The first thing that they heard was a soft laugh from Seta at something that her brother had said. When they came upon the clearing, Seto was looking very indignant while Seta was poking him rapidly. They were both sitting with their backs to a magnificent oak tree... and looked for all the world like they were more than friends from the way that they were acting.

Seta noticed them first.

"Hey, you guys!" she said cheerfully. Her personality seemed exactly the opposite from Seto's. She jumped up to greet them properly.

"I'm Seta! You must be Yugi. Mokuba mentioned you and I ran a stats check on you on my laptop." She looked at the other two, who were drooling quite openly. "Um... you're Joey, because my brother said that you looked like a dog, so you have to be Tristan. Weird haircut, by the way." She gasped when she saw the other person making his way through the bushes. "You're Ryou Bakura! Cool, I'm a big fan of yours." She stuck out a hand and Ryou sheepishly shook it.

She looked down and glared. "Seto, aren't you going to say hello?"


Seta sighed in exasperation. "Fine, be that way, you stupid git."

At this point, Yugi, Joey, and Tristan raised their eyebrows. They'd never heard anybody say that to the CEO before.

"As you know, this is my super-antisocial loser brother. We're twins, but he's older by a minute. I can't believe how incredibly idiotic he's become."

"Whatever. I'll leave you to get acquainted. Don't forget, lunch period ends in half an hour." And with that, Seto strode off.

Within ten minutes, they were chatting like old friends.

"So how come we've never heard of you before, eh?" asked Joey. He and Tristan were treating her regularly now, ever since she had told them outright that she wasn't interested in anybody.

"Actually, I've just moved here. After Seto and Mokuba got sent to an all boys' orphanage, I was sent to an all girl's one. I was adopted at once by an elderly couple, which'd wanted children but never been able to have any. I was Seta Johnson for six years, happy and carefree and living in New York. I had almost forgotten Seto and Mokuba, given up all hope of ever seeing them again. Then... my foster father... passed away. My mother followed shortly after. I was devastated, and was sent back to an orphanage. I wasn't old enough to be a legal adult, you see.

"Then, somehow, Seto managed to contact me via the Internet. That triggered the memories. I finally remembered everything — the fun we'd had when we were little, the death of our real parents..." She trailed off, smiling in reminiscence.

"Immediate plans were made for me to come back to Domino. I would have to change my name to Kaiba, to lessen the confusion. I've slowly gotten to know the present Seto better. He's changed so much over the years. And imagine my shock when I realized that he was the CEO of Kaiba Corp.!" Seta lowered her eyes, and they could see that she was truly beautiful. Long lashes shadowed her sapphire eyes, which were slightly moist.

"It turned out that Seto was the cold, heartless leader of the multibillion company that I'd been hearing so much about. I couldn't believe it at first. But now, I'm really going to try to break through to him. Everyone hates him, and he doesn't open up to anybody. It's sad, really." Her face became determined. "But fortunately, that's exactly what I like!"


Seta grinned. "A good challenge, of course! They'll see that my brother's really good. Here, let me tell you my first plan."

She leaned over and started whispering.

Now the others were also grinning.


'Gosh, I can't believe how boring this is!' Seta sighed, oblivious to the teacher's lecture. She stared out of the open window. 'School never used to be so crappy, did it? Or maybe it's because I'm too excited.'

She smiled again, and glanced over at Seto, who was sitting at the other end of the room. He just happened to look at her at the exact same moment. Their eyes interlocked, and Seto stuck his tongue out.

'If only he knew what I have planned for him,' she thought devilishly, but returned the childish action.

She looked back out of the window, where a bird was chirping happily. If only she could just fly out and go anywhere she wanted to, just like that bird. Just then, almost as if it was taunting her, it flew away with a rustle of its wings.

'You evil bird! Humph!'

She turned back and looked at the front of the classroom, where the teacher was droning on and on.

They were currently just "reviewing," as the teacher called it, but her guess was that the stupid math teacher didn't know how to teach anything else. This was the routine: Read these pages in the math book, look at the examples, and do the questions on the next page. Then do even more questions and finish by doing the final questions in the back of the book. After that, it's quiz time! Once they'd completed a whole chapter, it was test time instead.

Rolling her eyes, she gazed back out of the window. The only problem was, the teacher was standing right in front of it, glaring at her. She shut the window with a bang and addressed Seta.

"Miss Kaiba, is there anything you would like to share? Perhaps what you saw through the window?"

"No," Seta replied coolly. She cast another look at the blackboard. "But I do believe that you got numbers 67 through 84 wrong."

"Is that so?" asked the teacher. "Well then, why don't you answer all of them?"

"Okay." It took her at the most five seconds to process each question. She wrote them all on her paper in neat handwriting with lightning speed, then proceeded to tear it out of her notebook and hand it to the teacher. All in 1.2 minutes.

The teacher read through them suspiciously, her scowl becoming even more pronounced when she dragged her teacher's guide over and checked the answers.

She made to return back to the front when Seta added, "Also, for numbers 85 through 90, they're differences of squares, not perfect squares."

Seto just shook his head and went back to staring at his own neat paper. All the problems had been done in 1.1 minutes, though.


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