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It was a normal day when Professor Telawany came strutting into the Great Hall. She strode to the middle of the Hall and made a startling announcement.

"Three students: one born from non-magic, one born from magic, and one born of magic, but was raised as Muggle." She announced in a strange tone. "Will re-experience a time when they where the most vulnerable and need the most care."

Right then she snapped out of her trance. She looked around, shrugged, and strode back of the Hall looking very confused. Harry, Ron, and Hermione exchanged glances of curiousness.


Harry's mind was riddled with questions about the prediction. Ron would be scared and on the edge. Hermione, Harry snickered at the thought, would stick her nose in the air and state she didn't care about what the fraud said.

Harry and Ron made there way back down to breakfast the common room. Ron and Harry where about to make there way to the grate hall where they heard a scream.

"It's coming from they girls room!" Yelped Ron.

"Hermione!" Said Harry taking off like a shot heading for the girls room.

Being faster than Ron he got there first. What they saw was startling. Hermione was blinking innocently at them form her bed.

No older then about one and a half years old her hair was the color of light sand. Her torso and lower body was covered with her. The first attack was on the muggle-form. Hermione (carried by Lavender brown) was sent down to the Great Hall.

When Harry and Ron got down there they saw her clothed in pink jeans and a light purple shirt with a kitten on it. She was also in a playpen filled with toys and stuffed animals.

Harry sat down and watched as Professor Lupin bend down and gave her a bottle. She looked around the Hall as thought she was looking for someone on something.

Then quite suddenly tears began to roll down her face and McGonagal tried to comfort her but failed. Professor Dumbledore took a crack at it and picked the baby Hermione up. Hermione buried her face into the beard of Dumbledore who stroked her hair, thus soothing her.

"Eh?" Asked Harry tearing his eyes away from the hugging two.

"See she is a daddy's girl." Explained Ron.

"If you say so." Replied Harry miserably. Ron, sensing Harry's feeling he changed the subject.

*Next Day*

Harry woke up and wondered who was next. Ron wasn't up yet, so Harry got ready without him. As Harry was brushing his teeth he heard crying coming from Ron's bed. As Harry made he's way to the bed he knew who he was going to find.

Pulling back the hanging he gasped as he saw Ron. Tiny, pudgy, and redheaded was a baby and a curious one at that.

"Mama?" Squeaked Ron looking up at Harry. Who looked back puzzled, "Mama." The next moment Ron made a noise that would rival a Howler.

"MAMA!!" Screamed the baby as his face soon matched his hair. Harry grabbed the child who he noticed was stark naked. Ron went quiet as Harry wrapped him in the sheet. Harry ran all the way down to the Great Hall where Hermione

Ron was diapered and clothed sitting in the playpen with Hermione. Ron was wearing a plain maroon shirt with a pair of worn blue jeans. Harry watched as the two children where placed into highchairs to be fed breakfast.

Hermione was being fed oatmeal by Professor Lupin while Professor Sinistra was feeding Ron. Hermione was being a good little girl while Ron was being a little devil while screaming 'Mommy!!!'. As he kept watching Ron picked up his bowl of oatmeal and flung it.


It hit the side of Professor Snape head. The Hall went totally silent except for Ron's screams for his Mom. Snape just reached up and took the bowl off his head and set it down on the table. With that he left.

The reason Snape didn't curse the child to oblivion is he was forbidden to show anger to the children, because they didn't need to see that.

The rest of the day wasn't nearly as interesting as the morning, but it was obvious that Snape was still made at Ron. Poor Neville was being bullied worst than ever.

During dinner while Ron and Hermione where playing with their toys while Dumbledore made an announcement.

"Two of the three have fallen." He said looking sadly around, "Just one more to go."

Harry laid in bed that night staring up at the canopy above him, soon sleep claimed him.

Little did he know that a miss-made spell cast by Neville Longbottom that turned Ron and Hermione into kids was creeping up on him.

It slithered up the side of the bed and pounced on the sleeping boy.

Harry opened his eyes and wondered where he was. Looking around Harry sat up and began to cry…loud. There was a noise and the curtains flew open.


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