Title: Brotherly Love

Author: Vix

Contact: Vix_chic@Hotmail.com

Rating: G

Category: Seth/Ryan Brother references.

Disclaimers: I own nothing, the characters are the property of Fox.

Author's Notes: This is my first ever OC fan fiction. Please tell me what you think. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

Ryan idly swished his hands through the water supporting his floaty. The water was running through his fingers massaging the rough calloused pads of his digits.

This he could live with. The warm California sun on his face...the cool blue water surrounding him- this he could definitely live with... But what was his brother living with?

His stomach muscles gave an involuntary jump. He couldn't help as his thoughts of sunny days clouded over with visions of hard cots, metal bars, and dim fluorescent lights.

He knew that his brother deserved what he was being put through but did he, himself, deserve this? This pool house? The great education? This second chance with three amazing people? His new family?

As if on cue a lanky, swimming trunk clad, figure with an unruly mop of dark hair entered his line of sight, "Mom is going all maternally psycho."

Ryan grinned, "Ipod?"

"Confiscated." Seth's facial expression was beyond comical.

Ryan wordlessly pushed a near by floaty towards him.

Seth smiled evilly, "I want my float."

"No." Ryan gripped the sides of the most comfortable float the Cohen household had to offer.

Before he could propel his way across the pool Seth had dove in, taking him down with him.

When he resurfaced he found Seth already hoarding the item of necessity. Ryan cut his eyes at him as he waded over to the floating boy. His expressive eyes speaking solly of dark acts.

"I got it fair and square." Seth tried to paddle away.

Ryan was silent.

"Ok maybe it was more like a parallelogram, but Bro, breathe."

Bro... Seth's joking endearment stopped him. Brother. Ryan's mind exchanged his real brother's situation with Seth. What would he do if Seth was behind bars? This time, when Ryan's muscles jolted, it was out of fear. He'd never let that happen. He'd protect Seth. Like a brother should. Like his never did.

"You ok?" Seth's voice broke into his mind.

Ryan smiled, "I'm fine bro." The endearment rolled off his tongue more easily than he thought it would. It brought a bright grin to Seth's face. Happiness breeds happiness.

With one final smile Ryan reached forward and dumped his newly appointed 'bro', that he would protect no matter what, into the water. Stealing the float from underneath him.

"Mine." Ryan said with a small joking glare as Seth surfaced again.

"Bit possessive?" Seth raised his eyebrows as he floated towards the ladder.

Ryan gave a noncommittal shrug.

Seth pulled the other float to him and slid down onto the hot plastic, "Just wait. I'll get my revenge."

Ryan raised his eye brows at Seth as his float came closer.

"Or not."

The End