Title: I Just Love to Hex You
Author: Many wonderful writers, each chapter is someone new
Rated: R for upcoming situations
Summary: Harry is in 7th year and Severus is now the DADA professor. Severus must teach Harry how to recognize and defend against Lust/Love Spells.
Pairing: SS/HP
Spoilers: None that i know of
Disclaimer: Not mine. No money made. These characters belong to JK Rowling
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I Just Love To Hex You
Chapter 1

from Goldenpaw

Harry couldn't believe that it was the first day of school and already he was being given extra school work. He was upset with Dumbledore especially for telling him -- not asking him first or consulting him mind you -- telling him about these extra classes. He knew he would need them, but that was beside the point. He was an adult wizard now, he was 17 and he had the right to be informed, consulted, whatever.

Harry just wanted to yell at whoever it was that would be teaching him these extra classes. He just hoped it wasn't Snape. After the failed attempts at Occlumency in fifth year, he didn't think he would ever be able to face that man in anything other than a formal class. Last year Professor Dumbledore had thankfully taken over the Occlumency lessons and Harry had only dealt with Snape on two levels, first in discussing his nightmarish visions that concerned Death Eater meetings before he had mastered Occlumens and secondly in Potions classes.

So far his day had been relatively stress free, but he'd not been to Potions or Defense Against the Dark Arts yet. All he'd had that day was History with Binns, Care of Magical Creatures with Hagrid and Transfigurations with McGonagall.

He approached the class Dumbledore had told him about and found it deserted. He sat down at one of the desks and waited. He continued to wait for about ten more minutes and he was about to give it up and call it quits, when suddenly the classroom door opened.

In walked Harry's worst nightmare, well second worst, Voldemort still claimed top billing in his nightmares. Snape was looking surly and downright, dare he say it, exhausted.

"Ah, Mr. Potter. It would seem that I have the misfortune of being your teacher for these infernal lessons. I just hope the Headmaster knows what he's asking of me, teaching you to master the basics of Defense. Because I am sure the task will be near impossible." Snape strode in his less-than-usual brisk fashion further into the classroom and sat down behind the desk. To Harry, he really did look tired beyond words. Harry examined the man from head to toe with a thoroughness he had yet to exhibit when it came to his Potions professor and something of interest caught his eye. He saw a gold chain peaking out around the man's neck and a slight bulge around mid-chest level. Harry's eyes widened and wondered why the man would be using the Time Turner.

"Sir, are you sure you don't want to postpone this until you feel more up to it? You look like death warmed over." Harry was brash enough to point out, knowing full well the wrath that would follow those words, but figured he would chance it anyway.

"Twenty points from Gryffindor for being an impudent little brat. I do not look like death warmed over, and I certainly feel well enough to be able to teach you, as I'm sure that it won't require that much of an effort on my part. I'm going to make sure you do all the hard work here." Snape glared at Harry, but the effect was lacking in some way. Snape knew he was beyond tired and should indeed cancel, but he wasn't about to give the brat the satisfaction. He took a long look at the fresh and energetic looking Mr. Potter and sighed. He should really be on his toes and alert for the lesson he had planned out for this evening, otherwise he knew it could lead to trouble. Unfortunately, they were already behind schedule and he didn't have time to go to his quarters for a Pepper-Up potion. Well he did have time, all the time in the world at his fingertips, but he didn't want to go that route this evening.

'Damn Albus for cornering me once again into teaching this irksome boy. Every time I have turned around, he's paired me with Potter for some business or other. I really should put my foot down one of these days.'

Harry continued to sit there, looking at his professor wondering what was going through the other man's mind. Suddenly the man stood up and braced his hands against the desk.

"Alright, Mr. Potter. We are going to be covering the defense against spells that control your loyalties and your emotions. I am already aware that you are somewhat impervious against the Imperious spell, but that particular spell wants to control your actions, these others will want to control your emotions. So before I teach you the defensive spells, I will test out your reactions to those that will make you lust after a particular person."

Snape came around the desk and sat down along the front. He was too tired to stand and he would need his strength while casting these hexes.

Before Harry could even blink, Severus pulled out his wand and cast, "Amens Aestuo Amorous."*


*Rough latin translation for "Mad with passion"

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