Starfire woke up and yawned. She looked around and smiled. She had missed her room when she had been in Slade's lair. And she had missed the sunlight. Still smiling, she got up and dressed. She went to Robin's room and knocked softly on the door. Robin grunted from inside and Starfire giggled. She opened the door and sighed as she looked around at the mess on his floor. She began picking things up and putting them either on the desk or in the trash. Robin sat up in his bed and smiled at Starfire, rubbing his eyes blearily. Starfire smiled and sat on the bed next to him. She ran her fingers through his hair and kissed him lightly.

"C'mon, Boy Wonder. It is 8:30. Time to wake up!" Robin sighed and slowly got out of his bed. Starfire stood with him and put her arm through his. He pulled a brush through his hair and moaned as the brush snagged on a particularly tangled piece of hair. Starfire pulled it gently through for him and he smiled at her gratefully. They left his room hand in hand and entered the kitchen. Starfire began making the team's breakfast-eggs and bacon for everyone but Beast Boy, and tofu eggs and bacon for Beast Boy. Cyborg came over to the two and smiled as Robin failed to scramble the eggs the right way. Starfire sighed and helped him, saying if he was going to help her with breakfast, he should probably do the bacon, it was easier. Robin watched the bacon and Beast Boy slowly made his way down the stairs to the kitchen, led by his nose. Raven followed him, pulling a brush through her short purple hair. Beast Boy sat at the table and dropped his head onto it.

"I am SO tired.Stealing is DEFINITELY NOT my thing." Raven smiled at Beast Boy as Kiyani came out from Cyborg's room. She was staying with the Teen Titans, and Robin was even teaching her martial arts. Kiyani had gone in his place on a few Titan missions, and didn't do so bad. Robin and Kiyani were good friends, and they talked almost as much as Starfire and Robin were together.

"Hey, Kiya. Want some breakfast?" Kiyani shook her head. Robin raised his eyebrow and Kiyani laughed.

"I'm a vegetarian." Beast Boy's head snapped up and he smiled. He was at Kiyani's side in an instant and jumping up and down excitedly.

"So'm I! Wow!" Kiyani smiled and Robin shook his head.

"More tofu eggs and bacon, Star." Starfire nodded and opened the refrigerator. Soon, everyone was sitting around the table enjoying their breakfast. Beast Boy sat next to Raven and Kiyani, and Starfire was constantly getting up to get everyone more food. Robin finally forced her to sit while he got the food and brought it to the table. "People can serve themselves, Star." Starfire nodded and laid her head on Robin's shoulder. Cyborg stood and took his plate to the sink, rinsing it off and putting it in the dishwasher.

"Hey, let's take the day off! Let's go to the park or something!" Robin nodded.

"I'm game!" Starfire took Robin's hand and smiled.

"I will go wherever Robin wishes to go." Robin's face turned slightly pink and Beast Boy laughed. Raven glared at him and he shut up quick. Everyone agreed to go to the park after they had finished their lunch and Cyborg ran around the Tower, gathering footballs and frisbees and an array of other items they could use at the park. Beast Boy brought snacks ("So what if we just had lunch? What if someone gets hungry?") and Starfire brought things like sunscreen and tanning lotion. They put all their stuff in a big bag and took off for the park.