"Hi Jaime," Landon states, "sorry I'm so late, but I've been out walk. I've been trying to find a way to tell you, but I think you all ready know." Landon runs a hand through his hair unsure of how else to continue you this conversation. "I've never wanted to hurt you, because I still love you so much. But things aren't like they used to be, it's time for letting go. You have to understand that I wasn't out there looking for someone else, the opposite, I never wanted someone else, but a month ago last Sunday, I met someone just like you when I was in line at the grocery store buying that tea you love so much." Landon let's his thoughts wander to Tanya. "We've been spending a lot of time together, I've told her all about you." Landon takes a deep breath before continuing, "but, you see, the truth is she can give me what you can't anymore. When I think back to when we met in high school I never thought I would see this day when I would have to let you go. Everyday I wish I could just take history and rewrite it so that our story wouldn't end this way. It helps me so much that we can have these moments, but it looks like it might rain soon and it's getting kind of late." Landon fiddles with the white roses in his hands, "I'll always bring you roses whenever I come to visit, that's not going to change. But the caretakers waving, he wants to close the gates. I'll be back, I promise just because I have Tanya now doesn't mean I'm going to stop visiting you. I just want you to remember that I'll always love you no matter what, but I really should get going now. I love you." And with those words Landon gently places the roses on the grave and walks back toward his car.