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Stuck with you

It was the second day back at Hogwart's and Harry was woken quite abruptly by his alarm clock, Hedwig. She was hooting angrily at the window. When Harry opened it she dropped the letter she was carrying and flew off to get some rest. Harry wiped the sleep from his eyes and then opened the letter. It was from Mrs. Weasly.

Dear Harry, I'm sorry we couldn't see you over the summer, I hope you're well. I'm writing this to remind you to be careful during the school year. Voldemort is amassing more and more followers by the day and we just want you to stay safe, please remind Ron too, have a safe year. Love, Mrs. Weasly

Harry frowned slightly, Voldemort, way too early in the morning to hear that name. He put away the letter and went to get ready for a new term at Hogwart's.


'Great, double potions first thing, kind of hinting at what the rest of the year's going to be like.' Harry thought with despair. They were making potions to ward off poltergeists, it might be slightly useful against Peeves.

'Is something burning?' he wondered. He instinctively looked at Neville's table, yes he was getting it wrong again. He saw Hermione get up to help him.

"Neville, could you pass me the gecko claws?" She asked him, her hand outstretched.

He took the jar and went to pass it to her, but it slid out of his hand and into the dark blue liquid in his cauldron. The alarmed look on Neville's face was all that he noticed before a sea of blue potion spewed across the room. Harry grabbed Hermione's hand and they rushed out of the room. He noticed that everyone else did the same.

"That could have been dangerous, good thing we made it out before it got on us, right?" He said. "Yeah, it's amazing that no one got any on them.." she said.

Harry noticed that he was still holding her hand. He reddened slightly and he let go, letting his hand go to his side. Hermione stumbled, she had still been holding his hand. No, wait, she wasn't. He lifted his hand to his face, bringing Hermione's up too.

"We're." he started, surprised. ".stuck!" she finished, panicking.

Harry started panicking too. Stuck?! They couldn't be stuck! Hermione calmed down slightly.

"We must have got some potion on our hands, let's go to see Madame Pomfrey." She said, taking control of the situation.

She started to briskly walk towards the hospital wing, with Harry lumbering in behind of her. He tried to ignore the looks from the wandering teachers, he tried to tell them that they were stuck, but Hermione was walking too fast for him to even start to explain. In no time at all they reached the hospital wing, they noticed that Neville was already there, his left hand on his head, in deep thought. Madame Pomfrey came into the room.

"May I help you?" She asked them.

They lifted their attached hands.

"We're stuck." Harry said meekly. "Ah, so were you the victims of Neville's potion, besides himself I mean?" Madame Pomfrey said, glaring at Neville.

He shrunk away and looked embarrassed. So he wasn't in deep thought, his hand was just stuck.

"I wouldn't be so angry if he had remembered all the amounts ingredients he put in it. Then we could at least make up an antidote. Now we'll have to experiment in the combinations, until we find the right one, or wait until it wears off, whichever comes first." She explained.

Harry's eyes widened and Hermione looked a bit faint.

"So we're really." He started, unbelieving. "Stuck." Neville said, his head hung over. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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