teams and their competition. He'd only seem Pikachu like this once before, and that was before the legendary bird's incident.


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