A/N: I wrote this fic a number of years ago, I had to take a long hiatus from writing fanfiction but I've decided to continue this fic as it is one I am most proud of. But it was in need of some major editing which I have done. I've also matured in my writing since I first uploaded this story, I hope that is evident in this.

I will repeat something I included in the first upload of this. I have been a fan of Highlander since I was a little kid, both the first movie and the series, I know the rules set down by Highlander and with this fic I broke one of the cardinal rules: Immortals cannot have children, but in this fic I gave Duncan MacLeod a son, this is after all the son's story, Aaron MacLeod's story. Aaron is my addition to the Highlander world and his story and background will be explained as the fic progresses. I will replace the first four chapters tonight 8/14 and continue to replace the other chapters regularly as I edit them to my satisfaction. I hope everyone enjoys this relaunch as much as the original. Thank you everyone for giving this story a chance.

What if everything you knew turned out to be different then you'd been brought up believing. A sudden change in life has you seeing the world in a different manor. After all death is supposed to be the last great adventure….or is it?

1646 Scottish Highlands

Duncan MacLeod was beginning to worry, his son Aaron had been gone for quite a while. He knew he shouldn't worry, Aaron was twelve going onto thirteen nearly a man himself in a few years and Duncan had taught him well. Still that didn't stop a father from worrying about his son, especially his only son.

He shifted the cooling embers of the fire and thought back twelve years when he had learned of Aaron's birth, it had been one of the happiest moments in his life. Aaron's mother had died soon after his birth and since then Aaron and Duncan had been traveling together, a strong bond between them that could not be severed.

Duncan glanced up at the sky, he'd give him until dusk, then he'd go find him, Aaron was a smart lad, he couldn't get into to much trouble.

Miles away hiding behind a pile of stones knelt Aaron MacLeod with two boys he had joined up with earlier in the day, Wallace and Dylan.

"Shh, ye see them?" Wallace asked nudging Aaron in the shoulder.


"English," Dylan said

"They're always comin in 'ere, actin like it be their own land."

"That land they've got their fort on? That land belong to me father, been our land fer generations…One day English show up and tell me father we 'ave to leave, the land be property of the King." Wallace spit on the ground after saying king "me father? 'e refused…sent me mother, me little brothers and sisters and I away. 'im and me older brother stayed and tried to fight. Put up a good fight to, but the soldiers got 'em in the end." Aaron stared at his friend in shock "aye tis the truth after they killed 'em. Bastards let me father and brother's corpses 'ang off that tree over there. That be where they 'ang any Scot who picks a fight with them…either they 'ang ya or they jus' leave ya 'anging there by yer 'ands, teach ya a lesson, and to warn everyone else." Frowning Aaron picked up a good size rock, tossed it a bit and caught it in his hand.

"Ever try givin them a piece of what they be givin out?" he said with a grin, the boys looked at each other

"Nay, but yer welcome to go,"

"Aye I think I will,"

"You're trespassing on private property lads, move along." One of the soldiers said, they had seen Wallace and Dylan, but hadn't seen Aaron, he waited until he was sure they were close enough where he could hit them, when they were he let the rock fly it hit one of the soldiers in the arm causing him to drop his gun.

"Take that ya 'orses arse!"

"That was a good toss,"

"Thank ye," Aaron said grinning wide, his grin soon faded when he saw the soldiers heading their way. "Ach damn," Aaron muttered under his breath, as the soldiers took aim with their gun. Aaron turned to run, everything seemed to be in slow motion. He heard the shot and felt the heat and pain penetrate his back and into his chest, he looked down and saw blood staining his white shirt. He hit the ground hard in shock and tried to get up and run, but every time he got to his feet he fell to the ground again.

"Little bastard," Aaron looked up and saw the soldier he had hit standing over him. He grabbed Aaron by the back of his neck and dragged him to the tree that Aaron's friend had pointed out. "You Scots are going to learn one way or another to respect his majesties soldiers." The soldier said tying a rope around one of Aaron's small wrists.

His partner lifted Aaron up and he flung the rope over the tree and tied the end to Aaron's other wrist and left the boy to hang there. Aaron tried not to show the pain on his face, but it hurt so much, the wound in his back soaked his shirt with blood causing it to stick to his wound. The blood on the front of the shirt was hiding the wound in his chest from where the bullet had exited and he felt the rope cutting into his wrists.

Aaron wished for his father, he couldn't help the tears that ran down his face, from the pain, from the fear, from the… slowly and silently Aaron began to pray to whatever god was listening, begging for death to come faster as he felt himself grow faint before all went dark and the pain was gone.