Dark river running

No stars gleaming

No lantern lights shining

All is is becoming dark

All alone;

Where are my missing comrades?

Darkness still gathering.

Waiting for a sign.

Deeper and deeper

into the wood

I wander;

To what end?

These woods are fell.

Silence so dense.

Who dares to break it?

What might it awake?

Ahead the black lightens,

a clearing!

What shall I find?

Merriment or dismay?

What I see, a gruesome sight,

the dismembered bodies

of my companions

I shall not rest this night!

W should not have strayed

into the pathless woods

For it was to the bane of

my companions.

Whilst shall I go?

With no direction, no guidance.

On so small in a wood so large.

To no purpose nor need.

Suddenly cold fingers

of a silent assasin gripped me.

My eyes have closed.

I know no more.