Summary: A girl just joined a gang of card stealers called the Ghouls but there's one problem. Only males are allowed to join. Can she pretend to be a guy enough to get close to the cold-hearted leader of the group or will she be found out? MalikXoc

A/N: I noticed that all the rarehunters are male so I decided to do a story about a female rarehunter but one that's slightly different from other Malik/OC fics. Nobody knows that my oc is a girl except for Rishid.

Prolouge (Journal Entry)

Dear Journal,

Today was a very interesting day. First, I woke up in a desert in the middle of nowhere. Although, I was lucky enough to stumble upon some kind of marketplace. I was feeling relieved that I wasn't completely alone in this place but I felt scared of all these strangely dressed people. I stood out like a sore thumb. I was wearing tattered clothing which were a long- sleeved shirt and a long skirt while the others wear practically all white dresses. Some of them had funny looking headwear on. But I don't recall ever being in this country. Do I live here or something? If I do, then how come I don't know my way around? Maybe I was visiting this place and I'm currently staying in a hotel. All kinds of questions and assumptions ran through my head. But one question remained the most important one of all. Who was I?

After realizing that I had no memory at all, I started to weep and collapsed to the ground on my knees. People started to gather around me and I could hear their concerned mutterings. I couldn't understand a thing they were saying but by the one of their voices, I could tell they were either pitying me or saying dirty comments about me. I didn't care though, I didn't care about anything except regaining my memories things about my life and going home to my family. IF I had anyone at all.

Then I heard a deep voice and felt a hand on my shoulder. "Stop crying, young lady. Crying will not help to solve any problems you have." it said. I looked up and saw a bald man but he had a ponytail on the top of his head. He pulled me up and walked with me while I explained to him about my situation. I was lucky he spoke my language. I know it's foolish of me to trust a complete stranger but since I didn't have anyone right now. I couldn't be too picky, could I?

I found out his name was Rishid. I asked him about his strange choice of clothing which was a deep violet cloak. It was then that he told me of the organization he's in. He told me that if I joined, I could have anything I want if I did everything the leader says. His exact words got stuck in my head. " If you joined the Ghouls, you shall get anything you desire." It was too good to be true but I was desperate. So my answer was....

"Yes, I want to join this organization."

"Good. You won't regret it but there's only one problem..."

A/N: okay, so Rishid is really out of character. Sorry I tried to do the best I can. I just don't know much about him. Also, if you liked this so far, send in a review. If you hated it, then don't.