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Warning! This chapter holds extreme blood and gore.

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Chapter Twenty: An End to the End

Da'tou's small beady eyes grew wide with fear, fear that this would be her last moment. Time came to a sudden stand still, everything that was suppose to happen in seconds happened in minutes. She watched as Mayara holstered the double-barreled shotgun, placed it firmly to his right shoulder, aligned the bead to her. For her head. He held his breath, his body not moving, his muscles tensed, trigger finger moved, it squeezed.

Looking into Mayara's cold eyes, she seen no remorse in them for what he was about to do. No remorse for the adopted daughter he had known and raised since she was a small child. What she seen, the person, she did not know. Like her, she and Mayara were two completely different people now. And that's when her entire life flashed before her eyes. The Father she was knew, gone. Her Mother, gone. Her brothers and sisters, gone. The wise woman, gone. Gr'it-in, gone. The pack, gone. Xingasa, the jungle, the world, everything, gone.

Finally, the trigger was pulled. But there was a sudden flash. Something blue hitting Mayara on his left shoulder and exploded in blue sparks knocking him to the side in a yell as his weapon was discharged.

The loud bang rang in her ears like a cannon going off. Her ears rung in pain and something caught the left side of her face, something hot and painful. A fragment of whatever it was zipping across her left eye missing the surface by only centimeters and lodge into the cartilage of the eye socket on the opposite side. She was somehow able to let out a high pitched piercing howl before her entire world turned black and stopped.

Da'tou found herself waking up, like she had been sleeping. Or, she really had been sleeping. Her thoughts scattered, not having any idea what was going on, she felt herself being shaken. Familiar smells filled her senses. And after that, pain filled her. Hot pain on the left side of her face and chest that made her scream.

"Da'dtou-di." The familiar voice called out, pushing through the ringing in her ears.

Forcing her eyes to open through all the pain in them but found only one could open. The other, her left, seemed to be swollen shut. "Gr'it-in." She groaned painfully in Arawakan. She may have known some of the Yautjan language now, but it was still instinct to speak human words.

"Yes, Da'dtou-di. I'm here." Her mate's voice replied in Arawakan.

"What happened?"

"The discharged missed your head by inches, it may take several minutes for your memory to return."

She found her body to be shaking and it wasn't from fear, but shock. Her body must have gone through something so severe that it would react like this.

In a snap suddenly, that's when everything came flooding back. She remembered. Angered filled her and with a growl, she ordered, "Help me, Gr'it-in. Help me to my feet."

Not arguing, she felt his large hands wrap under her arm pits and lifted her to her feet. Pain rippled through her chest, spreading and pulling at her torn muscles. Her face feeling the same. She howled loudly as he lifted her but didn't tell him to stop. She knew that had this point, she would need help moving. Once on her feet, a terrible headache emerged, it made her dizzy and her forehead suddenly became unbearably hot, the dizziness dropped to her stomach and her stomach churned because of it, the uneasy feeling upsetting the contents of her stomach and felt like she was about to throw up at any moment.

She looked ahead and seen Mayara laying at the other end of the porch. Inhaling in fear when seeing he was not moving. Fearing the worst, that he could already be dead.

"Do not worry, Da'dtou-di. He is only stunned." Gr'it-in comforted.

Da'tou was able to breath, her body relaxing in his grip. She was worried that he had died under someone elses hand.

It seemed apparent to Gr'it-in that he knew what had to be done when he began helping Da'tou walk to Mayara. At the other end of the porch now, she looked down and seen his eyes opened but was still not moving. He must have been in more shock than she was. Charred flesh filled her senses and seen the burned flesh on his still smoking left shoulder.

"Mayara." Her voice called out to him.

There was no response.

"Mayara!" Kicking his foot with hers.

There was a hoarse cough from him, his legs and arms moved. He looked up to her.

"Mayara, you missed."

Dismay filled his face and laid his head back onto the ground coughing some more.

Pulling herself from Gr'it-in, forcing him to release her. It was apparent now that both of them, she and Mayara, were weakened, but looked liked Da'tou actual had the upper hand in the matter despite her injuries. She stumble forward and fell to her knees. It most likely was his old age that kept him where he laid. Wrapping her right arm around the post of the porch to keep herself elevated and looming over Mayara, she rolled him onto his back, his side rolling onto her feet they were so close to each other.

Mayara more coherent now, he looked to Da'tou and mumble something, but she couldn't understand what was said. Then she lifted right hand, her fingers formed together into a point, aimed for his stomach.

"Wait." Mayara groaned.

Not moving, she looked to him.

"Don't." He said.

Her top mandible lifted into a smirk, "You should have thought about that years ago." Then her right hand shot down puncturing the skin of his stomach.

Mayara jumped forward in a piercing scream, his hands instantly wrapping around her hand as she drove it further into his soft belly. The further her fingers drove in the louder his screams became, eventually reaching the point where he was screaming in agonizing shrills.

Her fingers pushed passed his warm intestines and wiggled through the large fleshy mass. The tips of her talons cutting the flesh as she did so. She was looking for a part of the intestines that she could grab, something that wouldn't kill him right away. It had to be a certain section of it. Down passed her wrist now, the slushing sounds of her hand pushing through him filled her ears as did more of his screams. His body convulsing beneath her. Legs kicking out and arms wiggling about it. His breathing had become irregular. She had to admit it, this was something she had looked forward for years, and it felt wondrous to hear and see him in pain.

