Trial By Nightmare

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Warning: swearing and violence.


Malik's jaw dropped as they reappeared in the hotel room.

Are we still in the Shadow Realm? he gasp as he caught sight of his light dancing around the

room to some 80's song wearing frosty lipstick and an over abundance of black eyeliner.

Yami froze when he saw Yugi laying on Tea's lap.

Ryou exclaimed as he ran to Bakura and threw his arms around him.

Ryou.....mmm....I missed you. Bakura purred contentedly in the arms of his light.

Are you drunk? Bakura grinned as he sniffed the aroma of alcohol emanating from Ryou

Hey look gang! They're back, and Caroline's with them! Ryou turned his head and shouted


Everybody stopped what they were doing and ran over to welcome Bakura, Yami, Malik and

Caroline back. Before anybody could speak a word though, all eyes fell on Kaiba.....who was

squared off with a tall slender woman with golden blond hair.

How the hell did YOU get here......bitch? he hissed at her.

Holy shit! That's Chasey Hamilton! Duke exclaimed as he wiped a trickle of drool from the

corner of his mouth.

Who's Chasey Hamilton? Marik ask.

She was two years ahead of Yugi, Ryou and I in college. Her dad is the dean of students. She

was also Kaiba's girlfriend, but she caught him cheating on her and dumped him..

Sounds like a soap opera Marik chuckled.

Caroline lowered her eyes and glared evilly at Chasey.

Hey, I know you! You're the fucking little wench that drugged Tany and I! she hissed


She WHAT! Kaiba shouted. He grabbed Chasey and threw her against the wall.

Why did you do it Chasey? WHY! he growled in her face as everybody circled around them.

I'm not talking without my lawyer Chasey snapped back.

Fine than Kaiba turned back to Yugi. Call the police Yugi.

Yugi rushed away quickly to make the call.

Kaiba leered at Chasey perniciously,

You fucking bitch. How'd you even get here?

Malik and Bakura scratched their heads nervously,

Well, uh.... Bakura said nervously.

Malik bit his lip,

We kinda sent her and the two idiots helping her to the Shadow Realm when we found the girls

in that barn. She must have followed us back.We didn't know you knew her.

No wonder the cops couldn't find them Yugi noted.

Kaiba was still staring sharply at Chasey.

You were the one that was leaving all those sick cryptic messages, weren't you

Chasey just smirked at him without saying a word.

Kaiba shook his head.

You're sick woman. Real twisted.....I can understand you being angry with me, but I'll never

understand why you went after Tany and Caroline

Chasey glanced over at Marik, and than at Ryou.

Before I even dumped you I had my eyes on Ryou. I set you up Seto. I paid that girl to sleep

with you. Chasey turned to Ryou. I remember seeing you in school, I thought you were pretty

cool. Than I heard you were in a band. When I went to see your band play I couldn't help but

notice how sexy the lead singer was. Chasey turned to Marik. Marik Ishtar. You're every

woman's dream. I knew if I got rid of Seto, it would be easier to get to one of you. But than

THEY came along.... Chasey growled sharply, throwing angry glances at Tany and Caroline.

Oh go fuck yourself, bimbo. Marik's mine, and so is Malik. I get TWO Ishtars and you get none,

na-na Caroline mocked Chasey.

I'm more of a woman than you'll ever be......slut. Chasey shot back vindictively.

That's fucking it! Caroline snapped as she charged forward and connected her clenched fist

with Chasey's face. Chasey was taken by surprise by Caroline's violent outburst and screamed.

Caroline shoved Kaiba out of the way and hauled off on Chasey ruthlessly.

Yes! Bitch fight! Bakura shouted excitedly as he patted his pocket looking for a cigarette.

Everyone else besides him took a few steps back.

Marik...Malik....can't you two stop her? Yami ask nervously as he watched Caroline tear

Chasey up.

Why should we? Malik retorted. You have to admit Yami, chick fights are hot

Yami closed his eyes and shuddered at the thought.

The cops will be here soon Yugi announced as he walked back in the room. Oh wow.....chick


Chasey struggled under Caroline, but it was no use. Caroline was going on pure adrenaline. With

one last, good hard punch, she knocked Chasey out cold.

Caroline got up and rubbed her knuckles.

