Forgotten Sake

Bringing the cup to my lips

The familiar foreign taste drowning me

It's been too long

The hilt shone as I fingered it

... too long...

Another gulp followed

quicker than the memories could surface


Outside the weeping willow

swayed in the breeze

Much too long


Green clashed with white

Smirking its humourless grin

like a lover hiding a secret

But there's no mystery in your passing

'... I'd look at you til I was blind'

Far too long


The music rang once more

No honour is required in death

For a life accomplished


The cup met my lips once more

So very long



I hate to drink alone

and you knew it.

... too long...

Phantom fingers reached out

A true smile for once

As you took a sip

The sunlight filtered in, carrying

your words never faltering

"It's been too long."

"Aa... Okita."

AN: Nope, this is definitely not what happened in my mind, nonetheless, this is what came out. Inspired by StEAliAnA's wonderful fics on Saitou. I'm merely a planet, she's the real Sun.