Dance with me

Warnings/notes : Seto/Joey (established), Mokuba, slight fluff, flirting, scenery sometimes changes at song-fragment.

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. The song 'Dance with me' belongs to Jennifer Lopez.

written at 12th september 2003, by Misura. part 1 of 4 [?]


//Too much is on your mind

Got to let it go//

Seo Kaiba, envied billionaire and CEO of one of the biggest corporations of the country, checked the clock and knew it was going to be one of those nights again.

Mokuba was not going to be pleased with him ; he had solemnly promised to try and keep from working too late just the other week. But he had no choice ; no one at Kaiba Corp knew as much about this project as he did. Surely his little brother would understand?

Worse was that he'd also have to tell Joey their date would have to be postponed. Briefly, he considered asking Mokuba to inform the blond, rather than having to do it himself. No matter how annoyed, Joey wouldn't blame Mokuba for something that wasn't his fault.

His pup was a hothead, but a fair one. In both senses of the word.

Seto wearily shook his head as he found his mind wandering from the subject at hand, to conjure images of the boy who had, against all odds, become almost as precious to him as Mokuba.

If he'd manage to keep a clear head, he might even catch an hour of sleep. If he was lucky and he'd be able to spot the problem soon enough. Seto sighed and set to work.

//Can't worry all the time

Just let it flow//

Joey critically eyed himself in the mirror. Two years ago, if anyone'd have suggested he might one day wear a suit to go on a date with Seto Kaiba, he'd have laughed in that person's face.

Now though the only matter spooking through his mind was which color to pick. In a way it was rather ironic ; Seto always commented on how Joey'd never change when he called him 'puppy' and 'mutt' and other names like that.

But when Joey looked back on who he was and who he had once been, he felt like nothing had remained the same, least of all himself. Not that he was complaining ...

Now, if only he'd be able to figure out which color to pick before Seto got home, things would be perfect. Downstairs, a phone started to ring. For a moment he hesitated if he should go to answer it, but then he heard Mokuba's footsteps, followed by a cheerful 'Hello?'.

Perhaps he should ask Mokuba's opinion in the suit-matter ; as Seto's little brother he ought to know which of them would be most to Seto's liking. Joey smiled, his imagination already on how the evening might turn out.

//You say you need a break

There's nothing I can do

Sitting here listening to you//

Mokuba pensively chewed on his pencil, frowning at a particularly nasty maths-problem. When the sound of the phone interrupted his concentration, he rose with a sigh.

Joey was upstairs, preparing for his date, which meant the blond would be occupied for at least another ten minutes with his outfit. Seto had really made a mistake when he'd given Joey two suits to wear rather than one, Mokuba reflected sourly.

"Hello?" He picked up the horn.

"Good evening, Mokuba." Seto's voice greeted him from the other end of the line, with just enough of a hint of forced carefreeness to it to raise his suspicions.

"This had better not be a call to cancel your date with Joey this evening because of your stupid work again!" Mokuba said sharply.

"Well ... "

"Seeetooo! You *promised*!" Mokuba whined. Not that he'd expected that would cause Seto to change his mind, but it felt satisfactory somehow.

"I'm very sorry. It's just that it's vital I correct this project as soon as possible. Would you inform Joey our date - "

"I don't think so, big brother." Mokuba interrupted him. "You can tell him yourself. Hang on."

Ignoring Seto's protests, Mokuba walked to the stairs.

//Baby what's this you're telling me?

Things ain't been goin' your way//

In spite of his attempts to do so, Joey couldn't quite catch more than a few words of the one-sided conversation downstairs. He wondered who it was that had called.

He hoped it wasn't Seto, that for once their date wouldn't be delayed or moved to another evening because of something 'unexpected' that had come up. The past few months he had grown sick and tired of that excuse.

Of course he'd known from the start that Seto, as the CEO from Kaiba Corp would be gone to office often, that he wouldn't be there whenever Joey wanted him to be, but still ...

"JOEY! Seto on the phone for you!" Mokuba sounded angry. A bad sign.

With a sigh, he went downstairs. The scowl on Mokuba's face did little to reassure him either.

"Seto?" As soon as he had accepted the horn, Mokuba walked away, back to whatever he had been doing before. Joey wondered if it was to give him some privacy.

"Joey ... " Seto sounded tired. Tired but determined.

//Just take it from me

It's gonna be alright//

"Damn that stupid, stubborn idiot!" He had managed to keep his voice down until he'd reached his room again. No use in upsetting Mokuba after all ; it wasn't *his* fault he had such an annoying brother.

With an angry snarl he tossed the two suits in a corner where they landed in a crumpled heap. It felt satisfying somehow, to be the cause of something messy in the ever-spotless Kaiba-mansion.

Seto had been very calm and reasonable ; an unexpected serie of faults, a project vital to the future success of Kaiba Corp, apologies for cancelling their date, but surely Joey would understand he had no choice ...

Joey'd mumbled that yes, of course he understood. What else could he do? Yelling he didn't wouldn't solve anything. Though it would have made him feel better ... for a while at least. He'd done so the first few times, but afterwards there'd always been a sense of guilt.

If it wasn't for Seto's hard work, he wouldn't be able to live in this house. He'd be stuck with a father who wasn't aware of having a son half the time, in some run-down apartment ...

A soft knock on his door brought him back to the present.

//So let's go out tonight

And we can leave all our cares behind//

"Hey." Mokuba managed a smile as the door to Joey's room was swung open.

"Mokuba ... " Joey sounded somewhere in between anger and hurt. So ... he hadn't been able to change Seto's mind either. Not that he'd expected Joey would, but he'd hoped that maybe ...

Couldn't Seto see what his obsession with Kaiba Corp was doing to his lover? To their relationship, which had nearly been reduced to a quick peck on the cheek at breakfast, on the good days when Seto was actually home in the morning?

Shaking off his own dark thoughts, Mokuba threw Joey a mischievous grin. He'd just have to make Seto see some sense then. With Joey's aid.

"Want to come and shake up big brother's routine a little?"

He had worked on this plan for weeks now. It was perfect. It couldn't possibly fail. Now, if only Joey'd agree to it ...

//Dance the night away

Party till the sun comes up//

Seto tiredly rubbed his temples as he tried to concentrate on the numbers and codes that flashed past on his computer-screen. He felt a headache coming up.

Perhaps he should just call it a day, go home, make up to Joey ... get some sleep.

The project could wait, really. When he was honest with himself, next week would be a fine time to finish it. Some people would complain about it of course, but what would he care?

Right now, the two people he cared about most were annoyed with him, he knew. Wasn't their opinion much more important to him than that of some customer who ought to be grateful he allowed him to use Kaiba Corp's program anyway?


If he started doing this, there'd be no turning back ; they'd only expect more of him, more time he couldn't work on his projects. They knew he loved them, that should be enough.

That would be enough. Both for them and for him.