Take that, tramp! She growled as she gave Chasey's motionless body and good hard kick.

Caroline dusted herself off and ran her fingers through her now messy long blonde hair.

That feels better she laughed breathlessly.

Marik and Malik put their arms around her proudly.

Malik looked over the group slowly.

Would it be alright if the three of us go spend some quiet time alone somewhere?

I don't see a problem with that Kaiba nodded.

Malik smiled at Kaiba and looked back at Marik and Caroline.

There's something I need to discuss with the both of you..... he said nervously as they walked

into one of the bedrooms.

What's up with the purple lipstick anyway? Caroline could be heard asking before they closed

the door.

Ryou looked up at Bakura in shock. Bakura knew exactly what he was thinking.....they were

using their mindlink to converse.

//Bakura- I can't believe it, the hottest girl in school wanted me....//

//I remember you were too chicken to talk to her, Bauk Bauk.// Bakura chuckled through their


//Very funny......but you were right.//

//We got something better than Chasey though// Bakura grinned as he motioned toward Tany.

Ryou smiled and nodded his head as he put his arm around Tany.

//You're right again Bakura. I have to be the luckiest guy in the world. I got a great girlfriend,

and the best-best friend around//

Bakura couldn't help but smile. It might have taken 5000 years, but he'd finally found some


Yugi, I must speak with you. Yami said with a nervous twitch in his voice.

Sure Yami, what's up? Yugi smiled brightly. Yami took Yugi's hand into his and lead him out

of the room.

Kaiba sat on the floor staring blankly at the wall.

I can't believe she thought Ryou was hotter than me he muttered to himself.

The cops came and arrested Chasey soon there after. After the cops had left, Kaiba

gathered everybody up.

I've called you all together for a reason. Kaiba announced.

Well I should hope he has a reason Bakura snickered to Ryou sarcastically.

Bakura, shut up. I'm talking here Kaiba said in his usual egotistical tone of voice.

Now, as I was saying. The reason I called you all together is this. I know this tour was a big pain

in the ass, and all sorts of shit went down. Aside from dealing with the standard tour bullshit, a

few of us have been through hell and back. Literally. I sincerely hope that it hasn't scared you

away from touring. As it stands right now, Trial by Nightmare has been holding it's ground on the

music charts. Profits are booming. With all the free media attention this tour received, we've

been getting calls from everywhere from people wanting more of you guys. Before I line anything

up, I wanted to talk to all of you and make sure I have your okay. I'll understand if you never

want to see a stage again though. After all, not many bands could endure even HALF the bullshit

all of you did.

Are you saying you want us to make more albums and go on more tours? Yugi ask with his

eyes wide.

Kaiba nodded his head.

Yes, more albums, more tours, photo shoots, tv, radio and magazine interviews, live appearances

and so on.

Holy shit. That's alot Kaiba. Can you give us a couple days to think about it? Yugi answered

back. Ryou, Marik and Duke nodded their heads.

Yeah, we need some time to think. Duke restated.

That's fine. There's still a month or so left on this tour anyway, so take your time. If there's

something I learned from this tour, it's to have more patience with people. He glanced over at

Caroline, who was on the couch with her head resting on Malik's lap and her legs draped across


Caroline, I'm only going to say this once, I'm sorry for being such and ass to you. If the band

decides to go on and do another tour, I'd be happy to have you along again, if you choose so.

Caroline shrugged her shoulders, and looked up at Malik with a mischievous grin,

I forgive you, you might have been an ass, but at least you didn't send me the Shadow Realm.

Malik stuck out his bottem lip and pouted playfully.

I'm never going to be able to live that down, am I? he laughed.

Caroline chuckled back. She turned back to Kaiba and smiled.

And yes, I'd be more than happy to go on another tour, as long as these two devils are with she

pointed back at Marik and Malik.

Kaiba turned to Tany, who was sitting between Ryou and Bakura.

Tany, I never did say thank you to you for keeping things running smoothly. If there's another

tour, I'd like you to be in charge of it.

Tany couldn't believe it. A huge smile spread across her face. Without any hesitation, she nodded


Hell yeah. I love that!

Excellent. That will be all than.

Kaiba picked up his briefcase and started walking to the door.

I'll see you all in the morning he yawned as he left.

Everybody sat around quietly for a few minutes. They had just been through a very tiring day.

