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Da'tou's Story
The Rescue
Chapter One

Somewhere in the Amazon....

Da'tou jumped over a log, her heavy breathing and pounding heart feeding an abundant amount of adrenalin and oxygen into her body making her faster and faster, almost to the point of being unstoppable. Gracefully jumping over another large log then leaped over a six-foot ditch with little effort desperately trying to elude the man who was after her.

If she were just another human female she surely would have been captured 20 minutes ago, when this chase started, but she wasn't, she really didn't know what she was. Her Mother had told her many years ago what her species were called, when she was a child but now had forgotten everything she was taught from her Mother after she died; her own people's language, except for a few simple phrased words, her lineage and history, what her species was named, and dreadfully, her own Mother's name. But Da'tou didn't let that get her down, now these days she hardly thought about her past but thought of the next day, of ways to help out the town she had been living in since she was born, pretty much was more occupied with living.

She wore human clothes now: old sandals that were beginning to tear. An old, torn and stained pair of shorts cut to the knees that tightly fitted around her muscled thighs and thick waist, the same went for the white T-shirt she wore. Due to her immense height and large frame it was very hard for her to find clothes she could comfortably fit into without tearing them if she flexed a muscle but it was easy to find clothes fit for a person that was 6 foot nine. Though she didn't always dress like this, once when she was younger she did wear clothes that her Mother wore, clothes that she had noticed none of the townsfolk wore, but as usual, after the death everything just seemed to disappear for Da'tou, even those clothes they both were and all the strange equipment her Mother wore. Da'tou came into a clearing but wasn't paying much attention to the destination in front of her until she almost fell off, swinging her arms in circles trying to keep her balance from falling off the edge. Down below was a small stream surrounded by rocky ground almost completely covered by trees. Spinning around at the sound of pounding foot steps behind her.

"I got you now monster." The man said as he lifted his rifle and fired it.

One by one Da'tou's body was impounded by the bullets from the man's rifle, screeching loudly with each bullet that hit her. The bullets didn't penetrate deep into her body due to her tough skin, but from so many, the speed and how hot they were were enough to make her scream. Her eyes widening in terror when she turned her head and seen she was falling off the edge, but then, something grabbed her leg. Letting out another screech when her body hit the side of the rock and strained her neck to look up.

There, holding her ankle and trying to fight off the man who was beating her rescuer with the butt of his rifle was, her, well it really wasn't but another of her species, whatever it might be, only the mysterious person was dressed in full out battle armor, high tech looking battle armor. The man now intent on pushing her rescuer off the edge with the hand still attached to her ankle. Another second later Da'tou found herself falling down then felt herself embraced in the persons arm's, her back was to his or else her chest making the person be the first to hit the ground which would soften Da'tou's impact. The weightless feel of her body and the fact that all the blood had rushed to her head when she was hanging upside down had caused her to blackout. Though before all her senses shut down, she heard tree limbs snapping, then painful grunts and screams but none of them was coming from her and that's when she felt the tree branches scrap against her skin and the painful jarring from the sudden impact. Then, her senses shut down and she completely blacked out.

Mister Conwell looked down the plummet and began cursing out loud, he couldn't see the two through the thick trees but still had to go down and check to see if they were both dead, especially the one known as Da'tou, his target. The problem was it would take about a day and half walk to actually get down there, hefting his 590 Al Mossberg and turned around walking back to the camp site.