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"Starfire!" Starfire woke up to a blurry green image and powered up her hands, ready to fight with all the energy left in her weakened body. Then, her vision cleared and she saw it was just Beast Boy, looking worried and at the same time scared. Her star bolts were pointed directly at his face. Starfire ran the words peace, quiet, and tranquility through her mind for a couple seconds until the star bolts disappeared on her hands and she looked around. She was on the couch in the tv room of the Titan Tower, and Robin was on the opposite end. He was burned badly and was much paler than usual. Starfire tried to get up, but Beast Boy pressed her down.

"Star, Raven told me not to let you stand when you first wake up. Right now, she's tending to Cyborg and Kiyani, so she's left me in charge." Starfire nodded and laid her head on the armrest of the couch. She jumped as the TV turned on and Robin grunted. He was awake. Raven, Cyborg, and Kiyani came in, Cyborg with a bandage around his head and Kiyani with her right arm in a sling. A blonde girl appeared on the TV screen and Robin sat up immediately. The girl laughed and Robin glared.

"Hello, Robin. Caught you in the middle of a nap? I'm terribly sorry." Robin got up shakily and went over to Starfire, whispering, "You ok, Star?" Starfire nodded and Robin sat on the couch next to her.

"Anyway, Robin, I'm sure you've met my friends. You're so mean, Starfire, you killed two of them!", the girl pouted. Starfire raised her head defiantly and glared right at the screen.

"Good." The girl's dark chocolate brown eyes narrowed and she raised her hand. Only then did the six Teen Titans realize that her hands were crackling with electricity, and it made her hair stand on end.

"I am Natalie Grayson, Slade's daughter. I'm your sister, Robin. You put our father in jail and you're going to pay for it! Someone's going to be killed on this little venture, and I hope it's you. Our father won't be very pleased, but I think I can compensate for that." Robin stared at the TV screen wide-eyed, then shook his head.

"NO! No, that can't be true!" Natalie laughed. She was clearly enjoying her brother's torment at the thought that his father was the one person he hated the most.

"Believe it or not, Dick. Our daddy is in jail right now, because of you! And you WILL pay. Make no mistake." The TV screen turned off and Robin slumped back into the couch, his head in his hands, tears pouring silently down his face. Starfire put a comforting arm around his shoulder and glared at the TV screen.

"She is not telling the truth, Robin. Your father is not Slade, and she is not your sister." Robin shook his head and shrugged Starfire's arm off his shoulders. He looked up at her and she bit her lip.

"Star, I REMEMBER Natalie. She's my older sister-by a year." Beast Boy stared at Robin. His boss. His leader. His kick-ass best friend. His best friend's sister was a criminal. Who'da thunk? Definitely not the rest of the team. They stared at him as stupidly as Beast Boy, except Raven. She was clearly surprised, but she didn't stare at Robin, instead, she looked away from him. Robin leaned back into the couch and groaned. Starfire leaned over and examined him. He had shards of ice in his scalp. Funny, they should have melted with the combination of his body heat and the heat of the room around him. And where did they come from?

"Raven, these ice shards in Robin's head are very peculiar. They should have melted some time ago, yet they have not. And Natalie did not attack us with ice, she attacked us with lightning, so where would they have come from?" Starfire asked, clearly mystified. Robin ran a hand along his forehead and winced as the motion forced the shards further into his scalp. Raven walked calmly over and looked at Robin's head, then used her telekinesis to pull all the shards out. Trickles of blood ran from the wounds, staining Robin's face. Raven healed up the cuts, and Starfire wetted down a hand towel and wiped away the blood streaks on his face. Raven examined the shards for a while then set them on the floor and stomped her foot on them, hard. When she pulled her foot away, the shards were still there, larger than before and increasing in size every second. Raven nodded and the gemstone on her ajna-chockra glowed a deep blue. The shards began to twist around themselves like liquid and Starfire backed as far as she could into the couch cushions. Robin put his arm in front of her as if it would protect her. Raven looked at the five others in the room and her eyes glowed winter-white. Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, and Kiyani flew out of the room to safety and Beast Boy stayed to help his girlfriend. There were sounds of a scuffle, then of a glass shattering. Then another shattered, and another, until all the shards, it seemed, had shattered like glass. Robin hesitantly opened the door and looked through it. The room was the same as it had been before, except Beast Boy was on the floor, biting his lip as Raven used her power to take a medium-sized shard of ice out of his thigh. Quickly healing the wound after getting the shard out, Raven bent the shard with her mind and crumpled it into a ball, throwing it at the wall.

"I can't believe he'd-Oh, I'm going to kill you, Zinthos!" The other Titans looked at her oddly and she started glowing with her power.

"Uh, Raye.Who the heck is Zinthos?" Raven whirled around to face a slightly limping Beast Boy and he jumped, running behind Starfire.

"He's a boy from Azerath. He always wanted me to be his girlfriend, and when I came to Earth, he wanted to kill me. Now it seems Zinthos has joined up with Natalie to get back at me. He doesn't hide his emotions as well as I do. That's why I didn't like him. No self-control. Zinthos, I swear, I will get you for this! Mark my words!" Everyone stared at her with swirly eyes and jumped when she looked over at them.

"What? You've seen me mad." Beast Boy recovered first and went over to his girlfriend, placing a calming hand on her shoulder. Raven's features softened when Beast Boy touched her and she sighed, putting her head on his hand.

"I'm sorry. I just want you all to be safe, and now Zinthos shows up, right after we were all attacked by those electric balls that Natalie sent, and learned that.well." They all knew what she was talking about. Robin looked down and Starfire cupped her hand under his chin, forcing it gently up so he had to look at her.

"You are not like him, or her. You will never be like them. They are no longer your family, my Teen Wonder. Do not let their mistakes choose your life." Robin's eyes watered and he flung his arms around Starfire's neck, crying for a couple seconds into her shoulder. Regaining his composure, Robin straightened and brushed imaginary dust off his suit. Raven smiled and kissed Beast Boy's cheek.

"Zinthos will not defeat us, Raven. I would like to see him try," Starfire said, putting her arm around Robin's waist. He put his arm around the back of her neck and laid his head on hers, so they were looking at the world sideways. Raven nodded and put her head on Beast Boy's chest. Since the incident with Slade, the green morpher had grown considerably taller, almost as tall as Robin. He liked to say he towered over Raven, but was really only four inches taller. Robin towered over Starfire, as he was now as tall as Cyborg. The Teen Titans sat down at the couch and turned the TV on, trying to get their minds off Natalie and Zinthos.