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"You look just like your father…"

28 July

Dear Diary,

Only a couple of more days and I'll be 16… That's also the day I'll get my OWL results. I hope they went well, though McGonagall already told me they did. Well she didn't actually say they went well… She came to check on me last week when the Dursleys were out shopping and we talked something about school, when she told me she had been pleasantly surprised with my OWLs. I think she didn't mean to say that, because then she suddenly blushed and changed the subject. Someone from the Order has been checking on me every week and Ron and Hermione have written me almost every day. I just wish I could be somewhere else than here. I also miss Sirius… I still don't believe he's gone… He just can't be…

Anyway, gotta go Uncle Vernon is shouting downstairs.


A couple of days later…

Harry was exhausted; he had been doing chores all day. He took some bread from the kitchen and went straight to his room. The Dursleys were watching TV downstairs which was good, he thought, as they wouldn't pay attention to him. Harry opened the window so Hedwig could come inside without making any noise when she returned. He then took a quick shower and changed his clothes. I need new clothes he thought to himself. "I never thought I'd say this, but Dudley's clothes are too small for me". Not that Harry had put any weight on, but he had grown very much since the start of the summer. He was now almost six feet tall, which was quite surprising considering that James hadn't been very tall. Harry's hair was also darker than it used to be. He had let it grow and it was now tall enough to be held on a ponytail. "Maybe I can get someone from the Order to take me to Diagon Alley to buy some new clothes as well as the new school books"


Harry was almost asleep when he heard a stair step make a creaking sound. Harry knew it couldn't be any of the Dursleys, they were already asleep. Besides they wouldn't bother to try and move quietly. Maybe it's someone from the Order… He put his glasses on and noticed that it was already eight minutes past midnight. He was sixteen now. Harry was just about to get out of the bed to look who it was, when suddenly his scar burst in pain. Harry fell to the floor clasping his hand to his scar. It felt like if a hot iron bar was pressed against his head. He wanted to scream but he couldn't. Harry heard someone shout "Avada Kedavra", but he was in too much pain to care about it. Then someone grabbed his shoulder and threw him out of the room. He fell down the stairs and he heard a disgusting "crack!" from his arm. Tears of pain prevented him from seeing but he realized someone was towering over him. He looked up to face Voldemort and his Death Eaters. The one who had thrown him down the stairs was standing behind Harry. It was Wormtail. There was nothing Harry could do. His wand was upstairs in his room.

"Nice to see you, Potter. I have a birthday present for you… CRUCIO!"

Harry felt Voldemort's curse hit him with full strength. He tried to block the pain away but it was too much. The curse stopped, but he almost didn't notice it, the pain from the scar and his arm were almost as bad as the curse. Harry hoped that someone from the Order would come. Surely they would have noticed that the wards protecting this house were down… But then again, how did Voldemort get here… Maybe the Order didn't know any of this. No one is going to come Harry mused to himself. He was lost in thought when Voldemort hit him with another curse. Voldemort and the Death Eaters kept throwing curses at Harry. He didn't know how long it continued, he just wanted it to end.

"Get over with it Voldemort! Kill me! I don't care…" Harry shouted at Voldemort.

"Oh I will, but not with out having some fun first!" Voldemort sent Harry flying across the room. He hit the mantelpiece head first and blood started oozing down his temple. Harry tried to keep conscious but he couldn't. Everything went black… "Enervate!" Voldemort shouted. "I want you to see your death… And this time there isn't anyone to save you… AVADA KEDAVRA!!"

The last thin Harry saw was the flash of green light…

To be continued.

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