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     Darkness Unnamed Prologue Chapter

             By Disturbed Demon Gurl

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


It was everywhere, staining the muddy road, rain falling from the sky mixing with the coppery substance around him, creating the illusion of raining blood.


It was all around, consuming, covering, hiding the blood shining eerily in the faint moon light behind heavy clouds above. Silvery light glinted off the Katana in the hands running towards him, the body hidden by the darkness around the small battlefield.


He could smell the intoxicating scent of it. Making his blood pulse with the desire too chase, too kill, and the overwhelming urge to feed. Making his eyes glow molten amber as the hands came closer.


Sticky crimson liquid streaked his face and hands; splatters of it covered dark clothing, seeping into the rough material. He licked his lips, a satisfied smirk appearing on his young face. He was savoring the fresh sweet taste of the coppery smelling blood, the sound of a body hitting the ground with a sickening thud as it echoed throughout the night.

He turned away; gold eyes glowed unnaturally in the night promising all around a quick and painful death, a smile still upon his handsome face.


No longer was the golden-eyed demon needed. Walking away, he ignored the dead scattered across the field, ignored the smell of fresh blood upon the ground. He did not feed on nights like this it was too light, and too clean. He enjoyed the dark, the screams of the dieing as they ran blindly from a hunter they could not see.

Moonlight skittered down upon the fields like a mother morning a lost child, giving the dead a life like look with it's the silvery glow. Had anyone around still been alive their skin would have crawled at the site, but he was not just a man, he was a fanged one, he was Battousai.


She sat up her dark raven hair falling loosely down her back, "It was just a dream." She was sweating. Her body slightly shaking from images in her head "It was only a dream; Battousai…He…he doesn't exist." Standing up she wiped the sweat off of her brow "I need a bath." Walking towards the shoji door and opening it the young lady walked down the dojo hall towards the bathhouse outside.

Dark chocolate eyes watched her, the way she walked, her hair as it swayed gently in the breeze, the settle sway of her hips and the creamy skin on her small neck. They darkened to a light black the pupils of his eyes fading red.

Her scent drifted to him on the breeze making his blood run faster. It was sweet, simple, and powerful. There was something different about this day walker he decided as he leapt from the tree he was perched in. The only sound heard was the rustle of the leaves as the warm summer breeze blew past.

She could feel it, she didn't know how but she did. Someone was watching her stalking her. Shivering a little from the breeze she opened the shoji door and stepped into the bathhouse. It was too late to heat the water for the furo she would just have to take a cold bath.

Stepping into the washing room she slipped the light yukata from her shoulders the silky material pooling around her ankles in a flood of dark blue and white. She shivered again, not from the coolness of the air. No her skin still felt hot from the dream. She shivered from the feeling of being watched 'I thought it would go away after I came inside.' Lifting a washing rag from the cold water beside her she set about washing her sticky skin.

When done the rag was placed back in the water it slowly sinking back down to the bottom of the small washing bowl. Turning away from the bowl the raven-haired beauty walked over and lowered herself into the tub; the water rising up the sides as she sank in lower. The water was cold, but she didn't mind, it helped to ease the fever of her skin, helped to get rid of the uneasiness she felt.

He heard her enter the water, smelled the coldness it placed on her skin. He was close, so close yet he couldn't enter didn't dare to disturb the day walker sitting in the cool water. So he sat down, he would wait for her to get done then…then he would ask her why.

She sighed. "This is the umpteenth time I've had this dream sometimes it is bloody, rainy, and dark. But then other times it is just blood…blood and golden eyes." She stood out of the tub; water dripping from her small frame to land back in the water below with a hollow splash. Picking up a soft towel from a bench she dried her hair, then the rest of herself.

"I need to stop letting this bother me even Sanosuke-kun knows about my dreams or at least that they have been bothering me lately. I don't think he would be too happy to hear of whom I'm dreaming about."

Wrapping the towel around her hair and picking up a fresh yukata she dressed, the silky material sliding softly against her clean skin, she tied the small rope about her waist to keep the yukata closed, then picking up her dirty one and draping it across her arm, towel now laying on the hard wood floor forgotten, she left the wash room walking out the shoji door into the cool night air.

Standing the brown-eyed man watched the shoji door in front of him. Knowing that in just a few seconds the source of his waiting would be walking out of it. He counted down in his head, '3…2…and 1.'

The shoji door slid open and out stepped the young woman, her dark tresses falling about her pale face the ends still dripping slightly with water the old yukata draping from her arm. She stopped and stared at the tall man her eyes a little wide from surprise.

She managed to take a few deep breaths; her heart still beating rapidly in her chest. "Sanosuke-kun you scared the crap out of me!" her voice was low but held a soft growl to it. The tall man named Sanosuke grinned, two razor sharp teeth grazing across his bottom lip.

"Gomen nasai Jou-chan, I didn't mean to." He paused the smile fading from his attractive face being replaced by a serious look. "Are you having those dreams again? Chikuso Jou-chan if you would just tell me what they are about I could try and help."

She glared up at the vampire standing in front of her. "Baka no Tori Atama! Their dreams not people so you can't help me!" his facial expression didn't change. "Hai Kaoru I know that but I still wish you would tell me what they are about it might help if you talk to someone about it do you understand?"

Kaoru lowered her eyes, times like this Sanosuke could be so caring even for a vampire. She smiled a little 'I guess that is why I can't tell him he is a vampire, and to him the Battousai… he is… he is real.' Looking back up at Sanosuke Kaoru smiled even more, her dull edged teeth showing. "Wakatta Sanosuke-kun."

Sanosuke couldn't help the puzzled look that was on his face, "You do Jou-chan?" He had thought that it would have taken more persuading to get Kaoru to understand his point of view. Kaoru started walking away back towards her room. Her fear from the dream had long since faded and her mind was starting to fall back asleep.

"Hai Sanosuke-kun wakatta." She paused and turned to face him "And yes Sanosuke-kun I'm sure." Kaoru giggled, "Shouldn't you be out hunting? It is a full moon tonight the light helps you does it not?"

She turned from Sanosuke again her words ringing in her head, 'It is a full moon tonight, the light helps you…' The dream flashed in Kaoru's mind making her heart beat faster, 'He did not feed on nights like this too light, too clean…' Kaoru opened her shoji door and walked into the dark room.

The shoji clicking shut behind her Kaoru idly thought, 'at least I know I'm safe tonight, it is a full moon, and it rained all day.' Sighing Kaoru closed her eyes and laid back on the futon sleep soon finding it way unto her. From the streets of down town Tokyo a man walked alone searching, hunting, needing, but not to feed, tonight was too light, too clean….

TBC… ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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