Still Enough


Run, to where

The smallest ray of light

Will never find you

Gohan sat in the northwest corner of his room.  His back was against the wall and the demi-Saiyan had his head in his hands.  His body shook violently.  It had been for the past several hours.  No one took notice to it other then himself though.  His mother thought he was preparing for his trigonometry test that was next week and his little brother was outside chasing after various species of insect.

            His body continued to shake, as the pain in his body grew more intense.  Gohan's entire body was sweating as well.  He had taken his shirt off for he felt like he was going to burn from the inside out.  However, just as fast as the pain and shaking had occurred, it suddenly stopped.

            Gohan lifted his head from his hands slowly, breathing heavily.  Warily, he looked down at his body to see if he could spot what was causing his body to erupt in shakes.  Everything appeared normal, except the brown, furry appendage that waved back and forth.  Gohan stared down at his new grown tail in shock.  "Why the hell did you come back?"  Gohan asked his tail with a hiss.

            The tail answered Gohan by wrapping itself around Gohan's waist casually.  Gohan shook his head before slowly getting up from his spot on the floor in the corner.  He put his shirt back on quickly, all the while making sure that it covered up the tail.  Gohan then went over and sat down on the side of his bed.  He sighed and rubbed his temples, distressed.  What the hell was happening to him?

            It all seemed to have started three weeks earlier.  Gohan had been with his girlfriend Videl.  They had just gotten out of the movies.  As soon as Gohan walked outside his body began to quiver slightly.  He tried to ignore it, but it just wouldn't stop.  Videl noticed by now and asked him if he was cold.  Gohan answered that he wasn't.  The night air was fairly warm for the time of year.  Videl further questioned him and he told her that it would go away.  It did, after a couple of minutes, but since then the time of the shakes and quivers had become longer, more consistent, and more painful.  Gohan didn't know what was wrong or what was happening to him, but he had to see someone who could tell him. 

Gohan got up off of his bed and walked down the stairs to the living room.  He proceeded to the closet where he then reached in and took out his coat that had been hanging neatly on its hanger.  Gohan then closed the door and put on the coat.  He was about to leave only to be stopped by her.

"Where do you think you're going young man?"  Chichi asked as she folded her arms over her chest.

Gohan took his hand off the doorknob and slowly turned around to face his mother.  "I was just going to go for a little stroll before going back to my studies mom.  I just wanted to get some fresh air," Gohan said as he put on a big smile so his mother wouldn't easily see through his lie.

Chichi's eyes moved up and down as she examined her eldest son's posture from head to toe, trying to find any flaw.  "I wasn't born under a rock yesterday, Gohan.  What's really on my boy's mind?"  Chichi asked sternly.

Gohan sighed.  "Please mom.  Can I just have an hour?  I need to take a breather."

"Half an hour."

"Forty-five minutes," Gohan compromised.

Chichi was silent as she thought about Gohan's proposal.  "Fine, forty-five minutes, but a minute late and you'll regret it."

"Yes mom, and thank you."  Gohan said.

He then kissed his mother on the forehead before opening the door.  Gohan then took off into the air on his way to Capsule Corp.  Chichi watched through the open door as he son flew off.  "That boy," Chichi said as she smiled before shutting the door.

Gohan was on his way to learning the truth about his mysterious illness.  However, it wasn't an illness.

Run, to where

You will not need To shield your eyes

- Disturbed

AN:  Hey everyone!  Sorry I've been gone awhile.  I've been working on my first B/V called "Mistresses of Burden".  Anywho just couldn't stay away from G/V that long.  I hope everyone liked the prologue, sorry its short, but there will be more to come.  I have to give a very big thank you to Goku's Daughter for helping me edit this first chap and giving me some ideas.  THANK YOU!!!!!  I owe you big time.  Well that's all for now, later!