Finding what she wanted, she pinched the fleshy worm-like mass between her thumb and index finger separating it. At that moment, Mayara let out a high-pitched screech that echoed throughout the town and walls of the nearby jungle. She pulled and out came her blood drenched right hand with the end of an intestine attached to it. The rest leading into his still breathing body. But it wouldn't be that way for much longer.

She pulled on the intestine, pulling more of it out. "You know, Mayara. You and I are different people now. I am not the person you once knew and you are not the person I had known many years ago. But something caught my attention, something that I realized, something that I want you to know. You have been trying to kill me for so many years. So many years that you tried and tried. I just wanted you to know, that you succeeded. All those years ago, the person that I was, Da'tou, she died a long time ago. You killed her. But the being before you is not a person, she is a monster, she is Da'dtou-di. You created her. You breathed life into her. And it is she who will avenge the death of Da'tou!"

Blood spewed from Mayara's mouth in a hoarse cough. He wiggled then squirmed. Then he stopped, his breathing came to stop and the light that was in his eyes dimmed.

He was dead.

Dropping the dead piece of meat, the fully born Da'dtou-di slung her body around using her right arm that was still clasped onto the post and placed her back onto that very post.. Her body slouched, she groaned tiredly, noticing the crowd of people surrounding the house but none had attempted in stepping forward from the pack of Yautja that stood between she and the crowd. One face she was able to pick out quickly. The face looked liked it had been sobbing for hours. It was Da'tou's adopted Mother. "I'm sorry, Usi-diu, but he had to die, to avenge the death of Da'tou."

With sorrow in Da'dtou-di's heavy eye. She watched as Usi-diu turned around, ran and disappeared into the stunned and shocked crowd, crying.

Gr'it-in stepping forward and kneeling down. He asked. "Is the child, Da'tou, no more?"

Da'dtou-di answered with a silent and slow nod. "I hope I did not keep the pack waiting too long."

Gr'it-in chuckled shortly. "No. Not at all."

A continuos ringing sound caught their attention suddenly. It was the ringing of a phone that was coming from Mayara.

"Find that device, Gr'it-in."

Doing as he told, without question, he began inspecting Mayara's body. And it was moments later when he pulled out a tiny Cell Phone. So small it could fit in the palm of his hand. Handing it to Da'dtou-di, she answered it.

"Hello." Her voice heavy and stern.

"My, my, you do have some strength. Too bad I couldn't keep you." A steady and calm man's voice answered in nearly perfect Arawakan.

Her eyes narrowed in anger. "Just who in the hell are you? What do you want with me?"

"They call me "Boss" my dear. And I was hoping to have you as my own personal pet, but it looks like I won't be getting my wish this year."

She didn't like those last two words. The lunatic on the other end of the line made it sound as if he was going to try all of this again.

"Just for your information, I'm leaving Xingasa. You'll never be able to find me again. So you might as well not even come back to this place."

"Well that can be your little secret my dear, I know that you and little pack of friends will be leaving this planet shortly."

Stunned, she didn't know what to say. How did this guy know all this?

"From your posture, you seem shocked at how much I know about the Predators."

Now she was scared and looked around the crowd. Where was he? Was he in the crowd somewhere?

"No." The voice said. "I'm not in the crowd."

She stopped looking in the crowd.

"Look up." He commanded.

Curious, she looked up. There was nothing but sky.

"You should do something about that wound on the side of your face, it could leave a nasty scar."

Hissing in disgust, Da'dtou-di threw the phone from her ear like it was diseased. The tiny device hitting the ground with such force that it shattered into tiny pieces. The movement of her throwing the phone caused her pains to rise and again and began fighting to keep herself from screaming of it. That little bit of movement seemed to burn what energy she had left and felt like she would pass out at any moment now. Her head burning up, chest in pain and feeling like she was going to throw up.

"Da'dtou-di, what's wrong?" Asked Gr'it-in.

"We're being watched, from above. Plus I don't feel so good either."

Seeming curious as well, Gr'it-in too looked up to the sky then lowered his head in a hiss. "The Humans have satellites in space capable of viewing everything that happens on the surface."

Baffled, "The Humans really do have such technology?"

"Yes, but you were never aware of it from never leaving the jungle. You would be surprised at the amount of technology surrounding this jungle."

There was a gurgle from Kra'-tos, "We have been here long enough."

She was able to understand that clearly, so she looked to Gr'it-in. Her mate on his knees before her and spoke to him in a gasp and wince in Arawakan. "I'm sorry, Gr'it-in, but you'll have to carry me."

He nodded to her. "I understand, you have been through much."

"What about my Mother's things?"

"Kra'-tos knows where they are, he will gather them. Part of the plan was to get you to the ship as quick as possible. The sooner you're on there the faster we can leave." With that said, Gr'it-in scooped her into his big arms and stood to his feet.

The slight movement and gravity having sent a slight jolt through her body causing her to scream. Despite her pains, she was still able to gradually fall asleep as Gr'it-in took her into the jungle, heading in the direction of their ship. Wherever it was.

Then, for the first time in a long time, Da'dtou-di was able to sleep peacefully.