Dance with me

Warnings/notes : Seto/Joey (established), Mokuba, slight fluff, flirting.

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. The song 'Dance with me' belongs to Jennifer Lopez.

written at 28th september 2003, by Misura. part 5 of 5

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[!] : This chapter contains hints at sex.


Joey knew he should follow Seto's suggestion, get the weight off their both their feet for a while. The problem was that he had no idea where to do that ; to say Seto's office was sparsely furnitured would be a massive understatement.

There was the desk, which still contained the remainders of their dinner.

There were two chairs, one for Seto himself, one for anyone important enough to warrant a seat.

Aside from that, there wasn't much else, except of course for the computer.

//Nobody's stopping you

Do what you wanna do//

"Isn't there something a bit more comfortable than a chair around here?" he whispered.

Seto shook his head, a hint of regret in his eyes. "I'm afraid not. This once, Mokuba seems to have missed something in his set-up."

"Like it's *his* fault, *you*'re such a frugal kind of person when it comes to making your office more comfortable." Joey snorted.

"This is a place to work ; it's not supposed to be comfortable." Seto replied.

"How like you to say that." Joey sighed. "Can't you just go a little more easy on yourself? There's nothing wrong with a bit of comfort, you know. Take your own house, for instance. Mokuba and me hardly have to do anything to keep it clean and in order."

"The mansion's for Mokuba." Joey didn't snap back Mokuba would want his brother to be comfortable as well, or that Mokuba'd like a normal house just as well. They both knew that.

"Isn't there something we could sleep on somewhere else in this building?" Joey asked.

"Not without getting seen by the security cameras." Seto shrugged as Joey winced. "It's the price of being famous and rich. I won't say I like it, but ... "

//Let the music take control

You can feel it in your soul//

"Never mind, I didn't come here to sleep anyway." Joey whispered, noticing Seto was leaning on him more heavily than before and feeling oddly touched. "Though we could go home if you want, back to our own bed."

"A tempting proposal." Seto murmured. "I see only one disadvantage."

"What?" Joey asked.

"We're here, and the bed's there." Seto replied.

"That could be fixed. It's not that far." Joey pointed out.

"True." Seto admitted, resting his head on Joey's shoulder, beyond caring who was supposed to lead in this dance.

"We could be there in half an hour. Less even. There's probably not that much traffic at this time of night." Joey continued.

"Hmm, hmm." Seto's entire body seemed to have lost its will to move, lying in Joey's arms. He wondered if Seto would just fall over if he'd let go. Not that he'd do that of course.

//Come on

And move your body to the groove//

"Seto? You're not falling asleep on me, are you?" He was answered by a soft snore.

"I don't believe this." He wondered what Security would think if he'd carry their sleeping employer out of the building. Would they try to stop him, on suspicion of kidnapping?

Did he want to find out?

A glance at his watch told him it was a few minutes past midnight ; a good five hours of sleep for Seto if he'd manage to get him home without waking him. Because there was no way he'd be able to keep holding him up like this and there wasn't anything to lay Seto down on here, except the cold, hard floor.

"Let's try this. And pray they won't shoot me at sight."

Cradling Seto's body against his chest, Joey nudged the door to his office to open it, praying he'd be able to find the way back to the entrance. They were on the eighth floor, he thought. So his first step ought to be finding an elevator.

Slumped in a chair in the corridor, Mokuba sat as soundly asleep as his brother. Joey shook his head. Some people were much too stubborn for their own good.

And what was he to do now? Wake the kid up? The alternative would be leaving him, which wasn't an option really. Seto'd kill him if he found out.

//Dance the night away

Party till the sun comes up//

"Joey ... " Before Joey had puzzled out how to solve his dilemma, Mokuba had solved it for him, by spontaneously opening his eyes. Or maybe the sound of the door opening had woken him up. Mokuba was a light sleeper. Like Seto, though tonight he didn't look like it.

"I thought he'd be better off sleeping in a proper bed." Joey explained, nodding at the body in his arms. Mokuba grinned and nodded, jumping up.

"Let's go then ; I'll talk to Security." Mokuba's steps were certain. Joey wondered how he could always be so energetic, considering how often he found the kid up late at night worrying about his big brother or just having lost track of time when playing some computer-game.

"Glad to hear it." Joey mumbled, his own exhaustion beginning to kick in.

Mokuba flashed him a grin. "They'd probably have shot you if you'd tried to walk out with Seto like that, you know. They're very protective."

"Normally that would be reassuring information."

Mokuba giggled. "I was just joking. Their weapons are strictly meant to stun. You'd have felt horrible for a couple of hours after, but nothing worse."

"You really know how to make people feel better, don't you?"

//Go grab a friend,

Get on the floor//

"Mokuba ... you're scary."

Security had been like wax in Mokuba's little hands, bowing and saying 'yes, sir' and coming up with a blanket to wrap around Seto.

"Yes, I know. So you'd better make sure you do whatever I want you to do, don't you?" Mokuba smiled innocently over his shoulder.

"Manipulative little brat." Joey grumbled, mustering enough strength for an answering smile to take the sting out of his words.

"That's what Seto always says." Mokuba agreed easily. "He ought to know, after all this time. Not that knowing it helps him any of course."

Joey rolled his eyes, too tired to come up with a witty reply to that. "Kaibas."

"Not really, considering we're adopted and all that." Mokuba quipped.

"Brothers then." Joey amended. "Give me a break, will you? I'm tired."

"Sure." Mokuba threw him a mischievous grin. "Does that mean I can drive?"

//Come on

And dance,//

"There we are ; you can put him down here." Mokuba guided Joey to the bed, suppressing a snicker as the blond nearly stumbled over a set of slippers. The blond seemed half-asleep as well.

"I think it's okay if you sleep here too." Pulling the blankets aside, he gently shoved Joey onto the bed, hoping his body would get the hint if his mind was too far gone.

Stealing a last look at the couple on the bed, Mokuba softly closed the door behind him with a whispered 'Good night' that probably went unheard, before going to his own bed.

His mind quickly departing to the land of dreams, Mokuba's last thought was that maybe he and Joey could convince Seto to spend a little less time working now that he had fallen asleep on his lover like this, not even waking up during the trip home.

Or at least Joey should be able to keep him in bed a little longer the coming morning.


Dance with me

DJ if you please//

[next morning]

"My back hurts."

"Why are you looking so accusing at me?"

"It's your fault. If I hadn't had to carry you, I'd be just fine."

"You're whining. My feet are black and blue, but do you hear me complaining?"

"Yes, right now."

"I wasn't complaining, I was simply stating a fact."

"Well, so was I. My back *really* hurts."

"I'm not sure if I can walk."

"Why would you want to?"

"Because it's seven in the morning and I need to get to work?"

"Why don't you give them some rest, do something that doesn't require walking?"

"Any suggestions? Of course, it can't be something that involves you straining your back either."

"What I have in mind won't require me to do anything more than lie on my back. Does that sound good enough for you?"

"Not too bad. Though I do expect a little bit more active participation from you."


Downstairs, Mokuba happily spooned up his breakfast and punched in the phone-number for Kaiba Corp to tell them his brother would be a bit late for work today.