Teen Titans: The Terror Begins

Arella, a white, skinny young woman with black hair and dazzling blue eyes was running from what seemed like an army of demon warriors from Trigon's evil world. Their wooden arrows flew past her as she ran, her eyes scanning every building in a town located in Azarath to find a safe hiding place for her and her baby. However, there was no such luck. Every building was closed due to the fact that the army of demons came from Trigon's/Raven's world and appeared in Azarath.

Arella suddenly came to a halt. Standing right in front of her was the demon Seth. Seth was the most wicked demon of all, even more wicked than his father, Trigon. He had the same yellow eyes, the same gray hair, and the same red skin as Trigon had. He wore a loincloth. He smirked as he glared down at her.

" Seth!" Arella cried, clutching her baby more tightly. His evil smirk stretched out farther. His vampire - like teeth shone as the sunlight hit them.

" Hand over the baby," he said as he held out his hand.

She took one step backward.

" Don't worry Arella, all I want to do is an experiment on her. It'll hurt me more than it hurts her," he lied, his hand still outstretched.

"No!" she said as she began to run away from him and his powerful army.

" Grrrrrrr! Get her, and bring her back to me, dead or alive!" he spat as he pointed his red index finger at her figure. His army obeyed him and ran straight for her, each of their bows ready. Seth followed after them.

Arella kept running until she saw Azar's palace and ran straight for the palace doors.

Seth seized his chance to kill her and take the baby. He pulled out his Spirit Taker 5000, a gun designed to take the souls of the living. He finally caught up with her. He pressed a red button on the Spirit Taker 5000. A glowing blue ball formed as the metal claw opened. He pointed it directly at her. Two green lines came out of her body and formed into the shape of DNA as she screamed. Her clear spirit erupted from her chest inside the green DNA. Seth laughed as her spirit was sucked into the gun. Baby Raven cried as she hit the porch of Azar's palace. Seth turned the gun away from her mother and then pointed it directly at her. Footsteps echoed in the palace as Seth aimed at her. Once he heard the footsteps, he and his army vanished into thin air. The door creaked open. A white skinned woman with brown eyes and blonde hair appeared at the door. The woman wore a long sleeved purple dress that matched with her red rings.

"Oh my!" the woman called Azar gasped as she saw the baby. She picked up the baby.

" Where is your mother?" She asked as she looked around for Raven's mother. She saw Arella's dead body on the porch. She looked back at the baby, who was still crying,

" Don't worry, I'll take care of you," she said as she waved her hand and Arella's body disappeared.