Well, here it is! the not too long awaited sequal to Sonic and the Sword!

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NOTE: it won't have to much else to do with it, but I will have a character from Megaman -Axl- as a main hero along with the others, and a side story type thing involving Megaman characters, but not too much.


When we left off, Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Link, and Vescreth had defeated Ganondorf, and were headed to Sonic's time to stop Eggman.


Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Vescreth, and Link were in a bluish, black, tube-like place. There were no sounds, and they were seeming to move very slowly. They were travelling forward in time, in order to stop Eggman (or Robotnik as some people know). Suddenly, catching everyone by surprise, a voice echoed. "I don't think so," the voice said, and suddenly, Vescreth lost control of the speed, and they accelerated faster, and were suddenly launched out of the tube, into an unfamiliar environment.


Everyone landed on the ground at a high speed. None of them moved for a few seconds. Tails was the first to get up. He looked around slowly, and stopped imediately. The entire city was in ruins, garbage strewn about, and several robots, probably guards, in different places. "Guys, I don't think you will like this," Tails said, still refusing to beleive how destroyed the entire city looked.

Link, Shadow, Sonic, and Vescreth got up, and all but Link froze in their place. "The future looks bleak," Link said.

"What happened?" Sonic asked Vescreth.

"Something must have accelerated my rate of time travel. We may very well be over a hundred years further in time then when we should be. This is a problem, as I am trying to go back in time right now. I am being blocked," Vescreth explained. "Of course, whenever we are I am sure this Eggman is no longer living," He finished.

"Well, we have to find a way to stop whoever did this anyway," Sonic said. "But I don't understand who else could have done this beside Eggman. We need to find out who did it, how, and then we need to stop him and go back in time to stop Eggman," Sonic said.

"I agree, let's get moving," Shadow said. They all began to carefully walk, and a robot guard, a large semicircle with two knife-like hands stopped them.

"Halt. Curfew was three minutes ago, why are you not in your quarters?" The robot asked.

"Well, we were just passing through, and thought about destroying you," Link stepped forward, and drew the Master Sword. He gave a quick slash which should have cut the robot in two, but it got deflected by the robot's armor.

Sonic leapt forward with a homing attack, connecting perfectly, blowing the robot back a few feet. The robot retaliated by launching it's right hand at Sonic, attached to a chain. Sonic dove to the side, and the chain whizzed by, smashing into the remnants of a wall. The robot then retracted the hand and launched the other one, charged with elecricity. This one was headed for Tails. Before the knife reached him, a metal blade blocked it. Link held the Master Sword in place, and was electrified to the point of almost losing consciousness. Link dropped the sword, and fell to his knees. Vescreth went forth and kicked the robot. The robot simply grabbed Vescreth's foot and threw him across the street into a building. Sonic, Shadow, and Tails all jumped at it at once. The robot generated a small electric feild all around it, and then grew it out to blow all three assailants backward a good twenty feet.

"We lost already. whatever that thing is, we won't find out," Tails said to himself. The robot was rolling slowly forward on it's tank-like treads to finish them off, when suddenly a shot rang out and connected with the robot. Then, there were suddenly many shots at once and the robot was covered with impact areas. There was then a blue beam that passed straight through the robot, destroying it.

"It's best not to tangle with those, they are the worst bots around," a young voice out of view said. Everyone looked slowly over to the source of the shots and the voice. What they saw was a kid, clad with Black armor with red stripes and a blue orb on the chest peice, He wore a helmet that allowed his Brown hair to show in the front and back. "I'm Axl, you must be new around here, huh?" Axl said, helping them up. "Dr. Ivo Robotnik runs the entire world, and you violated the curfew. That is a punishment of death. You're lucky I got here or you would have been finished. Those guys are meant for executions, so they are just about indestructible," Axl finished, holstering a sleek white gun. "Follow me,"

Everyone went along with Axl, who was walking through a long dark alleyway. Sonic looked around, and imediately recognised this place as the casino area. "Down here," Axl said, walking down a previously covered staircase. As they got to the bottom, the surroundings were lit as a small room came into view, a computer in the middle, and four people in front of it. They all turned as Axl and the others got to the bottom of the staircase. "Axl, you're back, good," said a young woman with short Red hair and a black tank top and jeans, "We were starting to worry, you were gone longer than usual,"

"I saw these five being attacked by an executioner, and thought I would help," Axl responded. The other two figures were A man with blonde hair and a white shirt with black jeans and shoes, and the other was a woman with long black hair and a black sweatshirt and sweatpants.

"Okay, but next time report the attack, that way we don't have to worry," The red haired woman said.

"Alright Jackie, I'll remember next time," Axl said. "Gina, John, fill them in on what happened, they somehow just arrived,"

"Well, we were told that about one hundred years ago, a man by the name of Robotnik emerged to take over the world, but was stopped completely by 'Sonic the Hedgehog', but, ten years later, Sonic disappeared and Robotnik seized control of the United States, and then gained control of the rest of the world with his 'Death Egg three', and has continued his rule since 2003. It is now 2150, but he is still alive, and very much healthy," Gina started.

"Since 2003, a man named doctor light worked to stop some of Robotnik's associate, Doctor Wily's, creations, since that time, many things, based on his inventions, have been created to stop Robotnik. Of course, we had many powerful hunters against them, but the last of the 'Reploids' is Axl, and we are the resistance to defeat Robotnik. Welcome to the team, Sonic," John finished.

"Resistance? and how did you know my name?" Sonic asked.

"Everone knows you, and whenever there is tyranny, there is a resistance," Gina responded.

"Well what happened to the reploids other than Axl?" Link asked.

"We were to take back our base from Eggman, but..."

"What?" Shadow asked.

"Well, I had better explain the whole thing to you," Axl said, taking a seat. "It all began when we started toward Robotnik's personal stronghold...



Next chapter will be the side story of how the remaining reploids were defeated. Well, hope you like it, and review! See ya!