Duke was dozing off, so he went to bed. Tristan, Joey, Tea, Odeon, Yugi and Yami all opted for

the same thing, leaving Bakura, Ryou, Tany, Malik and Marik lounging around.

How's your jaw? Caroline casually asked Bakura as she played around with the Millennium


Not bad he replied.

What's wrong with your jaw? Ryou ask curiously.

Bakura grinned at Caroline.

She hit me with a mean right hook back in the Shadow Realm.

Malik screwed up his face and rubbed his own sore jaw.

She punched you in the face too?

Bakura nodded his head,

Yes, but I saw her punch you; she hit you much harder than she hit me.

Caroline let out a little giggle,

I'm not sorry for hitting you Malik. Though I do feel really bad about hurting Bakura. she

turned to Bakura. Bakura, I'm sorry for punching you. You know how the Shadow Realm it

though. It can really mess with your head.

Bakura nodded his head,

Yes, I know. All of your darkest fears and deepest desires are laid out infront of you. How you

even lasted 5 minutes there I'll never understand.

Malik let out a sarcastic grunt,

She probably punched everybody she saw there

Caroline made an exaggerated pout

You think I'm that mean?

Malik ran his fingers over his puffy lower lip and nodded.

he replied with a slight grin.

Caroline shrugged her shoulders and chuckled.

You're right. I did. I just told my nightmares and desires to fuck off. Than I'd pounded the shit

out of them.

Bakura made a face at Malik,

Are you sure she doesn't have shadow powers, Ishtar?

Malik and Marik began to snicker.

Funny you should mention that Bakura. Marik said the same thing a few weeks back when she

beat him in a duel.

Caroline looked at Marik as innocently as she could, but she couldn't surpress her sarcasm in her


I swear it was the new duel disks!

Ryou stretched out his arms and yawned,

I'm beat. I think I'm going to go to bed, care to join me Tany?

she replied with a smile.

Ryou looked at Bakura curiously.

//Will you be joining us?// he ask through their mind link.

//Soon. I want to talk with Malik first though.// Bakura replied.

//ok// Ryou responded as he and Tany went to bed.

Caroline sat up and handed the Millennium rod back to Malik.

I'm not really all that sleepy, either of you want to go get a pizza with me?

Marik nodded his head,

I'm not very tired either, but I am pretty hungry. Sounds good to me, let's go.

Are you coming too Malik? Caroline ask as she got up and found her jacket.

No, I think I'm going to stay here and hangout with Bakura.

Suit yourself Marik shrugged as he grabbed for Caroline's hand.

Malik got up and walked over to them both with the I have something to say look on his face.

Want us to bring some back for you? Marik ask his darker half.

Sure. I'd like that. he nodded in reply. Malik continued looking at the both of them like he had

something else to say.

Caroline said, sensing what Malik was feeling.

It's just both remember what the three of us talked about earlier, right?

Caroline and Marik nodded their heads.

You both are still okay with it, right?

Caroline and Marik grinned at each other and turned back to Malik.

they both stated frankly as they moved in and kissed Malik goodbye at the same

time. Malik smiled warmly as he watched Marik and Caroline turn and leave together.

After they were gone, Malik joined Bakura infront of the tv.

So things are going better between the three of you now? Bakura mused as he flipped channels.

Malik nodded his head.

Yes. I finally understand why I lashed out like I did. It wasn't Marik's fault, nor was it

Caroline's. It was my own insecurities that caused me to act like a jerk.

Bakura nodded his head.

I know what you mean. Same thing for me. It's been a rough ride for us Ishtar, and I'm sure our

afterlives hold many more surprises, but for now, I'm just glad this whole nightmare is over........

*drum roll please*



Ryou: What was that? The end? Am I seeing that right?

Authoress: Yup, that's right, the end. No more Trial by Nightmare.

Bakura: You have to be joking. I don't know what I will do with myself if it's over!

Authoress: You'll be just fine Bakura, I promise.

*authoress's eyes glaze over as Malik and Marik walk in with a glowing Millennium Rod and bonk her over the head*

Marik and Malik: We control your mind now......and you WILL write a sequel. You will call it "Through Hell and Back for More." You have no choice.

Authoress: I will write a sequel called "Through Hell and Back for More." I have no choice.


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