Trial by Nightmare

Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognize, but I DO own Trial by Nightmare;-)


"Ryou!" a woman's voice yelled through the darkness. The sleepy eyed young man rolled over in

bed and groaned.

"Go away" he grumbled as he caressed his pillow.

Moments later he heard something whizzing through the air, than felt something hitting his head.

"Damn it! Are you deaf? I said GO AWAY! I'm fucking tired! LEAVE ME ALONE!" he

snapped as he tossed the football back at the person. Seconds later the person was on his bed

shaking him.

"Ryou, you've got exactly 20 minutes to get your butt to class. You remember what Mr.

Hammond said yesterday? If you miss anymore classes and your grades get any lower, you'll lose

your scholoarship and get kicked out of college. Come on now!" Tea exclaimed.

Ryou opened his eyes and slowly sat up.

"Fine, I'm up, okay? Now please give me some space."

Tea nodded her head and quietly left his room. Ryou slid out of bed and threw on a grey hood

sweatshirt that was on the floor, a pair of black jeans that were flung over his lamp, and a

baseball cap off his dresser to cover his messy hair. Groggily, he trudged downstairs.

"Let's go" he snarled at Tea as he picked up his backback.